I’m Aja Dang and this video shows 10 tips for smooth, kissable lips! Here are my top 10 lip care tips and hacks for dry lips. If you have dry, flaky lips, adding my tips into your beauty routine will give you soft and moisturized lips. I also show you how I apply matte lipstick without it drying out your lips!


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  1. Ahhh, you look so fall-chic, Aja! ❤ Definitely going to use those tips. That matte red looks so good on you! Being a fellow olive-skin tone gal, I find it a bit hard to find the perfect, classic, cool-toned red lipstick. Do you have any recommendations?

  2. Girl I think these "top ten" list videos are too redundant. I get what you're trying to do, but idk for me some of your topics are too narrow to constitute ten list items that are interesting and fresh to watch in a video. Just some constructive criticism, I could be alone in my opinion! x 🙂 But I really like you and your down to earth personality, and I think you deserve more views!