Womanly Secrets for treating Dark Lips with home remedies



You may have flawless complexion but with lips darkened over time. Conditions including prolonged sun exposure and harmful UVA or UVB light waves caffeinated drinks including tea and coffee, and tobacco consumption in the form of cigarettes can cause dark lips. It’s also possible that your lips need proper care or protection from intense weather conditions.

In general, people with darker complexions also possess darker lips. For them, shades of pink and red are quite difficult to achieve. However, limiting pigmentation can work wonders towards lovely lips.

For those blessed with lighter skin tones, all you girls have to do to retrieve your pink lips is be more alert.

Here’s the down low on what to do if lips are dark naturally or through habit and other conditions.

How You Can Transform Your Lips

If you do a quick online or retail search, you can come up with a huge lot of cosmetics which claim to help with dark lips. Of course, tricks for covering up blemishes are not unusual in today’s fashionable world with just a bit of foundation affording you a flawless complexion and radiant look in no time.

Today, let me share with you some awesome tricks that you can try at home. These are natural, safe and incredibly effective at getting rid of dark, discoloured and dull lips.

Shall we go find out?

Dark Lip Therapy: Naturally

Efficient Lemon

There are seldom any home treatments as versatile as lemon juice, I guess. Detergent powders often have lemon juice in them which helps to bleach and remove pigmentations from clothing articles. It is so useful that it works on the uppermost section of your skin, eliminating various things such as impurities, dead skin particles, flaky and dry skin from the lips. Massaging your lips with a little amount of lemon juice, if done for two minutes regularly at least one to two times a day, is all you need for incredible results.

Crazy-Cool Cucumber

This is so popular with us girls; it’s like an essential part of every woman’s beauty regime. Usually, it’s applied as a raw paste to the face. It is ideal for curing skin pigmentation and under-eye dark circles, for which you might try reading my article on how to remove dark circles under the eyes”. It also solves windy eye conditions and gives a refreshing feeling. A little cucumber love for your lips can do you the world of good. Just whizz it for 2 minutes, leave it on the lips for a couple of minutes, twice daily, and you’ll start to notice lighter lips. Fresh, pink and hydrated lips are what you get from consistent use.

Flower Power

This one’s obvious: if you want rosy lips, there’s no substitute for rose petals themselves. As a hydrating and moisturizing agent that also solves discoloration problems, rose petals are incredibly useful. Give my article on how to get pink lips with rose petals a try. I’m sure it’ll help loads in removing dark lips.

Home Scrubs

Using lip exfoliators can contribute to removing the kind of impurities that get built up through dirt, dry skin, pollution, dead skin accumulation, chopping, etc. For the best kind of lips, an excellent natural exfoliator can be made with items as simple as sugar and honey. Gently rubbing it on your lips for 2 minutes with the tip of your fingers can work so well. If you want a quick-and-easy fix, you could try a well-rated customer-favorite product such as the Cake Batter Lip Scrubbie by Diva Stuff.

Useful products like Petroleum Jelly, Vaseline, Glycerin

Dry lips are culprits behind chapped skin on your lips, and this can, in turn, lead to darker and scalier looking lips. It ‘s hard to remove the skin that feels dry like that, and peeling can cause bleeding. Instead, you should apply glycerin or petroleum jelly. Incorporate it in your Before-Bed Beauty Schedule, wipe it off in the morning, and you should have lovely soft lips in no time. Try the Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly: it’s an all-time favorite.

Apart from the things I mentioned earlier, there are a few other things which can do wonders for your lips:

  • Oil from Almond.
  • Olive-based oils.
  • Oil of castor.
  • Pomegranate pulped and de-seeded.
  • Raspberry mash.
  • Beetroot.
  • Potato-paste.
  • 100% natural honey.

I also highly recommend you to read the article on 12 home remedies for dark lips. This list of natural remedies makes for a great read!

Now, this is where I conclude the home solutions that dark-lipped people can try out. Of course, you should also incorporate some popular cosmetic products that are compatible with pigmentation on lips. If you’re interested in these, look through the list below.

Solutions for dark lipped women:

That’s it for today, girls, on how to get naturally gorgeous, healthy and pink lips.

Be sure to try these out and let me know how it was for you. Until next time, enjoy your rosy lips!