Yeaaah time for a full face tutorial using only E.L.F products!! What’s your favorite ELF product?!

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Illuminating Moisturizer- SPF 15 –

Hydrating Face Primer –

Maximum Coverage Concealer –

Complete Coverage Concealer –

Pro Eyeshadow Primer –

Mad for Matte Eyeshadow Palette –

Velvet Touch Eyeshadow Palette –

Precision Liquid Eyeliner –

Waterproof Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara –

Flawless Finish Foundation –

Beautifully Bare Foundation Serum –

Beautifully Bare Highlighting Dewy Drops-

HD Lifting Concealer –

High Definition Undereye Setting Powder –

Beautifully Bare Cheeky Glow –

Bronzer Palette –

Heart Defensor Highlighter Palette –

Day to Night Lipstick Duo –

Lip Plumping Gloss –

Shimmer Highlighting Powder –

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  1. I genuinely enjoy watching ur videos, like they’re just relaxing and feel “simple” and neat in a way, and I love how u have conversations with Jon in ur videos lol ima go on a binge watch now okay 😂

  2. loved this look. the sparkly shade you topped your shadow with looks like turbosan which i have and love but for people who couldn’t get their hands on it , it might be a decent alternative. i love elf products and own a ton of their brushes too (the black ones are better than the white ones) but i definitely want to pick up a few of the things you used!

  3. awww! it's so creeeeamy!!!! … she was saying load … & like all boyfriends or husband… what?? you say & like I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU hahahahah! that was funny! 🙂 super nice tutorial NOW I will have to go check some ELF products in store because of this look I always thought it was CHEAP!! but it looks good on yourself thanks!

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