Sporting dark lips can leave a very unappealing impression on the minds of people. The darkness of the lips reduces the natural glow and color of them and even reduces the beauty of the lips. All in all, women hate having dark lips and dream of having those perfectly natural looking pinkish red lips. Unfortunately, a woman’s lifestyle and habits can have a severe ill effect on the condition of her lips and make them dark. For instance excessive caffeine consumption, constant exposure to the sun, alcohol, smoking and low-quality lip products can all cause darkness of the skin. If none of the above-mentioned factors apply to you, there is a possibility that you were born with dark lips, similar to those born in India or Africa.

A lot of people resort to several tips and remedies for black lips to reduce the darkness of their lips. While home remedies take much longer to reduce the darkness of the lips, cosmetic products may give you immediate results but cost large sums of money. Home remedies have several advantages to them such as moisturizing, hydrating properties and they also make the lips healthy.

Reducing Darkness Of The Lips In A Short Time Frame

If a smoker is suffering from dark lips, he or she should quit smoking instantly to reduce the darkness of the lips and acquire healthy and glowing lips in a short period. Application of cream or a good quality lipstick will cover the discoloration and spots of the lips instantly. There is a wide range of lipsticks in the market that are available in multiple colors that stay on for long periods of time.

Today, I shall share with you effective and quick ways to reduce lip darkness without causing any damage to the natural tone and color of the lips. Go ahead, read these dark tips remedies and tips, and know how to get red lips naturally.

11 Things You Must Do

  1. Quit smoking immediately for best results. You can read quickly reducing lip discoloration and spots from a smoker’s lips.
  2. Reduce the consumption of caffeinated beverages like coffee or tea. Keep the intake a maximum of 2 cups during the day
  3. Avoid constant exposure to the sun. If you have to be outdoors, smeared on a protective layer of lip balm 15 minutes before stepping out. Make sure the lip balm you use has SPF.
  4. Drink plenty of water. You should have at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day
  5. Before bedtime make sure you clean your face completely and remove any makeup that you may be wearing
  6. Use lip products that are of well-reputed brands and ones that use safe ingredients
  7. Avoid constant licking or biting of the lips
  8. Breathe from your nose, not from the mouth
  9. Make sure you cover your face with a scarf in the winter seasons or in places where the air is extremely dry.
  10. Use your toothbrush bristles to massage your lips gently every morning to get rid of dead skin and impurities
  11. Use a good and natural scrub at least once a week to exfoliate your lips.
  12. Be sure to do this in a cool environment, which is more conducive to your health such as by the any of the Perth specialized aircon systems

5 Natural And Effective Ways To Reduce Lip Darkness

Any natural remedy for dark lips can be extremely effective to reduce the darkness of the lips without causing any damage to the lips. They gradually reduce lip darkness. Below I’ll give you five super effective yet natural lips are lightening home remedies to reduce the darkness of your lips visibly.

  1. Rose Petals To Get Those Naturally Pink Lipsfinish-off-your-high-shine-eye-colour-applying-same-juicy-1

Rose petals work miracles in skin treatments and skin care. Women across the globe depend on rose petals to provide skin care not only for the lips but other parts of the body too. In olden times women used to depend on milk and rose petal bath to enhance their beauty and improve skin quality.

Rose petals provide a natural pink color, Moisturising, hydration and suppleness to the lips. Using rose petals before any social event or function can effectively and quickly reduce the darkness of your lips and make them look visibly lighter. Rose petals will give your lips a natural pink color that will stay on for several hours. You may also want to read another article written by me on how to reduce lip darkness quickly with rose petals. You can use this method of lip darkness reduction just before attending a wedding or party, and you will have naturally pink and gorgeous lips.

2.Honey A Natural Moisturize

Honey is a fantastic natural ingredient to reduce lip discoloration, this is especially handy if you drive on a scooty or motorycle a lot as this dries out your lips, moisturize lips and make them look healthy and fresh. There is a natural humectant present in honey that will increase the smoothness and softness of your lips effectively and naturally. Regular use of honey reduces the darkness of the lips visibly.

Take a little bit of honey and a cotton ball. Dip the cotton ball in the honey, and gently massage your lips with the cotton ball. This remedy is most effective when done at night. Leave some honey on your lips overnight to get smooth and soft lips all through the next day.

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3. Lemon Juice The Perfect Bleaching Agenttumblr_o9iwu9ighh1uztsk3o1_1280 Lemon juice acts as a bleaching agent that effectively reduces the darkness of the skin and lips and makes them whiter and lighter. It also aids in removing fine lines, reducing wrinkles and getting rid of dark patches or spots. Take some lemon juice and massage your lips gently with it for approximately 4 minutes. You can repeatedly use this method of lip darkness reduction until you have the lips you have always desired.

4. Beetroot For Deep Reddish Pink Lipshow-to-color-your-lips-pink-with-beetroot2

Beetroot is highly effective in removing the darkness from the lips. Beetroot contains natural bleaching properties and the deep red color of the vegetable address redness to the lips. It efficiently and effectively reduces lip discolouration and darkness. Put some beetroot slices in the mixer to make them into juice. Evenly apply this juice on your lips. Gently massage your lips for approximately 3 minutes after application of the juice. You can leave the juice on your lips for around 30 minutes. Once you cleanse your lips with water, you will find that your lips are naturally pink and pretty.

5. Pomegranate For Pink Lipspomegranate-benefits-for-skin

Pomegranate contains hydrating, bleaching and moisturizing properties. It can make your lips look naturally red while moisturizing and hydrating them simultaneously. Blend some carrots, pomegranate seeds, and raspberries in a blender. Smear some of the mixtures on your lips in an even manner. You will have to follow this practice daily to get pink lips. You will notice visible differences in a few weeks or regular application.

2 Effective Lip Products That Quickly Reduce Lip Darkness

There are numerous lip lightening products available in stores and online. They can help you to reduce the darkness of your lips. I have written an article about two extremely effective in reducing lip darkness and making your lips glow. There are several natural ingredients present in these creams. These dark lips remedies are bound to help you Read more about them:

Professional Treatments To Reduce Darkness Of The Lips

If you were born with dark or black lips, natural methods might not be useful to you. If this is the case, you will have to find alternate methods of treatment. A lot of people resort to plastic surgery to reduce lip darkness and for other skin enhancement procedures. You can consider getting plastic surgery for your lips. Read this article to get a clear picture about plastic surgery for lips:

Laser treatment to reduce lip darkness

Don’t forget to use dark and dry lips tips to reduce lip discolouration after you have quit the habits that caused your lip blackness and darkness. Natural ingredients will give you the lips you have always desired very gradually. If you’re born with dark lips, then go in for plastic surgery alongside the natural treatments.

If you enjoyed reading this article and it was very helpful to you, please share your comments in our comments box and also share the article with your friends. I sincerely hope these tips for black lips were useful for you.