With the onset of winter, you notice that your lips become dry, flaky, start happening or even get cracked. You tend to apply massive amounts of lip balm to protect your lips.

Does lip balm seriously have the potential to cure dry lips?

To a certain extent.

To get those gorgeous moisturized and healthy looking lips during the cold season you need to follow a few other practices along the side of regular application of lip balm or chapstick.

Here’s what you need to know:

Natural Ways To Cure The Dryness Of Your Lips Completely

1. Using Natural Remediesimg_8069

Natural ingredients and home remedies are the most effective way to cure cracked, chapped or dry lips. Natural remedies have a miraculous way of curing the dryness of your lips making them healthy in a way that no expensive lip cosmetics or products can. The moisturizing properties in home remedies make the lips healthy, smooth and supple. The natural ingredients also keep the lips protected from harsh weather conditions such as excessive sunlight exposure or the dry cold air of winter.

Here are a few efficient and reliable home remedies to cure your chapped and dry lips in the cold seasons.

Sugar: Brown sugar plays the role of an excellent exfoliating agent. It works wonders to cure dry lips. Take some organic honey and add some brown sugar to it. Blend the ingredients to make an exfoliating scrub. Evenly apply the mixture on your lips and massage your lips gently for about 50 seconds. Once you are done, rinse your lips and clean them out with warm water. This will help in getting rid of impurities and dead skin, and it will make the lips look healthier, brighter and gorgeous. You shouldn’t use this method more than two times in a week. After you are done exfoliating your lips remember to apply a protective layer of lip balm on the lips. This will help in keeping the lips soft and fresh all through the day.

Honey: Honey is an effective and unusual natural moisturizing ingredient. It is brimming with antibacterial properties that work quickly to cure dry or chapped lips. Applying organic honey on the lips every few hours can be extremely beneficial for the lip skin. Before bedtime also you can put a thick layer of honey on your lips and leave it on overnight. Upon waking up, you will find that your lips are well moisturized and healthy. Alternatively, you can also apply the mixture of glycerin and honey on your lips before bedtime.

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Rose Petals: Rose Petals work wonderfully in lip treatment and skin treatment. It gives the skin essential hydration, toning, and a natural pink glow. This also prevents the lips from becoming chapped or dry. Add some milk to a bowl of crushed rose petals. Let the petals absorb all the milk. Make a paste out of the mixture and apply it evenly on your lips. If you’re allergic to milk, avoid using it. As an alternative to milk, you can also use glycerin. Use this paste at least three times a day and mainly apply this paste before going to bed.

Coconut Oil: Another extremely effective and natural ingredient to cure dry lips is coconut oil. It has excellent moisturizing properties that are useful in the cold seasons. Put a few drops of coconut oil on the lips 3-4 times a day for best results. This will actually cure chapped lips or dry lips. Leaving the oil on the lips overnight is also extremely beneficial for the lip skin. It will give the lips the necessary moisture they require for long periods of time.

Castor Oil: Castor oil is extremely effective in the treatment of chapped, cracked and dry lips. All you need to do is smear a few drops of castor oil on the lips 3-4 times during the day. It will give the lips the necessary softness and smoothness. Alternatively, you can also prepare a lip pack with the mixture of a few drops of castor oil, a few drops of lemon juice and a few drops of glycerin. This pack is most effective when left on overnight. Upon waking up in the morning, you should clean your lips thoroughly with warm water.

Milk Cream: There is a specific high fat that milk cream is extremely rich in. This fat works wonders to cure dry lips. Put a layer of milk cream evenly and equally on the lips and leave it on for around 8 minutes. Then use warm water to rinse the lips. Regular and repeated use of this treatment will give you desired results. As in all the other treatments, in this one too you must use a lip balm after cleansing the lips.

Aloe Vera Gel: Although aloe Vera gel has an extremely bitter taste, it is very effective in curing chapped and dry lips. It is filled with soothing and healing properties. It can instantly reduce pain from cracked and inflamed lips. Just smear a little aloe Vera gel on the lips once in the day.

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2. Invest In A Top Quality Lip Balmmaxresdefault-2

A lip balm brimming with natural ingredients must be kept handy at all times in the cold season. Leave on a protective layer of lip balm on your lips at all times. Carry the lip balm in your handbag or pocket. When you’re purchasing a balm ensure you choose one that contains maximum natural ingredients such as Shea butter, Vitamin E, coconut oil, Vitamin A, glycerin, olive oil, etc. If the brand you are purchasing doesn’t guarantee 100% natural ingredients, do not purchase the product.

You need to avoid using balms that contain fragrances, flavors, and artificial or chemical ingredients. Such products worsen the dryness of the lips.

Before cleansing your face with face, washes make sure you put on a protective layer of lip balm on the lips. This will prevent the chemical components in the face wash such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide from affecting the pH balance in your lips and making them dry.

An effective lip balm for dry lips is Burt Bees 100% Beeswax Natural Lip Balm

3. Keep Your Humidifier Turned On Most people have a central heating device installed in their homes to keep them protected from the winter cold. Although the heater may keep your body warm and snug, it has a severely drying effect on your skin and lips. So if you are going to turn on the central heating device, you need to simultaneously keep on the humidifier at your home as well as your workplace. Particularly around bedtime ensure that you turn on the humidifier and leave it on through the night.

This will prevent the air in the room from becoming completely dry and in turn, will keep your skin and lips well moisturized and nourished. One of the leading and most popularly sold humidifier’s on Amazon is Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier.

4. Give Your Lips A Good Scrubfinish-off-your-high-shine-eye-colour-applying-same-juicy-1

Natural exfoliating scrubs are an effective way to cure dryness of the lips. You have the option of using readymade lip scrubs or natural ingredients for exfoliating the lips.

Rub the lips with the soft bristles of your toothbrush for approximately 30 seconds. Ten minutes before exfoliating the lips put on a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil on them. It will quicken and simplify the process of getting rid of impurities and dead skin from the lips.

Before you go to bed at night, clean your lips and apply a protective and thick layer of Vaseline on them. This will aid in softening the dead cells and in giving your lips the necessary hydration. Upon awakening gently massage the lips with your fingertips to get rid of all the dead skin, impurities and chapped skin.

Alternatively, you can take a cotton ball, dip it in some organic honey and rub your lips with it. This is also effective in getting rid of dry and chapped skin from the lips.

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5. Stop Licking And Biting Of Your Lipsde951caa-1f08-472c-a818-5ff4cc07cbae

Contrary to popular belief, repeated licking of the lips will not give them the necessary hydration and moisture. In fact repeatedly licking the lips will only make them drier. There are certain enzymes in the saliva that weaken the lip skin and make it dry and even susceptible to chapping. Avoid picking, biting or constantly licking the lips. Keep your lips covered with a good lip balm to prevent them from becoming dry.

6. Avoid Breathing From The Mouthmouth-breathing

A large number of people knowingly and unknowingly tend to breathe from their mouths while they sleep at night. Breathing from the mouth results in dryness of the lips. If you have a habit of breathing from the mouth, stop it immediately. If you breathe through your mouth due to an illness, consult with your doctor immediately for some relief options. However, if it is inevitable that you breathe from your mouth, put on a thick and protective layer of lip balm on your lips before bedtime. This will protect and prevent the lips from becoming dry.

7. Use A Lip Balm With Sunscreenskin-care-650

Constant exposure to the sun plays a big role in making the lips chapped or dry. Besides the harsh rays of the sun, snow, the air in coastal regions and sand also are equally effective in causing dryness of the lips. If you want to keep your lips protected from natural elements and avoid getting a windburn or sunburn, you need to use a lip balm that contains sunscreen. The minimum power of the sunscreen in the lip balm must be SPF15. If you tend to be outdoors a lot, ensure you use a higher power sunscreen lip balm.

Some excellent lip balms with sunscreen include:

Hawaiian Tropic Tropical SPF 45+ Sunscreen
Sun Bum SPF 30 Lip Balm
Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

8. Sparingly Use Lipsticks and Lip Cosmeticsbobbi-brown-burnt-red-lipstick-6 Excessive and constant use of lip cosmetics and lipsticks will make your lips dark and dry. As far as possible avoid wearing lipstick in the cold seasons. When you indoors make sure you don’t wear any lipstick. Apply lipstick only when you have to go out on a date, for a party or a social gathering. If you must use a lipstick, avoid lipsticks that have a matte color or solid color. Use lipsticks that are made of 100% natural ingredients and not chemicals. Try to buy lipsticks that contain Shea butter, Vitamin E oil, macadamia oil or coconut oil. Applying a protective lip balm on your lips before applying the lipstick is also advisable.

Use lipsticks that are shiny, glossy or sheer. They are extremely helpful for dry lips.

Most suitable lipsticks for dry lips.

9. Drink Plenty Of Fluids and Water

bottled water for healthy hydration

Your skin needs hydration from inside as well as outside. You must consume a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses during the day. Water helps in hydrating the skin and thereby makes it beautiful. It eliminates the waste and toxin from the body as well, making the skin look young and fresh. You can consume any hydrating fluids that will keep your body and your skin well-hydrated.

10. Use A Toothpaste That Is Safefp-brush

You may not be aware of it, but your toothpaste may be causing your lips to become dry or making them break out in allergic reactions. The allergic reaction on the lips is most likely when the toothpaste contains fluoride and other chemicals. You need to use toothpaste that has natural and no harmful ingredients if you suffer from dry lips. Squiggle Toothpaste is extremely useful in preventing allergic reactions or further dryness of the skin.

11. Avoid Certain Types Of Foodstwo-mushrooms

If you are suffering from dryness of the lips, ensure that you avoid eating citrus fruits like grapefruits and oranges, oily foods, spicy foods and hot foods. Such good products can worsen the condition of the dryness in your lips. Alcohol and cigarettes must also be avoided for perfectly soft and healthy skin.

12. Keep Your Face Protected1-2

Cover your face properly with a scarf before you head outdoors. 15 minutes before heading out in the sun, cold snow, coastal areas, use a lip balm to protect your lips. After kissing, eating and washing your face, you must instantly reapply the lip balm.

Diligently following the dry lips tips, I have shared will give you the lips you have always desired. However, if you find that the condition of your lips remains unchanged after trying these home remedies, make sure you visit a dermatologist.

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