Lips boost the aesthetic value of your facial features. While pink lips are extremely attractive and beautiful, dark lips can be very unappealing and unattractive. Home remedies are excellent ways to reduce the darkness of the lips.

How do you overcome the darkness of the lips? You have probably run several searches on the Internet trying to find appropriate results. You may also be using several lip lightening products to reduce the darkness of the lips. Tell me if I’m wrong; most often you probably haven’t got desired results and have been thoroughly disappointed. But to look gorgeous, you need to have a mix of several beautiful features of the face. If even one feature of your face is looking unattractive, it can reduce the beauty and aesthetic appeal of the entire face. Imagine, having an overall gorgeous face but black or dark lips. You wouldn’t like to step out like that in public. As a woman, you will be extremely unhappy having dark lips. So, you need to know how to reduce the darkness of your lips in a natural way.

How To Naturally Reduce The Darkness Of Lips

Though women with naturally dusky complexion can flaunt their sexy black lips, the same dark lips look out of place on a fair skinned woman. Now you don’t need to worry. I will share with you 14 natural and home remedies to cure the darkness of your lips. Having beautiful rosy pink lips that are natural and healthy will give you the confidence to flaunt your gorgeous smile. Nothing works as magically as natural remedies to reduce lip discolouration. Home remedies cure lip darkness from the roots. This means that these home remedies make the lips healthy and even get rid of darkness and impurities.

Here are a few excellent and efficient remedies for dark lips:

1. Use An Ice Cube To Massage The Lips

Ice cube in lips

Massaging the lips with ice is an easy but highly effective method of reducing lip darkness and discoloration. Take an ice cube and massage the lips with it for a couple of minutes. Use a soft towel afterward to gently dry the lips by patting them. Use the ice cube massage method will give you lighter and reddish pink lips. Ice cubes effectively get rid of the dead skin from the lips and also increase blood circulation of the lips.

2. Use Rose Petals To Reduce Darkness Of The Skin wallpaper-1d5b0cRoses are often symbolized with beauty and love. Rose acts like a fabulous home remedy. Rose petals contain several uncommonly known moisturizing features and benefits. It contains antioxidant properties, skin tightening benefits and also anti-inflammatory properties. Due to these divine healing and regenerating properties, roses are often used for herbal treatments. Rose oil or Rose water is often used to alleviate inflamed and irritated skin; it prevents the skin from getting damaged by the sun, gives the skin necessary hydration and moisture, increases the strength of the cells of the skin and also has several other benefits. Rose is an excellent way to reduce the discolouration and darkness of lips.

Here’s how you use it: Take a couple of rose petals, crush them, add them to the mixture of milk, butter and honey. Once all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, apply the paste evenly on your face, lips, and neck. Notably scrub your lips gently with this mixture. This combination also works as an exfoliating scrub. Use this method twice a week. I have written another interesting article on ways to reduce the darkness of your lips with the use of rose petals. You must read it.

3. Use Lemon Juicewoman-drinking-orange-juice Juice is brimming with high levels of Vitamin C. It is suitable for all skin types and can also be used as a natural healing treatment. It reduces the darkness of the skin and gives the skin and lips a gorgeous feel and look. Lemon juice is highly effective in lightening the color of the skin.

Here’s how to use this method: Before bedtime, smear a little bit of lemon juice on your lips and leave it on overnight. Upon waking up, you will find that your lips are extremely healthy and pink.

4. Slice Up A Potato


Not only a delicious food item but potatoes also play a vital role in skin care home remedies. Catecholase is an enzyme present in potatoes that effectively reduces dark spot, discoloration, and dark patches. It makes the lips look less dark and clean.

Here’s how you can use it: Take a cut slice of potato, and before your bedtime and gently rub your lips with it. It creates a natural pinkish-red glow on the lips.

5. Constantly Moisturise The Lips

Blonde Frau cremt sich die Lippen an

Your lips are prone to becoming dry for more than one reason. Dry lips eventually get cracked and chapped and are highly unappealing. They may even become painful, unsightly, start to bleed and get infected. These severe conditions can cause darkness of the lips.

Here’s what you should use: When your lips are severely dry, cracked or chapped, use a natural and effective lip balm such as Burt Bees 100% Natural Beeswax. Ensure that the lip balm you purchase contain a sun protection factor of a minimum 30 power.

6. Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure1-2 Tanning and sunbathing can also make your lips black or dark. The hyper-pigmentation tone of the skin’s outer part looks darker when you tan yourself with the harsh rays of the sun. Protect your lips and skin from excessive sun exposure. Coat your lips with a protective layer of Sunscreen before stepping outdoors.

7. Use Pomegranate Juicewoman-drinking-glass-of-wine

Not only is pomegranate a delicious fruit to eat, but it also has a deep red color to it. For centuries now people use pomegranate juice for effective skin care practices. It visibly reduces lip darkness too.

Here’s how to use it: Mix milk, rose petals and pomegranate juice together. This mixture acts as an excellent scrub. Apply the mixture on your lips and gently rub them for approximately 3 minutes. This method can be used on a daily basis, and the mixture can be applied before you step out the door.

8. Use Fuller’s Earth To Reduce Darknessmake-thin-lips-appear-fuller-step-13

For several centuries now women have been using clay for skin care. Fuller’s Earth is the clay’s absorbent quality. This effective and natural remedy instantly reduces darkness and gives a gorgeous glow to the skin. Fuller’s Earth gets rid of dead skin, impurities and other toxic substances from the lips. This will assist in making the lips look rosy pink and vibrant.

Here’s how you use it: Take the mixture of honey and fuller’s earth powder and spread it equally and evenly on your lips. Leave the mixture on for approximately ten minutes. Wash it off immediately after. This method should be followed at least twice in the week.

9. Use Granulated Sugarapply-sugar-on-lips

Granulated sugar acts as an excellent exfoliating agent. It instantly gets rid of dead skin, impurities, and toxic substances. This makes the lips look gorgeous, healthy and red, making them very attractive.

Here’s how you can use granulated sugar: Take some butter and some granulated sugar – 2 teaspoons of the former and 3 of the latter. Mix both the products together. Once they have mixed into a paste, apply the paste on your lips. It will make the lips lighter and whiter and make them look naturally healthy and glowing. You may also be interested in reading my related article: effective ways to exfoliate the lips naturally.

10. Apply Almond Oil


Almond oil lightens lips naturally; it is brimming with several vital vitamins including Vitamin B, PP, B6, B2, and E. Besides vitamins it also contains fatty acids, phytosterols, minerals, and antioxidants. All these nutrients make almond oil extremely effective and useful. No wonders, almond oil is an excellent whitening and lightening agent that works wonders for the lips and skin. It also plays a role in getting rid of dark spots, dry skin, blemishes, wrinkles, scars and protects the skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Almond oil lightens lips.

Here’s how you use it: Mix a single teaspoon of honey along with around six teaspoons of almond oil. Then evenly and equally smear this mixture on your lips before bedtime and keep it on for the night. When you wash your face in the morning, you will find that your lips look healthy and are a lovely shade of pink.

11. Strawberries Are An Excellent Lip Lightening Agent

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Strawberries are brimming with minerals and several antioxidants, and that makes them a superfood. One of the major antioxidants in strawberries is ellagic acid. The antioxidant works miracles to erase and prevent wrinkles and also protects the lips from the harsh rays of the sun. Dark spots are visibly reduced and lip become red and healthy. Strawberries are an excellent lip whitening or lightening remedy for women who smoke. Not only does smoking darken the lips but it also can cause wrinkles around the mouth. So if you are a smoker, use strawberries to lighten the color of your lips effectively. Strawberries are super effective on dark lips.

Here’s how to use strawberries: Take around 2 table spoons of baking soda and 6 crushed strawberries. Mix both the ingredients together and apply the mixture evenly on your lips. Using the mixture before bedtime and wash it upon waking up in the morning. You will find gorgeous, healthy lips the next morning.

12. Beetroot Juice1-41-5

Beetroot is an excellent, healthy and delicious vegetable. It is brimming with vitamins, carotenoids, minerals, folate and antioxidants. Folate plays a significant role in repairing and producing the body’s cells. It creates a new layer of skin on the lips that’s pink and healthy. It reduces the darkness of the lips too. The degeneration of the macular is prevented and reduced by the Vitamin A in beet roots. The blood circulation of the body is stimulated and increased by the carotenoids present in the beetroot. The increased blood flow makes the lips look red and beautiful. Beetroot juice is super effective on dark lips.

Here’s how you can use beetroot: A single tablespoon of carrot juice and beetroot juice should be mixed. The mixture should be applied on the lips and left on for at least 15 minutes. Cleanse your lips after, and you will notice a visible difference.

13. Use Mustard Oilmustard-oil_650x400_71446466058 Mustard oil is brimming with antioxidants, nutrients, minerals, vitamins, omegAlpha3, fatty acids and omegAlpha6. It is extremely healthy for the overall health as well as extremely beneficial for the skin. If you are not allergic to mustard oil, it can prove to be an excellent lip lightening agent. Mustard oil is an excellent natural remedy for dry lips.

Here’s how you use mustard oil: Mix coconut oil and mustard oil together. Gently and evenly apply this mixture to your lips. Massage your lips for two minutes after application. Clean up the lips with a cotton ball after a few moments. This method effectively increases the circulation of the blood, which results in beautiful red.

14. Buy Cosmetics of Top Qualityhow-to-take-care-of-chapped-lips-without-lip-balm-obsession

Avoid using lip products that are cheap and can make your lips dark or black. Instead, buy lip products that are from well-reputed brands. Use lip products that have natural ingredients in them that can keep your lips well protected and don’t make them black. Purchase lip glosses, lip balms, lipsticks and other lip products that have several natural nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in them. Avoid lipsticks that contain chemical ingredients. Also, try to find lip products that protect your lips from the sun. Avoid using matte lipsticks or lipsticks that have a dark color, as such lip products can make the lips black. Use lipsticks that are of a light color and contain natural ingredients.

All natural products mentioned above are extremely effective and can visibly reduce the darkness and discoloration of the lips. Besides the list of effective products, you also need to follow certain tips and rules to maintain good lips:

  • Avoid going outdoors in the sun, or take necessary preventive measure to protect your lips from the rays of the sun. Avoid constantly licking the lips Make sure you clean your lips and remove make up from them before you go to bed Buy lip products and lipsticks that are of top quality Quit smoking all together Avoid the consumption of more than 5 cups of caffeinated beverages in a day

Diligently and regularly following these tips and methods will give you the lips you have always dreamed of. So without any hesitation use these tips and methods and notice a visible difference in your lips.