With the end of the fall season and close approach of the cold winter months, your lips are most likely to become dry and dull. But you need not necessarily suffer from dry lips this winter. Proper care and nourishment can keep your lips healthy.

With winter right around the corner, we are all wondering what we can do to stop our lips from becoming dry and unhealthy.

As beautiful as the winter months may be, keeping our skin and lips nourished and healthy in these months is tough. The dry winter air sucks out all the beauty from our gorgeous skin. Winter takes away the moisture from the skin, and our lips suffer the most in these months. After the moisture gets sucked out of them, they even begin to become dry and chapped.

Lastly, your lips become cracked, chapped, sore and suffer from extreme pain and discomfort.

It’s not very difficult to prevent the dryness and to chap of your lips if you just stick to some simple and preventive methods before the onset of winter.

Stopping Your Lips From Becoming Dry – Easy Tips and Products of Top Quality

Towards the end of the autumn season and just before the beginning of winter, you need to take the necessary precautions. Only new preventions and precautions will be able to keep your lips healthy and moisturized during the cold winter months.

Here’s a list of things to prevent dryness of the lips:

1. Invest In A Good Sunblockskin-care-650Sunscreen isn’t only needed in the hot summer season but is also one of the essential products in the winter. Put a thick layer of Natural Ice Medicated Lip Balm SPF15 at least 30 minutes before you step out your door in the winter. This product keeps the lips protected from dry air of the winter, snow, wind burns, sunburns and excessively cold temperatures.

Keeping the lips protected with sunscreen is equally essential when indoors, especially if you have a central heating device or a fireplace that can draw out the moisture from your lips. A good lip balm with sunscreen is one of the best products for dry lips.

2. Keep Chapped Lips At Bay With These Home Remedies7-how-to-treat-dark-lips-naturally

There are some home remedies with ingredients from the kitchen that prove to be ideal to prevent the dryness of lips. Regular use of these home remedies can also prevent your lips from becoming sore. Home remedies make your lips supple, beautiful and healthy. Using a home remedy is a great tip on how to avoid dry lips.

  • Honey: Honey is an excellent product to apply on your lips, particularly in the winter season before bedtime. The honey seeps through the skin of the lips giving it the necessary hydration and moisture. Leaving the honey on overnight will leave the lips smooth and gorgeous all through the next day. The use of Honey is an excellent way to prevent lips from drying.
  • Almond Oil: Brimming with Vitamin E and Vitamin A, Almond oil also has hypoallergenic moisturizing properties. Free radicals are fought off with this oil, and that keeps the lips moisturized. Before bedtime or when relaxing at home, smear a few drop of almond oil over your lips and leave it on for some time. It gives the lips essential hydration. Almond oil works wonders in preventing dry lips.
  • Cucumber: Take a slice of cucumber and press it down on the lips for approximately 4 minutes. Additionally, it gives the lips necessary hydration and also gives your lips a lovely cooling feeling particularly after returning from a hot day outside or even a snowy day. Now you know how to stop dry lips with cucumber.

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3. Exfoliating Your Lips In The Cold Seasonlips

Dry lips should not be exfoliated with an artificial exfoliating scrub, toothbrush or a washcloth. Instead, you should use a natural lip scrub that is a do it yourself one to prevent your lips from becoming chapped.

I use the mixture of honey with sugar as a natural scrub to exfoliate the lips. After applying the mixture, I gently scrub my lips for approximately 3 minutes with my fingers. This method is ideal to remove any dead skin and impurities from the lips. This mixture stops dry

An alternative method of exfoliating that I often use is that I spread a thick protective layer of lip balm on my lips. I leave it on overnight and the next morning before brushing I use the toothbrush and scrub my lips gently with it. This method removes all the dead skin and impurities from the lips making them look healthy and supple. Last, of all, I smear on a thick layer of Alba Botanica Coconut Cream Lip Balm on my lips.

4. Maintain A Diet That’s Healthy For Your Skinuxoqjb2exljim5gtym5o

You need to consume certain foods that are healthy for your skin. Lack of certain foods can be detrimental and reduce the quality of your skin. You will see the unhealthy effects on your skin more in the winter months. You need to give your skin the necessary food and nutrition for it to be beautiful and healthy.

Irons/ Vitamins: Lack of iron and Vitamin B in the body can result in chapped, cracked or dry lips and dryness around the nose. Maintain a diet that is rich in Iron and Vitamin B. If you are unable to follow healthy eating; you can also consider taking multivitamin supplements. However, take vitamin supplements only on the prescription of your doctor.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Foods containing high levels of Omega 3 Fatty Acids prevent the lips from becoming dry and cracked. You can get your blood levels checked to see if you’re maintaining a healthy diet. You can even ask your doctor to do a general check up. Foods rich in omega three fatty acids include salmon, caviar, walnuts, spinach, flaxseeds, chia seeds and soya beans. If for some reason you don’t consume any of the above-mentioned products, you can consider taking omega three supplements.

5. Quit Drinking, Smoking, Caffeine and Unhealthy Foodswoman-smoking Besides maintaining a healthy diet, there are certain foods and substances you need to stay away from to keep moisturized and plump lips that don’t become cracked or dry in the cold months.

  • Foods That Are Spicy: As much as we all crave spicy foods in the winter months, such foods should be avoided. During the cold season, you need to give your body foods that are healthy for the skin. The cold and dry air of winter anyway destroy the quality of your skin. Avoid eating pizzas, drinking coffee or tea, eating spicy and oily food.
  • Avoid Alcohol: Alcohol should be avoided completely; your body doesn’t need it. Alcohol made the lips drier, dull and cracked particularly in the winter months.
  • Quit Smoking: As addicted as you may be to your cigarettes, it is necessary for you to avoid them completely. Cigarettes are terrible not only for your skin but also your body and overall health. If you’re finding it difficult to give up the cigarette, you must read Allen Carr’s Easy Ways To Quit Smoking.
  • Citrus Fruits: As delicious as they are, citrus fruits can be extremely harmful to your skin regarding making it dry. In the winter months avoid eating lemons, oranges or other fruits that are citrus.

6. Lip Balm, The Perfect Treatment For Dry, Cracked and Chapped  Lipshow-to-take-care-of-chapped-lips-without-lip-balm-obsession

Nothing is as strong as a lip balm to prevent and cure dry, chapped lips. Stick to a natural lip balm or ointment always.

The one moisturizer I actually depend on is Burt Bee’s 100% Natural Lip Balm. I apply this fantastic product on my lips every hour. I don’t allow there to be an instance where my lips become dry. This product has been my secret to keep my lips moisturized all through winter.

Avoid using lip balms that contain artificial or chemical ingredients, or even lips balms that have a scent or fragrance because such products can cause a breakout or reaction on the lips or even make them dry and chapped. Buy a lip balm that has 100% natural ingredients, or even a lip balm that contains natural oils like coconut oil, Shea butter, almond oil, aloe Vera, vitamin E oil, etc.

You can wear a lip balm that contains sunscreen when you’re heading outdoors or are in a place that has a central heating system or a fireplace.

How and when to apply your lip balm: Around 5 minutes before your meal, you need to use a protective layer of lip balm on your lips. Once you complete your meal, thoroughly wash your face and then re-apply the lip balm. Before you use any cleaning agents on your face, ensure you smear a thick protective layer of lip balm. The lip balm will protect your lips from any chemical ingredients in the cleanser such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. These chemicals can make the pH levels in the lips fluctuate and make your lips cracked and dry. Even before you apply for any cold sore medicine or face mask, it is essential to use lip balm to keep your lips protected from the ingredients in the products. Each time you wash your face, reapply the lip balm instantly.

Before your bedtime smear some lip balm on your lips to keep them hydrated and moisturized while you’re asleep. Regular and repeated use of lip balms in the cold season prevents your lips from becoming chapped or dry.

7. Avoid biting/ licking/ peeling or picking on your lipsde951caa-1f08-472c-a818-5ff4cc07cbae

If you have a habit of always biting, licking or picking on your lips, lose the habit immediately. A lot of people regularly lick their lips thinking that the saliva will give the lips the necessary hydration and moisturizing. On the contrary licking your lips will only dry them out more. There is a particular digestive enzyme in the saliva that plays the role of further breaking down the skin of the lips. Keep a Chapstick or lip balm handy to apply it as soon as you feel your lips are becoming dry.

8. Use A Suitable Lipstickthe-horoscope-lipstick-trend-this-summer-and-tip-for-healthy-and-beautiful-lips-3

Lipsticks that have a creamy texture are more appropriate for the cold season. Lipsticks with a matte finish must be avoided even if they are extremely popular right now. If your standard lipstick is a matte one then before spreading the lipstick use Avon Beyond Color Lip Conditioner on your lips as a protective coat.

The Color and dye present in the lipstick can worsen the condition of cracked and chapped lips. Use a lipstick that contains dyes and colors that are safe for your lips. Red lipsticks often contain carmine; it is an ingredient that several people get an allergic reaction to. Completely avoid lipsticks that contain alcohol particularly in the winter months. Such lip products can further worsen the condition of your dry lips.

Purchase lipsticks that contain moisturizing ingredients or lipsticks that have vitamin E oil, macadamia oil or Shea butter.

9. Keep Your Lips Hydrateddrink-lots-of-water-and-other-fluids Constantly keep your lips hydrated. Giving your lips and skin the necessary hydration keeps them beautiful and healthy.

Drink plenty of water even in the cold season. Water assists in keeping the lips supple, healthy and beautiful. Other than water, several fluids can also be consumed to keep the lips and the body well hydrated.

Leave the humidifier turned on at night while you sleep, or even at your workplace. Humidifiers maintain the air in the surrounding moisturized, and that prevents dryness of the lips.

Beeswax is without a doubt an excellent remedy for dry lips and preventing the lips from getting dehydrated. Before stepping out of your home, smear on some Lip Struck 100% Natural Beeswax Lip Balm.

10. Use A Suitable Toothpastewoman-brushing-teeth

In the winter months prevent using toothpaste that contains artificial flavors or unnatural elements, as these ingredients can further make the lips dull and dry. If your lips have become flaky, use Squigle Tooth Builder Sensitive Toothpaste. This toothpaste is of top quality and does not contain any chemicals or ingredients that are harsh on the lips.

11. Avoid Breathing From The Mouth1-1

If you regularly find that you are breathing from the mouth instead of nostrils, consult a general physician. If you have a habit of breathing from your mouth, lose the habit immediately. Breathing from the mouth can further dry your lips. If you are unable to stop breathing from your mouth, smear a protective layer of lip balm evenly on the lips before your bedtime.

12. Use A Scarfbigstock-woman-covering-mouth-85655465

Cover your face with a scarf before you step out in the cold season. It will protect your lips and face from the cold and dry winter air. If you are still suffering from cracked and dry lips, use products containing ceramide to prevent the moisture from escaping from your lips. If you still find that nothing seems to be working, consult your doctor immediately. So, that’s it from me, and time for you to send in your comments.