Some of the most popular ways of treating dry lips include applying lip balms and moisturizers. Home remedies are also extremely useful. In the winter, to keep your lips moisturized and smooth, you need to prevent the dry air from affecting your lips.

Well-nourished and beautiful lips are incredibly appealing. If your lips are pink and moisturized, you will attract the better attention of your listeners. However, during the winter season, it is an uphill task to maintain pink and well-moisturized lips. You will always be struggling to keep that healthy glow in your lips. In comparison to all the elements, winter dryness is the most harmful for your lips.

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Unlike the skin and hair, your lips do not possess oil glands, which assist in keeping them moisturized. On the contrary, the lips are regularly and directly exposed to the dry air of the winter months and blazing sun during the summer. This makes them more sensitive.

A lot of people are under the misconception that it is only during the winter months that your lips can become dull and dry, and hence need special care. Contrary to this popular belief, it is not only winter air but also a significant number of other factors that affect your lips and make them dry. Dry lips sign of scaly, cracked, flaky, chapped and sore lips. These indications can be quickly and easily treated. But in the case of severe and repeated episodes of chapped lips you may need to consult a dermatologist or general physician.

The above-mentioned symptoms tend to reduce the natural glow and smoothness of your lips. To get that natural pink and glow of your lips back, you need to give your lips proper care and nourishment.

Taking Care of Your Dry Lips in The Winter

A large number of people tend to make mistakes while trying to nourish their dry and dull lips during the cold season. They are uncertain about what lip products are appropriate for providing their lips the necessary care. Lip balms, lip products with sunscreen, keeping your body well hydrated, lip moisturizing agents and a proper diet can all assist in keeping your lips healthy.

Anyway, here’s what you need to do.

# Keep Your Lip Protected From All Kinds of Weather


Here are a few reasons of why your lips get dry. Protecting them and regularly moisturizing them will make them smooth once again.

1.   Keep a Scarf Handyinfinity-scarf-51

An excellent way to keep your lips protected from excessive heat or super dry air is to cover your face with a scarf. The scarf protects the skin on your face from harsh climates.

2. Use Sunscreen

Smiling young woman on beach applying sun block creme

The harsh rays of sun are famous for causing chapped and dry lips. Before stepping out in the sun ensure you apply some sunscreen. Sunscreen keeps the lips protected and prevents sunburns. SPF 15 is the minimum power of sunscreen you should use.

3.  Use a Toothpaste Without Fluoridecrestoralb986

Fluoride is a harsh chemical present in most toothpastes that can have a harsh effect on the mouth area and the lips. People with sensitive skin can have a bad reaction to fluoride, which can also result in chapped and flaky lips. Choose an organic toothpaste that is fluoride free to prevent dry lips. This is one of the best thing for dry cracked lips.

4.  Allergic Reactions to Chemical Products

Certain ingredients in toothpastes, lip products and moisturizers can cause a severe allergic reactions and make your lips dull, dry and even give them sores. If you are using any such products that have ingredients, which are giving you chapped lips, stop using the product immediately. Toothpastes that contain the ingredient sodium lauryl sulphate are known to cause severe sores on the lips and even dry them. You also may want to avoid products that contain menthol, eucalyptus and camphor, as these products can also cause a lot of irritation.

5.  Maintain a Balanced, Healthy and Hydrating Diet woman-eating-fruit-salad_ejx0na

Maintaining a diet that is rich in hydrating foods plays an important role in keeping the body and skin hydrated.

6.  Keep Your Skin Well Hydrated

bottled water for healthy hydration

You need to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water through the day, this will guarantee you properly hydrated skin. The skin on your lips is extremely thin. The slightest harsh conditions can cause it to dry out. Consumption of large amounts of water is advantageous for the lips.

7.  Avoid Citric Foods'Ol No. 7 Yams; Paula Deen

There are certain acids present in citrus fruits that can cause chapped and cracked lips. Avoid consuming any citrus fruits when you are suffering from dry lips.

8.  Avoid Foods That Are High in Salt Or Spicy

As tempting as it may be to indulge in a nice spicy meal, it should be avoided if you are suffering from dry and flaky lips. Spicy foods can worsen the condition of your dry lips.

9.  Indulge In Foods That Are Hydrating

There are several fruits and vegetables that contain large quantities of hydrating fluids as well as water. These include cucumbers, pineapples, watermelons and various others. Make these a part of your diet to keep your skin constantly hydrated.

10.  Don’t Forget To Take Your Vitamins

Woman making food in kitchen reaching for basil plant. Healthy eating concept with beautiful happy smiling multi-racial Caucasian / Asian woman at home.

Often cracked and dry lips are caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin A, C, B, E and B2 in the body. Ensure you consume your vitamins in appropriate quantities.

11.  Use Natural  and Home Remedies

Home remedies are the most inexpensive way to provide your lips the necessary care and nourishment. Natural products make your lips moisturized, healthy and pink.

a.  Cucumber

Cucumber plays a marvellous role in moisturizing and hydrating dry lips. All you need to do is slap on a slice of cucumber on your lips and leave it on for approximately 8 minutes. This home remedy will instantly cool down your lips and give them the necessary hydration. The best time to use this remedy is when you return from a hot day out in the sun.

b.  Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another excellent home remedy to cure cracked and dry lips. If your dry or chapped lips are chasing you severe pain and discomfort, smear a few drops of pure aloe gel on your lips and leave it on for approximately 5. This will quickly cure your cracked lips.

c.  Oil

There are a variety of natural oils that can prove to be excellent and absolutely natural moisturizing agents for your lips. These oils protect, moisturize and make the lips healthy. You may want to consider using coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, rose hip oil, Shea butter or even cocoa butter.

d.  Honey

Honey is a fantastic moisturizing agent. Smearing some organic honey on your lips and leaving it on overnight will make your lips smooth, healthy and supple. Honey is one of the best home remedies to use for dry and chapped lips, particularly during the winter months.

12.   Keep Your Lips Moisturized

You need to keep your lips moisturized by installing a humidifier at home as well as in your workplace, regularly using lip balms and also by using some home remedies. Consistently moisturized lips do not suffer from cracking and severe dryness in the winter.612l6vpfxl-_sl1500_

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13.  Begin in the Morning

Before beginning your day and leaving the house, smear some Aquaphor Moisturizer on your lips. This product keeps the lips moisturized throughout the day.

14.  Install A Humidifier

Dry winter air is very harmful for the lips. Additionally the warm air released from central heating devices also makes the lips extremely dry. Moist air on the other hand maintains the moisture in your lips. Setting up a humidifier in your office as well as your home will help maintain the moisture in your skin and prevent the skin from becoming dry.

15.  Invest in a Good Lip Balmimg-20141207-wa0038-5a

Lip balm is one of the best things for chapped and dry lips, particularly in the cold season. When you’re purchasing a lip balm ensure you buy one that comprises of 100% natural ingredients. Whenever you feel that your lips are lacking lister and are dry, dab some lip balm on them. You should smear some lip balm on your lips before bedtime too. Applying lip balm before you sleep keeps them moisturized all through the next day. If you find that your lips are severely cracked or dry you should purchase Ceramides Lip Balm. This product makes a protective layer on the lips that prevent the harsh elements of nature from making them dry. Every time you wash your face you should re-apply Natural Therapeutic Lip Balm as cleansing tends to clean out the natural oil of the skin that a good lip balm can replace.

 16.  Invest in a Good Hydrocortisone Cream91tmnbym73l-_sl1500_

If you find that none of the above mentioned methods are helping your dry lips, purchase a Hydrocortisone Cream. Use the cream for a week and apply it twice during the course of the day and once before bedtime to get back the natural glow and moisture of the lips.

17.  Quit Some Harmful Habits

What people don’t realise is that certain bad habits also contribute to the dryness of the lips. These include biting the lips, peeling the skin of the lips and other habits.

18.  Avoid Constant Licking of the Lips

People tend to constantly lick their lips when they are dry. But a lesser known fact is that constant licking of the lips further dries them. The saliva has certain properties that makes the lips dry and can also cause them to crack. Avoid licking your lips and always keep a lip balm handy to combat dryness.

19.  Avoid Chemical Lip Products

If you are going to use lip products and cosmetics, ensure you stay as far away as you can from products that contain artificial and chemical ingredients. If you require to use lipstick and other lip cosmetics, select items that contain natural ingredients like coconut oil, Shea butter, castor oil etc.

20.  Breathe From the Nose Not From the Mouth

A lot of people tend to breathe from their mouth while sleeping. This habit can contribute to the dryness of your lips. Breathing from the mouth can be due to a cold or stuffy nose. Use a retainer or mouth guard to prevent this. Also smear a thick protective layer of lip balm before bedtime.

21.  Avoid Cigarettes and Chewing Gumsmoking-is-annoyingi-12235832

Cigarettes, processed foods and chewing gums all contain harmful chemicals that can also play a role in making the lips dry and dull. So if you are a smoker or are constantly chewing gum and binging on processed foods, stop it immediately. Read: How to Quit Smoking by Allen Carr.

22.  Exfoliating The Lips

To scrub or not to scrub?

Well, when it comes to the scrubbing of the lips, that is a pretty controversial topic.

WebMD says, “Don’t exfoliate. It can cause further damage to chapped lips. Instead, apply plenty of balm or ointment and turn on the humidifier.”

While some experts claim that scrubbing is not recommended for the lips, others actually believe that scrubbing the lips dead skin and dryness from the lips, making them look healthy and moisturized.

My Opinion – Exfoliating the lips with completely natural products can be beneficial and can remove dryness. The mixture of olive oil and brown sugar make a perfect and natural exfoliating scrub. Smear this mixture on the lips and gently massage your lips with your fingers. This will remove all the dead skin and make your lips glowing and beautiful.

Avoid using any scrubs that contain beads, artificial ingredients and chemicals. Mainly scrubs that contain salicylic acid and soap based products shouldn’t be used for exfoliating the lips. Soft bristle brushes or exfoliating brushes are commonly used to remove dead skin. However in the case of the lips, they tend to make the lips sore and more dry. I tried using a brush but it caused an adverse reaction on my lips.

23.   Your Medicines and Illnesses Maybe Causing Dryness of the Lips

Certain medications cause severe dryness of the lips. If you are consuming such medications that maybe the causing the dryness of your lips. For instance blood pressure medication tends to cause cracked lips. Consult your general physician if your find that your treatment is causing severe dryness in your lips. He can give you a suitable alternative that will prevent dryness of the lips.

Certain ailments and illnesses also tend to cause severely dry lips. Diabetes, Kawasaki disease, sexually transmitted infections and several others also tend to cause severely chapped lips. If you are suffering from these illnesses visit your doctor.

24.  Lipstick Plays A Role in Dryness Of the Lips

As much as women love to use their lipsticks on a daily basis, they can make your lips even more dry. So as much as possible, unless it is absolutely necessary, avoid using lipsticks all together. Matte lipsticks and moisturizing based lipsticks tend to worsen the dryness of the lips and they should be completely avoided. If you are wearing lipstick, clean the lips thoroughly before bedtime and smear on a thick quote of lip balm.

25. Additional Tips for Lip Care and Treating Dry Lips

In addition to the above mentioned tip, here are a few other tips for excellent lip care in the cold season.

  • Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Therapy has proven to extremely useful for dry lips.
  • If you want to keep your lips smooth and moist throughout the day, use Alba Botanica Petroleum Jelly before bedtime.
  • Smear a 100% natural lip balm on your lips and cover them with some cling film. After a few minutes clean out your lips completely and re-apply the lip balm
  • Avoid always touching the lips
  • Purchase a lip balm that has 100% natural ingredients
  • Avoid stepping out too much and shut your window at bedtime
  • Don’t use brushes with soft bristles or any exfoliating brushes to exfoliate your lips.
  • If certain lip balms and products tend to cause allergic reactions to your lips, switch to products that don’t have ingredients that you are allergic to.

All of the above mentioned tips are perfect to keep your lips well hydrated and moisturized. Hope these tips are efficient and keep your lips healthy during the winter. If none of the tips work in curing your dry lips that may be an indication of a serious underlying illness and you need to speak to your doctor immediately. How did these tips work for you? Got some of your own? Share your thoughts, leave your comments, I’ll wait for them. Take care.