If you provide your lips necessary care and proper nourishment, you too can wear a gorgeous smile all through the winter months.

Although lips are among the smaller organs of the amazing human body, they must be given top priority if you want to look attractive and appealing. Your lips are the softest and most sensitive part of the body, and proper nourishment and care need to be given to them. However, in the winter months, it can be tough to give your lips the proper care they require. The dry winter air can make any part of your lips dry, cause chapping and can also cracking of the lips.

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With plunging temperatures in the winter months, the body’s immune system also tends to slow down. The slowing down of the immune system results in full and lackluster lips.

Unlike other parts of the body, the lips do not contain any oil glands that help in keeping them moisturized and healthy. This lack of oil producing glands makes the lips more susceptible to becoming dry and dull. The dry and cold air of the winter season steals all the moisture from the skin, including the lips. As the Lips have no oil glands to retain the moisture, they are the first to become super dry and often even cracked. Severely cracked lips can even begin to bleed.

Losing the moisture in our skin during the cold season is inevitable and entirely familiar. But if we follow a few simple steps, we can prevent the lips from becoming dry and cracked. You really wouldn’t want to look at your reflection in the mirror when you have dry and cracked lips.

So, you may want to provide all the necessary care and nourishment to your lips, particularly during the winter months. This guide will give you proper guidelines on “how to provide your lips good food and care.” But before we begin with that, you first need to understand what the major contributing factors to dry lips and cracked lips are.

Here they are:

  • People who have a habit of regularly and repeatedly chewing, biting, licking and picking the lips can develop cracked lips
  • If you are dehydrated, your body can lose significant amounts of moisture. This can lead to cracked lips.
  • Lack of proper care and nourishment of the lips can result in dry and cracked lips.
  • Using toothpaste that contains certain harmful chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate can cause cracked and dry lips.
  • Excessive consumption of Vitamin A can lead to cracked and dry lips.

A Guide To Providing Your Lips Proper Care In The Winter

It is essential for you to give your lips proper nourishment and care in the winter months. Here’s what you need to do to provide your lips right care.

  1. Exfoliate Your Lipsfp-brush

The dry winter air makes your beautiful lips dull, dry and chapped. When the lips become chapped, the skin of the lips begins to peel. Wouldn’t it be an embarrassing proposition to have to go for a social event with chapped and peeling lips? Not only would it be embarrassing, but your lips would look awful too. Not only does it make you less attractive but it raises other worries too. Peeling skin tends to trap harmful bacteria and results in infected lips. Peeling skin also prevents the growth of fresh skin.

Exfoliating the lips will get rid of all the peeling and dead skin, permitting the growth of new skin. Exfoliating of the lips needs to be handled very carefully and gently. A soft bristle brush and an excellent exfoliating scrub will remove dead skin. Preferably use a natural or a homemade scrub for your lips. The homemade scrub can be made with basic ingredients from your kitchen. The mixture of sugar and honey acts as an excellent exfoliating agent. Smear this mixture on your lips and gently massage your lips with your fingers. Rinse your lips after leaving the mixture on your lips for 2 minutes. After you have complete exfoliating apply La Lune Naturals USDA Certified Organic Lip Balm on the lips. This will result in soft, healthy and gorgeous lips.

2. Keep Your Body Well Hydrated

young woman drinking water after doing some exercise

In the winter months, people tend to consume lesser amounts of water as compared to the summer months. Lack of sufficient water in the body can lead to dehydration that further leads to chapped lips. To avoid this, ensure that you consume an adequate amount of water in the day to keep your body well hydrated.

Add a lot of fluids to your diet to get smooth and glowing lips. These fluids include juices, soups, herbal teas and smoothies to your meals to get healthy lips. Adding green vegetables, fruits and roots to your diet is also excellent for your lips as well as your overall health. Drink plenty of water throughout the day as well; it will assist in keeping your body well hydrated.

Believe me, no expensive moisturizer and creams work as well as water consumption to cure dry lips.

3. Invest in an SPF Lip Balmcr-magazine-hero-lip-service-sunscreen

As absurd as it may sound, using an SPF balm in the winter is also extremely beneficial to your lips. Although the sun stays hidden behind the clouds during the winter months, its rays still have an effect on the lips. Although most people only wear an SPF lip balm in the summer, it is essential to wear it in the winter too. So, ensure you use a good SPF lip balm irrespective of whether it is summer or winter. Using such a lip balm will prevent your lips from becoming dry, dark, chapped, sore or even cracked.

4.  Use A Moisturizing Lip Balmmaxresdefault-3-2a

You need to provide your lips with essential moisturizers in the winter. Your lips can become dry, cracked or chapped if they don’t receive enough moisturizing. If you tend use lipsticks and lip glosses make sure you smear a protective layer of lip balm or a good moisturizer before applying the lipstick or gloss. This will keep your lips hydrated and prevent chapping or dryness of the lips. Remove all your lip make-up before bedtime. Use a good quality makeup remover that has moisturizing elements in it too.

It is also advisable to apply Pure Petroleum Jelly as a thick protective layer on the lips before you sleep. This method has worked for decades and is used by women across the world to keep their lips healthy and to glow.

5. Dab Some Honey On Your Lipshome-remedies-for-chapped-lips

Honey is an excellent moisturizer that also assists in reducing the darkness of the lips. It works wonders in curing dry lips too. The moisturizing and hydrating properties in honey can cure and heal chapped and severely dry lips too. In addition to its moisturizing properties, honey also has several anti-bacterial properties. These anti-bacterial properties prevent bacteria from getting gets stuck in chapped lips.

Gently smear the honey on your lips with your finger. You can use honey on your lips a couple of times a day, the same way you would use a lip balm. Before bedtime smear a thick layer of honey on your lips, for healthy and moisturized lips all through the next day.

6. Buy Lip Products With Natural Ingredientsimg_6192_rosehipseeds

A large number of lip products and lip cosmetics contain chemicals that can be very harmful to the lips. Instead of purchasing such lip products, you should buy lip cosmetics that contain completely natural and non-harmful ingredients. Such natural products will give your lips the necessary moisture without causing any allergic reactions or side effects. Your best bet would be to select a moisturizer that contains natural oils such as castor oil, coconut oil, Shea butter, jojoba oil and others. One brand that you should consider purchasing is Burt’s Bees; they use all natural ingredients in their products. Beeswax lip balm also works wonders in healing and curing dry or chapped lips.

Sometimes, depending on nature is far more reliable than depending on machines and chemicals.

7. Buy Coconut Oilcoconut-and-coconut-oil

The healing properties of coconut oil work miracles in curing dry or chapped lips. Besides healing dry and chapped lips, coconut oil also prevents a repeat episode of chapped or dry lips. Gently massage a few droplets of coconut oil on your lips post your shower. Your lips will instantly begin to absorb the oil and will remain healthy throughout the day.

An even more efficient and better method would be to add a pinch of sea salt in the coconut oil and smear this mixture on your lips. After applying coconut oil on your lips also put on a layer of lip balm.

8. Give Up Caffeinewoman-adventure-begins

Do you wake up every morning looking forward to indulging in a delicious and hot cup of coffee? Although you aren’t the only one, coffee and caffeinated beverages can be extremely harmful to the lips and must be avoided. Caffeine dehydrates your body substantially. In the winter months, in particular, you must avoid coffee altogether because your body already tends to be a bit dehydrated and drinking caffeine will worsen the levels of dehydration. This will further result in chapped, cracked or dry lips. But decaf coffee and herbal teas are excellent alternatives for your body. The herbal teas, in particular, will keep your body healthy and hydrated.

In addition to quitting caffeine, you need to stop smoking as well. Smoking makes the lips dark and dull. If you stop smoking, your lips will look moisturized and healthy. If you are finding it hard to stop, read Allen Carr’s Ways To Quit Smoking. This book effectively helps a smoker quit.

9. Take Immediate Action When Necessary

Your lips are extremely sensitive and tender and leaving them unattended can worsen their condition. Cracked and bleeding lips must not be ignored. If you find that your lips are bleeding or severely cracked, ensure that you take instant action to cure them. To be able to take the necessary steps, you need to follow a few tips.

When the lips begin to bleed, take a clean cloth and gently wipe them. After that make an ice compress and hold it down your lips. These two steps should stop the bleeding. Once the bleeding has stopped, smear some coconut oil on the lips. This process can be repeated multiple times through the day if required.

If you are at the work place and your lips begin to bleed, rush to the restroom and repeat the above-mentioned processes. Tissue alone cannot stop the bleeding of your lips.

10.  Wipe Your Lips With a Toweltowel-lips Drying your lips with a towel is very useful in preventing dry and cracked lips, particularly in the cold seasons. It is a quick and straightforward process. Get a soft, clean and smooth towel and hold it under running water. Ensure that the water is like warm and not scalding hot to prevent a lip burn. After the entire towel has been soaked, squeeze out all the excess water from it. Once the towel has been squeezed out of the surplus water it should be rubbed very gently over the lips. Take your time and don’t rub too hard or it may worsen the condition of the lips. This method can be used immediately post a shower or while washing your face during the day.

11.  Lose The Bad Habits

The lips tend to lose their moisture rapidly in the winter months and become cracked and dry. A large number of people tend to lick their dry lips in hopes of giving them a little moisture. The winter air will instantly dry off those licked lips, and the process of licking the lips will be repeated. This repeated effort of licking the lips and keeping them moist only makes the dryness of the lips worse. Biting the lips or picking on the peeled skin of the lips will also worsen the condition of dry lips. Repeated biting of be lips or Peeling of the lip skin will result in bleeding and painful lips.

Lose these bad habits and do not pick on your lips with your fingers. The bacteria and germs present in your hands can easily be transferred into the crevices of the cracked lips. This can result in your lips becoming infected. Infected lips can be an extremely painful and an unbearable ordeal.

12. Increase Your Consumption of Vitamin B261ce9yjtzyl-_sl1266_

Cracked lips are an indicator of lack of Vitamin B2 in the body. Inadequate amounts of Vitamin B2 in the body will cause further cracking of the lips. So if you find that your lips are slightly cracked, make a change in your diet and increase your intake of Vitamin B2 rich foods instantly. Some foods that are rich in Vitamin B2 include:

  • Cheese
  • Almonds
  • Beef & Lamb
  • Oily Fish
  • Egg
  • Pork
  • Mushrooms
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Seafood
  • Spinach

As an alternative to Vitamin B2 rich foods, you can also consume a Vitamin B2 supplement called Nature’s Way Vitamin B2, 100 MH Riboflavin. Take your doctor’s opinion before consumption of supplements.

13.  Keep Your Surroundings Warm and Humid

The cold winter air is arid, and when it enters your home, it makes the surroundings dry. Dry and cold winter air is extremely harmful to the skin and lips as it strips them off their natural moisture. If your skin and lips become dry, it will further result in cracking and chapping. Keeping your surroundings warm in the winter is very beneficial to the skin and lips. Avoid keeping the windows open at night. Running a fire in the fireplace will also assist in keeping the surrounding warm and prevent dry air from harming your lips and skin.

14.  Avoid Excessive Wind Or Sun Exposuresuncare-header Excessive exposure to the rays of the sun or the harsh and dry winter wind can result in your lips losing their moisture and becoming chapped or cracked. This, avoid being outdoors too much unless necessary. Staying indoors will protect your lips from the dry winter air.

Wrapping a scarf around the face will also keep your lips protected from the harsh elements of nature. Using a hoodie can also protect your skin from losing its moisture.

15. Use Only Winter Cosmetics03-11-easy-ways-to-winter-proof-you-make-up-moisturizer

In the winter months, you shouldn’t be using summer lip products. Summer lip products contain ingredients like menthol, retinol, and glycerine that are not useful to the lips in winter. Switch to winter lips products in the cold season. Lip products that are particularly for the winter will be highly moisturizing and hydrating for your lips.

16. Home and Natural Remedies

Besides the numerous and never ending list of lip products and cosmetics you use, there are several simple and home remedies also that can heal your dry lips or prevent your lips from becoming dry and chapped. Green tea bags, in particular, are an excellent source of moisture. Pressing a green tea bag down on your lips for a couple of minutes will aid in moisturizing and hydrating the lips.

Aloe Vera gel is another excellent natural remedy to heal dry and chapped lips. Pure aloe Vera gel should be smeared across the lips, and the healing properties of this medicinal plant will reduce the dryness and pain in your lips.

Cucumber slices are another highly recommended natural remedy to cure dry lips. All you need to do is take a thin slice of cucumber and keep it pressed down on your lips. Even cucumber juice can be applied to your lips to cure the dryness. Leave the cucumber slice and juice on for approximately 20 minutes to see a visible difference in your chapped lips.

Besides the above-mentioned remedies, here is a list of efficient and useful home remedies to cure dry lips in the cold season.

It is most likely that the above-mentioned tips should help heal your dry and chapped lips. Using these methods will prevent the dry air of winter from stealing the moisture of your lips. Your lips will look healthy and attractive. If you found this article useful and enjoyed reading it, please leave your comments in our comments box.