To avoid getting severely chapped, flaky or cracked lips, you need to compulsorily treat your dry lips in a timely and appropriate fashion. Otherwise, your chapped lips may cause you pain while you talk, or can even bleed when you smile. You must learn how to naturally treat your lips. Cosmetic products can also assist in healing dry lips, however, can be very expensive. It is safer and less costly to go about the natural way to treat dry lips.

Effective ways to Great Lips – Dry Lips Tips and More

The right products, lip care practices and regular and daily care are the most effective ways to heal dry lips. Here’s a list of useful tips that I have put together that will show you the visible difference in your dry lips. Regularly follow the below-mentioned tips for healthy lips.

1.  Smearing Your Dry Lips With Various Oilsjennifer-lopez-iggy-azalea-eos-2_10_2014-0

Certain oils work like a charm for curing dry lips and healing cracked flaky and chapped lips in the cold season. Spreading these oils on dry lips moisturize and make them soft. They also assist in the protection of lips from extreme weather conditions and prevent severe dryness. Oils are natural to avoid further damage to the lips. The various oils extracted from seeds and nuts are perfect cures for chapped skin and lips. Here are a few natural plant oils:

Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil is undoubtedly my favorite oil. Smearing a few drops of coconut oil on my lips 2-3 times a day during the winter and massaging them gently has proven to be an excellent remedy for dry and chapped lips.

Olive Oil: Dabbing on and evenly spreading a few drops of olive oil on your lips a couple of times a day can give your lips necessary nourishment. Olive oil can even be left on your lips overnight.

Shea Butter: Applying a little bit of Shea butter around bedtime and leaving it on overnight is extremely effective to cure dry lips. Upon waking up the next morning, remember to gently massage your lips to get rid of all the dry skin. Shea butter guarantees softer, smoother and healthier lips.

Besides the oils mentioned above, there are also several other oils that effectively cure cracked, flaky or dry lips. This include:

  • Rosehip Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Almond Oil
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Several other essential oils

2.  Be Diligent When Selecting a Lipstickmaxresdefault-4

Using a lipstick that has a matte finish when you have chapped, cracked or dry lips is a recipe for disaster. The tightness and dryness of a matte finish look result in dehydrated lips. When purchasing yourself, a lipstick makes sure you that select one that is either sheer, shimmery, glossy or satin. Once you no longer need to sport the lipstick, clean your lips thoroughly and smear some coconut oil over them. The coconut oil effectively removes any remaining color of the lipstick. Before your bedtime, ensure you spread your lips with a natural hydrating agent or moisturizer such as honey.

During the winter months, your lips may tend to be drier than usual, thus avoid wearing lipstick in the cold, particularly when indoors unless necessary.

3.  Invest In a Top Quality Natural Balmtumblr_inline_o0rm4dfojj1s3r7a6_1280Applying lip balm on dry lips is a highly effective solution to cure them. However, ensure that you select a lip balm that is full of natural ingredients and not artificial ones. Contrary to popular belief, chapsticks must be completely avoided. It may temporarily make your lips more supple and softer, but you will find yourself in a situation where you have to keep re-applying it to maintain the softness of your lips.

Ake sure you use a balm that has completely natural ingredients and is free from camphor and certain chemicals. Lip balms containing beeswax, glycerin, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil are the safest ones for dry lips and also sensitive skin.

At all times make sure you carry with you an Essential Lip Balm to quickly smear across your lips when you feel the dryness. To avoid chapped and flaky lips, re-apply this lip balm at regular intervals.

4.  Your Lips Need Exfoliatingusing-electric-toothbrush

One of the most effective ways to cure dry lips is to exfoliate them. Gently massaging your lips with coconut oil or a natural exfoliating agent will get rid of dead skin cell, revealing new skin cells. This will further result in your lips looking pink, bright and healthy. When massaging your lips, ensure you massage gently, excessive pressure on the lips while massaging can worsen their dry condition. Use only natural ingredients to exfoliate your lips.

Ensure you avoid using any exfoliating agent that is soap-based or even has chemicals and is made with exfoliating beads.

Read this list of 3 out of 7 ways to exfoliate your lips naturally.

Olive Oil With Salt Mix: Mix a teaspoon of salt with olive oil. Smear this mixture on your lips and gently massage them. Ensure that you don’t massage your lips for more than one minute. For best results, leave the mixture on your lips for at least 2-3 minutes. This scrub also acts as an excellent hydrating agent. After leaving the scrub on for a few moments, rinse it out with warm water or wipe it off with a tissue. Don’t forget to smear a natural balm on your lips after exfoliating and cleaning.

Honey With Brown Sugar Mix: A mixture of honey with brown sugar acts like an excellent exfoliating scrub. Smear this mixture evenly over your lips and massage them for a minute. Leave the mixture on your lips for approximately 3 minutes after massaging them. Then wipe your lips thoroughly with a soft and clean tissue. This mixture will reduce blemishes and dark spots on your lips and make them healthy and young.

Use a Toothbrush: Using a soft bristle toothbrush on your lips can also act as a great exfoliating agent. You need to gently rub the bristles on your lips in a circular movement. Before rubbing your lips with a toothbrush, ensure you smear some coconut oil on the bristles of the brush first. Then gently touch your lips for about a minute. This will result in younger and healthier looking lips. This will also remove all dead skin and impurities from your lips. For better results, approximately ten minutes before exfoliating your lips with a toothbrush spread some Vaseline on your lips. Vaseline makes the skin of your lips very soft, making it easier for the dead skin and impurities to fall off quickly. However, do keep in mind that this method of toothbrush exfoliation does not suit all. People with sensitive skin may break out into soreness, red patches, pain and roughness of the lips. Avoid this particular method of exfoliating if you witness such outbreaks.

5.  Avoid Picking On Your Lipsde951caa-1f08-472c-a818-5ff4cc07cbae

On dry lips, dead skin and cracked skin are clearly visible. Most people have a vile habit of picking on their lips when their skin is dry. Further, they will keep licking their lips too. Although licking your lips may give it that temporary hydration, a lesser known fact is that your body’s saliva tends to get rid of the moisture on the lips, making them flakier and cracked. Thus, avoid picking on your lips else they may bleed or get infected. You may also get hard and painful lips or sore lips. Henceforth instead of picking on your lips, smear a lip balm across them when your find that they are super dry and filled with dead skin. Lip balms with natural ingredients can give your lips the necessary moisture and hydration that they need. Always reapply the balm when it wears off or after you wash your face. You can even reapply it after a meal.

6.  Give Your Dry Lips Proper Treatmentlandscape-1445358292-best-lip-balm-image

Not giving dry lips the attention and treatment that they require can result in super cracked lips and even flaky or bleeding lips. Excessively dry lips can be extremely painful, and it can become difficult for you to even smile comfortably. If you find yourself in such a situation, resort to some home remedies or natural products to hydrate and moisturize your lips.

Honey: Honey is an excellent hydrating and moisturizing agent. Smear on some natural or organic honey on your lips and gently massage them. This will reduce the dryness and give your plump lips within two days.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is an excellent cure for infections, cuts, rashes and damaged skin. Spreading a bit of aloe Vera gel on your lips 2-3 times a day will result in cured, moisturized and healed lips.

Cucumber: Cucumber is an excellent remedy for dry lips. Take a cucumber slice and for ten minutes gently massage it on your lips. Daily incorporation of this technique will guarantee you healthy lips all through the year.

7.  Purchase a Humidifier71esq-msh3l-_sl1500_

In the winter months, a large number of people use a central heater in their homes. Alternatively, they also use a fireplace to keep themselves warm. Both these heat generating devices are well known for causing dryness, chapping and cracking of the lips. If you need to use a central heating system, you must simultaneously also use a humidifier. A humidifier maintains the moistness in the air. You may also want to consider purchasing two humidifiers, one for your work place and one for your residence. Installation of a humidifier will keep your skin and lips healthy, moisturized and hydrated. One of the leading humidifiers in the market right now is the Honeywell Humidifier. This humidifier can easily be setup indoors.

8.  Use Green Tea Bags For the Treatment of Dry Lips

Woman with cup of fresh tasty black tea

The use of green tea bags for dry lips is a tried and tested and highly effective remedy. These tea bags make the lips smooth, tender and healthy. They work as an excellent moisturizing and hydrating agent and are also often used to reduce under eye darkness. Dip an already used green tea bag in some water and put this bag on your lips and hold it there for a couple of minutes. Daily use of this method will guarantee you healthy lips in the winter months.

9.  Reduce the Usage of Lip Cosmetics

Your dry lips could become worse if the person suffering from them is always using lip products such as lip colors, lip makeup, and lipsticks. The chemicals and artificial ingredients in these products are extremely harmful to the lips. If you are going to use a lipstick, make sure you use one that comprises of natural ingredients. A cheap lip product can also cause severe harm and dryness to the lips. Avoid wearing lipstick unless necessary because the artificial ingredients, chemicals, and dyes of them are known to make the lips dark and black. Additionally, these artificial ingredients can cause a rash on your lips.

10.  Quit Smoking 4360451-girls_models_models_a_angelina_jolie_smoke_cigarettes_012434_

If you want pink, rosy and healthy lips, you will have to give up the vile habit of smoking. Cigarettes darken your lips by leaving a layer of black dye on them and also can burn the lips badly. So you need to instantly quit smoking or consuming any chewing gums that can make your lips dark, dry and dull.

You may want to read: Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Quit Smoking if you want to drop the habit.

11.  Maintain a Healthy Dietnm-early-impact-healthy-diet-feature

Eating healthy has a positive impact on your skin. You need to incorporate lots of fruits, omega three fatty acids and vegetables in your diet for healthy and glowing skin. When you are suffering from dryness of the lips, ensure you avoid or limit your intake of caffeinated beverages, spicy and oily foods. You shouldn’t be consuming more than 3 cups of tea or coffee in a day if you have flaky, chapped and dry lips

12.  Keep Some Vaseline Handytips-to-prevent-dry-cracked-lips-vaseline-lip-therapy-tins

Put a thick layer of Vaseline every night on your lips before bedtime. This is one product that does an excellent job of hydrating and moisturizing my lips. Upon waking up, gently massage your lips with your fingers to get rid of all the dry skin. Your lips will seem healthier and fresh. Your lips will remain tender and supply all through the day; it works for me. I don’t even need to use a lip balm during the day anymore. This is a reliable and natural way to keep your lips healthy.

13.  Get Your Lips Some Sun Protection

The rays of the sun can make the lips dried and chapped. Constant exposure to the sun can have an extremely harmful effect on your skin. The harmful UV rays result in tanned, black skin, skin aging, dark spots, blemishes, and sunburns. From all the body parts, the lips are the first to get damaged by the sun. For those of you who are suffering from sunburnt lips, you should read this article about how to treat them. Use a top quality sunscreen with SPF15 or more on your lips. Investing in a lip balm that has SPF 15 can also be very effective. Such balms keep your lips protected from the sun, hydrated and moisturized.

14.  Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Water

Slim young woman drinking water after training

Dehydration is one of the many reasons behind dry skin and dry lips. Due to the sensitivity of the lips, they are the first to display the signs of dehydration. You need to consume at least 8-10 glasses of water and hydrating fluids a day to keep your body completely hydrated and prevent dryness of the lips and skin. If you work out or sweat, you need to consume larger quantities of water. Keep regular and time to time consumption of such hydrating fluids.

15.  Keep Your Mouth Closed While Sleeping

A large number of people tend to sleep through the night with their mouths open. Breathing through the mouth while you sleep will result in drying of the skin around the mouth as well as the lips. If you are suffering from a cold, you may be forced to breathe through your mouth while sleeping. A mouthguard or retainer can also be one of the many reasons behind why you sleep with an open mouth. If you are unable to shut your mouth while sleeping, consult a doctor and also use a good lip ointment before going to bed.

16.  Buy A Toothpaste That Is Safefluoride_in_water_compared_to_toothpaste

Most toothpaste contains fluoride in them. Fluoride can be extremely harmful to the skin and lips. Additional chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate in toothpaste also can be detrimental to the lips and the skin around the area of the mouth. Such chemicals make the lips dry and cracked. They can also cause sores, redness, and swelling of the skin. To avoid this purchase toothpaste that has natural ingredients and is safe.

17.  Keep Your Lips Protected in Harsh Climates

Living by the seaside, or in freezing weather can affect your lips drastically. Centrally heating devices also play a role in drying your lips. If you’re living in a cold country, that’s prone to snowfall ensure you cover your face with a scarf to protect your lips and skin from becoming dry. Alternatively, you can also wear an appropriate lip balm to keep your lips safe from harsh climates and plunging or soaring temperatures.

18.  Give Your Body Necessary Vitamins

A lesser known fact is that the lack of certain vitamins in the body can cause pigmentation, darkness, and discolouration of the skin and lips. Certain vitamins such as Vitamin A, E, C, B2, and B are required in appropriate amounts for the body to have healthy and glowing skin. As an alternative, you can also consult a dietician and get onto multivitamin supplements. Another thing that the body requires for healthy and glowing skin is the right amount of Omega 3 fatty acids. You can add fish to your diet to get the right amount of Omega 3 in your body, or you can consume omega three supplements.

19.  Understand the Side Effects of Your Medication

Certain medicines tend to cause dryness and cracking of the lips. Carefully read from

Your doctor what tablets that you may be consuming are causing the dryness of your lips. Certain health disorders and ailments such as sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes, Kawasaki and various others also are often the cause of dry lips.

20.  Mango Butter3-materials2

Mango Butter is an excellent moisturizer for the lips. It works wonders to cure dry and cracked lips and also has properties to reduce the darkness of the lips. Smear this mango butter in your lips and keep it on for at least 10 minutes. Clean your lips with a soft tissue and enjoy healthy and hydrated lips. Mango butter can be applied daily or during the winter season.

21.  Speak To Your Doctor

If you find that none of the above methods are showing you desired results, you need to consult a good dermatologist instantly.

Trust me, the tips mentioned above however if followed regularly and dedicatedly will give you healthy and supple lips in the winters.

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