Sunburns are one of the worst enemies to our body and face, especially the lips: after all, they can cause a broad range of problems including dark spots, wrinkles, dehydration, reddening or swelling, hyperpigmentation, complete loss of elasticity, and more to your lips. It might even lead to bleeding through excessive dryness and cracking. There are several remedies for sunburnt lips, including sun protection formulae, home remedies, and medicinal products, but you have to adhere to some daily guidelines to completely protect your lips from getting sunburned.

How can You Treat Sunburnt lips?

The best way is by taking precautionary measures to avoid sunburns in the first place. However, if that’s not possible then you can try the many easily available cures on the market.

Just remember that prevention is always better than the cure, so you should pay heed to avoid the UVB and UVA rays rather than treating your lips afterward. That’s the best way of enjoying pretty healthy lips, right?

Now before moving on to herbal or cream-based treatment from sun burn or wind burn causing blisters, chapped cracked, split, and bloody lips, you should know the dangers associated with such objects.

Signs and Symptoms from Sunburnt lips

The two most dangerous kinds of sun rays include UVA and UVB, and these cause multiple problems when skin is exposed to them. For instance, aging signs including wrinkles, spots, and lessened skin-elasticity, even inflammation, are caused by UVA. UVB on the other hand simply burns the outermost layers of the skin.

Other symptoms include swelling, spots, redness, cracked, peeling lips, dehydrated and blister full lips, etc. Nausea, fever, and fatigue are also symptoms of dehydration from excessive sun exposure.

Continued exposure can also lead to important diseases including skin cancer.

Four tips on how best to effectively treat sunburn on lips

So here is a couple of effective tips that can give you an idea of how you can treat your sunburned, peeling, blistering lips. The best way to prevent and treat sunburn effects is this treatment method that I’ve divided into a four-step process: prevention, treatment, home remedy, and general methods for minimization of sunburn. Now let’s discuss this in greater details.

Sunburn Prevention for your Lips

I know I’ve said this before, but this is very important: somehow manage to keep your lips safe from the sunlight, you should be already in a far better place. So how can you do that?

  • Reduce movement while out in the scorching sun
    If worse gets to worst minimize the amount of time you have to spend outside. E.g. if it’s sunny out, don’t go out. The less the exposure, the lower your chances of burnt skin and lips.
  • Use SPF sunscreen on lips


In case you must go out – and can’t prevent sun exposure – do make sure that you dab on a bit of sunscreen for your lips. Lip balms, lotions, and creams that are safe for the lips plus contain SPF ingredients are your best bet. Apply balms that come with both UVA and UVB protection, and make sure to do that at least twenty minutes before heading out. You should remember to keep reapplying it whenever you feel your lips drying out. Since these products have no side-effects they are totally safe, especially if you’re using SPF 15 and above rated sunscreens.

  • Try to Treat your Sunburned Lips

If the damage is already done, don’t worry because there are plenty of medicines and products you can use for it. The following useful products will give you a good idea of what’s available.


  • Ointments: I love using the Aquaphor ointment as a chapstick for chapped lips, but in the case of severe damage from sunburn, a high hydrocortisone 1% balm for lips should be applied to the corners. Use this two times a day, for about three days, and you’ll have fresh, hydrated, moisturized skin on your lips in no time. Just be careful not to lick any of this inadvertently.
  • Moisturize: If you want to know how to best cure sunburn on your lips, the cream has to be one of the best cures for severely chapped and blistered lips. My top tip for softening of lips is Lush, a special moisturizing cream. Then again, you could try honey as the best natural remedy for sun burned lips with blisters. Expert dermatologists advise against the use of Vaseline/Petroleum jelly since it effectively doesn’t allow heat to escape from lips, which might be more harmful, so just avoid petroleum or lidocaine-rich products.
  • Aloe Vera: This is one of the most effective products for treating sunburn pain and inflammation, being anti-inflammatory in nature. Aloe vera treatments can be done in a couple of ways: the first way is to use aloe vera gel products that are free of scents. The another option is to just directly apply some raw aloe vera directly to the sun burned area of the lips for a fast smoothing action.

Sunburn is severe enough to require medical attention sometimes, which explains why there are so many ibuprofen and acetaminophen-based products to soothe the pain of blistered sunburn cracking peeling lips. If you’re less than sixteen years old, though, you’re out of luck.


  • Vitamin E: 


Vitamins are awesome, especially if you use vitamin E rich oils for sunburn. A little bit of GreatFull Skin Vitamin E oil is massaging before bedtime can do wonders for healing lips because it works to stimulate lip skin cells and prevent scars from blisters actively.

Home Remedy Methods: I’m a huge fan of home remedies which are powerful at treating sunburned lips. You can use potatoes, cucumbers, cubes of ice and with zero side effects. Find out how:


            – Potato: This is effective for treatment of sunburnt lips. Starch content helps you cool the burnt area. After sun exposure, simply take two potatoes, whizz them in the blender, apply to lips for ten minutes before washing it off. Instant solution guaranteed!

            – Cold Compress: Cold compresses are the best ways for treating your sunburnt lips, and all you have to do is apply a washcloth soaked in cold water on your lips. Leave it on for fifteen minutes, and you’ll be surprised how quickly it soothes your skin again.

           – Cucumber: Another popular pick for reducing pain and skin irritation, dark pigmentation, etc. is a slice of fresh cucumber. Just gently massage lips with a slice, and you’ll have less-irritated lips in less than four minutes.

           – Cubes of Ice: A handy ice cube pressed to your lips for two minutes may sound uncomfortable, but doing so regularly after sun-exposure can be exquisite for your blood circulation, dark lip coloration, and more. (Don’t be afraid if lips look red, it’s normal.)

  • Tips for Daily Care

Now that I’ve covered some of the prevention and cure methods, it’s time to show you some daily treatments. Doing these things regularly can work wonders for dealing with sunburn on your lips.


  • Licking Lips has to Stop

I know that sunburns can be quite painful, which is why it is super-important not to lick your lips. Saliva leaves you prone to more cracking, bleeding and other vulnerabilities. If you make a conscious effort, you can stop this habit. Just use a chapstick anytime you get dry lips, and you’ll have soft, nourished lips in no time.

  • Drinking Water Helps

You know, if you take in at least 8 cups of water (that’s about 1.6l), you can not only be healthier overall, but your lips can be softer too. So increasing your water intake prevents your lips from drying out in the sun.

  • Dab on some products with sunscreen

If you need to remain out in the sun for a while, make sure that you always carry a lip product that has a minimum SPF rating of 15. You can use one of these following sunscreens for your lips that I swear by:

I guarantee that if you follow my methods, you can have the softest and most well-nourished lips ever. Of course, if you had chronic dry lips and chapped or peeling skin on the lips from severe sunburns that never heal, you should treat it immediately and consult a dermatologist. And remember, if these tips work for you, do share them with other friends and relatives to save them from the harmful rays of the sun too! See you next time, gorgeous.  Till then, let your comments come in.