Cream for Dark Lips by Laetitia comprises of five remarkable natural constituents in it, thus making is one of the best and impressive product for lips. The darkness of lips is reduced and lips brightened by prohibiting melanin creation in the lips. The damaged and dead cells are removed by this melanin reducing cream, and they make way for tender young new cells making your lips healthier and prettier. Read on, because I’ll explain the ingredients in Laetitia brightener for the lip.

Ingredients in Cream for Dark Lips by Laetitia

There not even one harmful chemical component in Cream for Dark Lips by Laetitia like mercury, hydroquinone, steroids, etc. Laetitia contains natural and very useful ingredients that are found to be safe for use on sensitive lip skin. This is the only dark lips cream that promises to decrease pigmentation due to melanin on the lips. The dark and black pigments on lips are the area of in-depth focus of Laetitia. So to brighten the lips, the cream should be used by you. Components in this lip brightener are very efficient in making darker lips fairer. Let us have a look at the ingredients within Cream for Dark Lips by Laetitia.

1. Tretinoin (Retinoic Acid)


All-trans Retinoic Acid is also called Tretinoin. The primary source is rose hip seeds. Oil extracted from these seeds is a primary source of all-trans retinoic acid. Vitamin A and Isotretinoin (Accutane – capable and strong anti-acne drug) are closely related to Tretinoin. Discoloration of skin has been actually treated with Retin a cream ingredients i.e. tretinoin bleaching cream. Complexities of acne and some other problems of skin too are treated with this tretinoin cream having other ingredients too. Few skin and blood cancers treatments also use Tretinoin.

2. Azelaic – Acidbarley-water-for-pregnant-women

Azelaic can be pronounced or written as ay-zeh-lay-ick by many. Diseases of skin like inflammation, hyperpigmentation, skin brightening and acne can effectively be treated using Azelaic Acid. It is naturally contained in human skins. Other sources that produce Azelaic Acid naturally are wheat, rye, and barley. It is also used in cosmetic creams’ production with a concentration of 20%. Majorly given out for treating problems related to acne, there are also effective results when used to treat discoloration of the skin. It has been found by many research studies that melanin pigments can be prevented by Azelaic Acid.

3. Kojic – Acidtwo-mushrooms

Kojic Acid naturally occurs in Sake, Soy Sauce, and Miso. Cosmetic products like cream have Kojic acid due to its bleaching and anti-oxidant properties. A natural preservative agent to is present in it thus making it possible to add it to some food stuff. It was from 1907 that the Japanese started using Kojic Acid. Several items in the regular diet of the Japanese have it. A rice wine is produced by the Japanese. Kojic Acid is obtained as a by-product while fermenting the rice for making the wine. Though Kojic acid is considered an ideal component to restrain the growth of melanin, Kojic acid as ingredients is not available to be used in cosmetic manufacturing. When exposed to air or even sunlight, Kojic Acid becomes useless as it loses its effectiveness. Lots of cosmetic manufacturers use Kojic dipalmitate for kojic acid dipalmitate cream owing to its effectiveness. Kojic acid is a stable anti-oxidant and kojic acid cancer causing statements are false. Over here Kojic acid is more efficient than Kojic dipalmitate.

4. Arbutinwoman-with-peachesArbutin naturally occurs in Mulberry, Blueberry shrubs, pears, barberry, and cranberry. Its inherent healthy properties effectively inhibit melanin production. Skin brightening and removal of pigmentation from skin can be safely and reliably achieved by Arbutin and some extracts from other plants. Discoloration of skin is very effectively brightened up by Arbutin as noted by medical research. Arbutin’s skin lightening management system is patented. It has two types – Alpha and Beta. Alpha is found to be more beneficial than properties of Beta. However, a combination of both works wonders while brightening the discoloration of your skin.

5. Alpha Hydroxy – Acidlightens-dark-lips

The primary natural sources of Alpha Hydroxy Acids seen are Papaya, grapefruit, tomato, pineapple, plain yogurt and lemon. Lactic acid and glycolic acid are other more familiar names of AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids). Above acids are known for their anti-aging properties and provide light and smooth skin. The most researched acids among the AHAs are Lactic acid and Glycolic acid. These acids since have a small and atomic extent go into the top layer of the skin and inhibit production of melanin. It has been thought by researchers that about 4% to 15% of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids are not that effective to inhibit melanin production and lighten the discoloration of skin in similar productive ways. However, the skin cells are renewed by these acids. Dead cells are removed from the skin surface. Accumulation of pigments is prohibited by the process, and this prevents hyperpigmentation. Few researchers have shown how exfoliation of skin by Lactic acids and Glycolic acids help in the inhibiting production of melanin.

Cream for Dark Lips by the Laetitia is so useful and attractive that nothing even comes near it. The only components that are present in the cream are those that have high ability to brighten your lips. Production of melanin is prohibited, and thus hyperpigmentation or lip skin darkness is removed by these unusual ingredients. The dead, damaged and unhealthy cells are cleared from the surface of lips by these ingredients in this Cream by Laetitia. The only result obtained by four weeks use is fair, cute and beautiful lips.

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