Read the numerous reviews that customers have left behind for Laetitia Lip Cream For Dark Lips. This product is also alternatively known as Latisha Cream For Dark Lips or Dr. Joson dark lips cream.

Why should you consider purchasing Laetitia Cream For Dark Lips?

I believe that you should consider buying this lip cream because of the reviews it has acquired from customers. The reviews are based purely on the customer’s experiences with the product, and they also state how they actually feel about the product. Laetitia Lip Cream maybe from the Philippines, but it has gained popularity across the globe for its excellent quality. This product can be purchased anywhere on the planet from most eCommerce websites. Before you set out to buy this item, you must read a related article to understand more about the product.

Anyway, let me present to you the full range of reviews by the customer for Laetitia Lip Cream for Dark Lips.

16 Reviews For Laetitia Lio Whitening Cream That Are Positive and Read Worthy.

The powerful and effective ingredients present in Laetitia Lip Whitening Cream make it extremely attractive. Some alternate names that the product is known by including Latisha Lip Cream for dark lips, Laetitia Lip Whitening Cream and Dr. Joson cream for dark lips. Let’s now move ahead to the reviews.

  1. “I have a fair complexion, but my lips are very dark. I don’t smoke, and I’m very vain. I drink plenty of water, sleep 8 hours a day; I always dab on lip balm with SPF. Somehow that dark area on my lips is very stubborn. I brush it with toothpaste every day, I tried squeezing lemon on it for three months, but nothing happened. Until I found this product. On my first week, I noticed that it peeled off the outermost layer of my lips. I only applied it every night. On my 4th week, the result is undeniable. I feel so pretty now and very confident. I can face people without my favorite shade of lipstick. I’m now who I am. Simple and natural.”
  2. “I’m so glad that I found this product. It gave solution to my insecurity, my dark, chappy lips. I’ve always been wearing my favorite matte lipstick which is a natural color. Personally I really don’t want any make-up on. But without any lipstick, I look ugly. So since I was in College it has always been with me. I don’t wear any other make-up, except lipstick. I believe that less is more. Though my lashes are short, I choose not to apply mascara. But lipstick is the one thing I can’t stop using coz it makes my face glow and my features defined. After using this product, I noticed my lips lightening after just 2 weeks. I knew then that this product is for me so I continued using it until 6 months. Now my lips are cherry.”
  3. “I was very pathetic with my lips. You won’t believe what I’ve tried to achieve red lips. I used to apply clorox on it, leave on detergent bar on it overnight for it to peel-off. The detergent bar worked for me but the surrounding skin of my lips became allergic obviously. It looked like I had lipburn. Until I found Laetitia Dark Lips Cream which I used until the container is consumed, around 4.5 months. My lips became softer and red. The dark pigments are gone.”
  4. “I go clubbing a lot and I usually meet new faces from this place. I’m good at putting make-up on myself and I know how gorgeous I look at bars and clubs. I feel hot and my self-esteem soars up whenever guys check out on me. But when they see me at daytime I feel like I disappoint them. I know how they think I’m only beautiful when the lights are low. My eyebags, underarms and lips are so dark. I have very bad dark spots. I used Laetitia Dark Lips Cream for just 3 months and it’s very promising. I saw results within this span of time. I would continue using it for about a year. I recommend it to all my friends.”
  5. “I have very dark upper lips and its sides. I tried eating lots of fruits and vegetables and drank only tomato juice as water supplement. I also took Ferrous sulfate thinking that it would make my lips reddish. My nutrition is very rich and I take complete vitamins but still it doesn’t affect the color of my lips. Although I feel healthy I don’t look it because of my dark lips. I bought this cream and used it until the container is empty. Within just 2 weeks my dark lips were getting lighter and lighter. I’m now on my 3rd month but there’s still some hint of darkness so I’m now on my 2nd container. I’m assuming I’ll be contented after this container.”
  6. “My lips are naturally dark since I was small. I’m a guy and I can’t wear any lipsticks. I’ve tried Go**va, F**sh U*, and bleaching agents like hydroquinone on it. Go**va and F**sh U* only made my lips smoother but did nothing for lightening. Hydroquinone lightened it at first, but later made it even darker. I’ve been using Laetitia Cream for 1 year now and my lips are just getting redder and redder. I love it!”
  7. “Hi I’m Asuntha, from Sri Lanka. I must admit I have very pretty face but becoz of my dark lips I felt very insecure. I tried any product I could find for dark lips and also home-remedies like lemon, castor oil, and all kinds of extract but nothing worked. So I ordered this product last May 2010 on amazon. On my first month I got sooo excited coz for the very first time in my life, I saw myself with lighter lips. So I ordered a 5-month supply. I used Laetitia for a total of 6 months and now it’s reddish, without a dark tinge. My only hope is that it’s permanent :)”
  8. “I have fair complexion but somehow my lips are very dark tho I don’t smoke. I wear lipstick all the time and I feel naked w/o it. Tho it makes me feel pretty w/ my lipstick on, it grosses me out. Everytime I eat, it smudges on my food, especially with sandwich. And I love being au naturale, the simply fresh and pretty look. I don’t wear any eye make-up, no blush-on, but my lipstick arghhh…I just can’t miss it! I used to apply calamansi extract on it every night for 3 years but absolutely nothing was happening. So I stopped and tried Laetitia and the result was amazing! After just 2 weeks my lips were already lighter and continued using it for 3 months. This is me now and I’m happy to share it with everyone!”
  9. “My lips were very dark and I’ve been smoking since I was 15. I’m not the type of girl who puts make-up on, but I wasn’t comfortable with my dark lips either. I felt very insecure about it. I used G*d*v* dark lip lightening for more than a year, while it did soften my lips coz of the petroleum jelly texture, it did absolutely nothing for its color. Then I tried this Laetitia dark lips cream I read from femalenetwork forum. After just 2 weeks I knew it was working for me. The cream is strong enough to really do something about your dark lips. You’ll feel it working, there’s a tingling sensation within the first few minutes of application and you just know something’s going on. I continued using it and it’s become a part of my regimen. I don’t sleep without it on my lips. I’ve been using it for a year and I won’t stop using it coz I’m smoking.”
  10. “When I was 18, I tried peeling off my lips using a DIY chemical peel. Within a week it peeled off and revealed pink lips (woohoo!!!). I was sooo excited and I thought it was it. The solution to my problem. Only that…I couldn’t smile (literally). I couldn’t stretch my lips. I had to stop myself from laughing coz my lips couldn’t stretch and it would crack and hurt so much. I felt very nervous coz I thought i won’t be able to smile forever. Like a person who had burns, when they speak their mouth cldnt move. After a few weeks, it went back to normal, it could stretch, I could smile but along with it, came back my dark lips. I thought to myself, that’s a lesson for me. That I should accept my dark lips for what it is. Still it remained my biggest insecurity. I tried using F**s* U* and applied it on my lips and nipples for 6 months, it was such a waste of money. Not even a shade lighter. When I tried to return it they said it depends from person-to-person, that some people need to use it for a year blah! blah! Then again, I read from a forum about Laetitia for dark lips. I bought a 3-month supply. Within just 2 weeks I noticed my lips getting lighter, it’s awesome! I’m now on my 3rd month and my lips have become lighter by 50%. I guess I need to use it for another 3 months for the melanin pigments to be totally gone. I want to reveal reddish lips!!!”
  11. “I’m an Indian and I was born with dark lips. I drink coffee and I smoke but I guess it has nothing to do with it. I used Laetitia for Dark Lips last year 2009 for 6 months straight and my lips have become what it should be…red, the color of my lips without the melanin-barrier pigment. It has totally changed my life. My confidence level is higher than ever. I felt prettier inside and out. I’m so glad a company has researched into this problem.”
  12. Latisha Dark Lips Cream is the only solution I know of. Don’t use lemon/toothpaste/castor oil. Truth is that you won’t always find a solution from your kitchen.
  13. This cream oxides really fast so you need to stored it in a airless pump dispenser. Also results aren’t permanent even though on their website it states it is, really it’s not. This lip cream does delivers results and gives you red or pink lips. It gave me super red lips. Once I stop using cream because of price being so high, dark lips will return so you have to maintain your results. Yes this lip cream will dry your lips to the max.
  14. LOL! that’s what I said the very first time I ever used this product, but personally I think it’s worth the money. I’ve used natural remedies like lemon but this product is way better
  15. “Latisha dark lips cream is extremely worth buying. It has made my lips so beautiful and pink that I would highly recommend this. Good luck.”
  16. Latisa dark lips cream is extremely worth buying it has made my lips so beautiful and pink I would highly recommend this good luck

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