Laetitia is an efficient and safe lightening cream for lips, which quickly lightens the color of the lips. For perfect lip care, people residing in many parts of Asia, like Indians and Filipinos, use Laetitia to lighten dark lips.

Like the Asian countries, Laetitia lip lightening cream is among the majorly important products worldwide for restoring and lightening lips. It eliminates not only the dark shade but also the dark spots on the lips. You will get rosy pink lips by using this lip cream, as it constitutes of various natural elements, which effectively take care of extreme pigmentation of the lips.

There are many lip lighteners in the market, but they do not work all the time, with everyone, mainly because they do not have the right component. In your kitchen, too, you may find many ingredients that you may feel would lighten your lips.You may even have used them for getting pink lips.

However, the products that you see in the market merely make lips silky soft and hydrated. These products may require a long period to make your lips lighter. You require something that will eliminate the dark shade of your lips in a shorter time.

Laetitia reduces those dark spots and pigmentation and restores pink lips.

Let’s See What Laetitia Is!

Laetitia is an efficient and safe lip lightening cream, which is a perfect lip care solution. It is a registered formula for treating darker lips. Laetitia is fashioned to make lips paler. It constitutes of anti-pigmenting ingredients which are effective in getting rid of melanin. You will experience lighter lips within just four weeks after using it. Laetitia is a Filipino product. Several 21 days fade cream reviews laud Laetitia’s quick action; read on to know more.

Substitute Names

  • Formerly named Dr. Joson Dark Lips Cream
  • Latisha/ Laetitia Dark Lips Cream

Using Laetitia Cream.

Use Laetitia once to thrice a day. Applying it in the morning, in the afternoon and at night will eliminate pigmentation and give you beautiful lips. Initially, you ma experience a tad tingling sensation, but do not be bothered as it only means that Laetitia is working. It hinders in the production of melanin and removes pigmentation from the lips.

Avoiding the usage of lip balms for the initial week is recommended.

Elements Used in Laetitia.

Laetitia comprises of certain essential ingredients that actively help in putting Laetitia together. These ingredients are primarily in charge to restore the pink colour of lips. Laetitia does not comprise of any unsafe substances, like hydroquinone, mercury, or steroids. Hence, Laetitia is not dangerous for treating dark lips. Check out all the elements below:

  • Licorice Extract: Ayurveda and different medicinal corporations belonging to Asia use licorice to create several medicines for the treatment of skin diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis. Slowly, numerous cosmetic and makeup companies began using licorice extracts to create several natural and herbal skin lighteners. Licorice is used as a substitute for the unsafe hydroquinone by them. Licorice contains a chemical called Glabridin. It protects the skin from getting darkened by too much exposure to the sun by harmonizing cells in the skin and hindering the production of melanin. Hence, licorice is used as a lightener from a long time. Licorice eliminates fine lines, dark circles and spots caused due to wound breakout. Licorice consists of a substance, called licochalcone, which, along with lightening the skin, controls oil. Hence, licorice is a brilliant cure for oily skin or acnes or skin lightening.
  • Kojic Acid: Researches show Kojic acid is quite useful in hindering melanin’s formulation. Kojic acid is a result of fermented malting rice in producing a wine called sake, made in Japan. It can also be taken from fungi such as mushrooms.
  • Alpha Arbutin: It can be taken from leaves of barberry, blueberry shrubs, mulberry, and cranberry. It is present in pears, too. According to a study, Alpha Arbutin is a useful skin lightener. Its properties cause hindrance in the production of melanin. They lighten skin by removing pigmentation from it. It composes of beta and alpha. The alpha is a good convention for lightening skin.

Click here to read in detail regarding the elements of Laetitia lip cream, and learn about why and how it is a perfect lip care solution.

When Do You Need Laetitia?

If you have dark, brown or black lips, then Laetitia is the cream for you. It eliminates the pigmentation causing agent melanin from lips and restores rosy pink lips.

Laetitia lips cream is suitable for both women and men over the age of 12 years. Helena, my cousin, acquired lighter lips in only 14 days. She’s extremely pleased with her pink pout, now.

What Makes Laetitia Cream So Famous?

  • Unsafe substances such as hydroquinone, mercury, and steroids are not used.
  • Certified and verified for dark lips.
  • Safe ingredients are used.
  • Better absorption meant for more effectiveness.
  • Eliminates pigmentation due to melanin from the lips.
  • Makes your lips lively and soft.
  • Aims at the dark specks and eliminates them

Lighter Lips and Refund Guaranteed.

In just four weeks, Laetitia lip lightening cream shall eliminate the darker shade of your lips. Should you not find the desired results, you shall receive a sixty-day refund guaranteed.

Some Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Can you find Laetitia outside the US?

Yes, it’s easily obtainable all over the globe.

  • How can you make the payments?

Laetitia Corporation lets you make payments with all main cards, Western Union, PayPal, eCheck and Wire Transfer.

  • How do I pay for the shipping?

The standard shipping costs $5, and speed shipping costs $17.

  • In how much time will I get my Laetitia?

For the standard delivery, it requires 15 to 21 days, and for the speed delivery, it takes 9 to 14 days.

  • When will I get the results?

The results depend upon the nature of darkness.

For black lips: 30 days.

For extremely dark lips: 60-90 days.

For dark brown lips: 90-120 days.

For medium brown lips: 120-180 days.

Is It Possible To Send The Product Back?

Laetitia Corporation gives back your money after subtracting the shipping cost (unused/used) after sixty days of the date of delivery if you have bought it for the first time. Reorders and wholesale orders will not get their money back. For multiple orders belonging to the same residence, simply the first one will receive a refund in sixty days.

Side Effects of Laetitia Cream.

After using Laetitia lip lightener, no one has come across any side effects or danger till now. However, a few users shared their experience while applying the cream, with us.

  • It is costlier than other lip lighters as it comes in a small container.
  • After some minutes of application, it might make lips drier and leave ash like sensation on the lips.
  • You require using a quality moisturizer containing SPF shield to protect your lips as Laetitia cream does not protect or soften the lips.
  • For chapped lips, Laetitia works more efficiently.
  • If not stored in the refrigerator, Laetitia will start smelling bad and look unsightly.
  • In humidity or heat, your lips may become sticky, watered-down or runny.
  • One may even sense a rich flavor in one’s mouth or observe a few sores near the crook of one’s mouth.

Reviews on Laetitia Cream.

I am posting a few 21-days fade cream reviews written by Laetitia’s customers. Read on to know about their experiences with Laetitia.

  1. Cynthia says, “I have fair skin, but my lips are dark. I used many things, like SPF lip balm, lemon juice and much more. But, nothing worked well to make my lips pink. At last, I found Laetitia Dark Lips Cream from my cousin who lives in India. She got bright lips using it. She suggested me to apply Laetitia. So, I believed in her and ordered one. I started to use twice a day- at night and at morning. After 2 weeks, I noticed the dark outer layer of my lips peeling off. So, the lips looked bloody. I carried on up to 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, I was astonished to see my lips. My lips are now dazzling, healthy and red.”
  2. Catherine says, “The corners of my lips were dark. I ate lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I used tomato juice on my lips. I also applied Ferrous sulfate. But, all the things were vain. I was very upset. Anyway, I searched over the internet to find ways to lighten dark lips. Then, I got suggested to use Laetitia Dark Lips Cream. I believed and bought one container. After finishing the cup, I noticed my lips started to become red. Then, I bought the 2nd bottle. After completing the 2nd one, I was entirely happy with my red pout.”
  3. John says, “I have got black lips from my childhood. Again, after becoming an adult, I am accustomed to smoking. So, my lips became darker. I applied the lemon juice as it is a natural bleaching agent. It just made my lips soft and supple. , It seemed my lips are slightly bright. But, actually not. So, I started to search the best way to lighten my lips. Eventually, I was known to Laetitia Dark Lips Cream. I used it for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, I saw my lips are starting to pink. Then, I decided to use more containers. Totally, I used 7 bottles. Finally, I was able to enjoy pink and bright lips.”

You must verify and authenticate Laetitia’s performance in eliminating darkness of the lips, before buying it. I have included 16 reviews more reviews by the customers for helping you with your purchase.

How To Buy Laetitia Cream.

Laetitia cream is only available online across the world, as it is not sold in any cosmetic or medicine stores. Check out the prices below:

  • Price for one quantity shall be $47.95 with a standard shipping of $5.
  • Price for two quantities shall be $67.95 with a standard shipping of $5.
  • Price for three quantities shall be $97.95 with a standard shipping of $5.

You may purchase Laetitia Cream here.

I’m eager to know how your experience with the Laetitia Cream turns out to be; so keep those comments coming.