It ‘s hard to express your beauty if you have dark lips. You might have dark lips either from your birth or some bad habits which have created your dark lips, like smoking for example. It is, of course, possible to go for lightening of dark lips. This could be done simply by keeping to certain healthy habits, use certain lip lightening creams and undergo home remedies and homemade tips for pink lips.

Individuals with dark lips always want to brighten them. There are a lot of girls who love their pink and sensuous lips. They might feel anxious and develop low self-esteem if they have dark lips. The men of today also want to have bright lips. So here are three good and easy ways you can make your lips light.

Useful Lip care home remedies for dark lips

The following consists of 8 home remedies, current rules for lip lightening and descriptions of two creams and an exposition of laser cure for dark lips. Here are the steps.

#1:  Use sugar657756-sugar-lips-photo

Sugar is a very effective home remedy that cures dark lips. It helps to exfoliate lips and brush off the dry or dead skin from the lips. It genuinely brightens the lips. To exfoliate with sugar, take one teaspoon sugar and mix with two tablespoons of honey. Use this mixture to scrub your lips for 3 minutes. You can either do it in the morning or by night. Make sure not to follow this great lip lightening therapy more than once a week.

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#2:  Lemontumblr_o9iwu9ighh1uztsk3o1_1280

Lemon is an excellent bleaching agent that will remove all dry cells, dirt and bacteria from your lips. Sprinkle some sugar on a slice of lemon and pat your lips gently with it for 3 minutes. Do it every day for four weeks, and the pigmentation of lips will get reduced. So, use lemon to lighten lips

#3:  Pomegranate

Pomegranate is an excellent reliever of dead skin cells, and one of the dependable natural ways to lighten dark lips. Another benefit is that it leaves a red tint on the lips for a short while. To make a pomegranate poultice, crush some pomegranate seeds and mix it with a little milk. Then apply carefully onto the lips for three minutes and then cleanse off with a face tissue. Do this continuously for four months.

#4:  Rose petalsrose-petals-lips

Rose petals are an excellent source of treatment for dark lips and make for one of the home remedies for skin lightening fast. They work simultaneously as a moisturizer, smoother, cooler. You will achieve a rosy shade on your lips after this treatment. To make a mix, smash some rose petals and make a mixture with milk. Pat this on to the surface of your lips for three minutes. You can continue doing this while outside. It will leave your lips with a rosy tinge as a natural lip lightener alternative to permanent lip coloring.

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#5:  Use beetroot

Beetroot is one of the excellent ways to lighten lips, as it acts like a bleacher. This natural remedy for black lips removes dead skin cells from the lips and leaves them with a rosy shade. To use this remedy, leave beetroot juice on the lips for the entire night and cleanse it off in the morning. The skin will absorb the beetroot, and in the morning your lips side will look rosy and pink.

#6:  Olive oilimg_8069

Olive oil contains nutrients that can lighten dark lips naturally and can make them look healthy and soft. Before you go to bed, massage olive oil onto your lips. Continue the remedy for three months to reduce pigmentation on lips.

#7:  Cucumberuxoqjb2exljim5gtym5o

Cucumber is excellent for skin whitening, and especially for removing dark circles beneath the eyes. Rub a slice of cucumber on your lips for 5 minutes to erase the blackness from your lips. Continue regularly for a few months. It’s the perfect lip scrub to lighten lips.

#8:  Honey

If you’re wondering how to lighten lips fast, opt for honey. Honey is incredibly rich in moisturizing properties. It leaves the skin soft, moisturized and healthy looking. Massage honey on your lips and keep it on throughout the night. While brushing in the morning, pats your lips down with your toothbrush. It will greatly help in achieving green, pink lips.

#9:  Healthy habits to lighten dark lips

Aside from all these natural remedies, there are certain unhealthy habits you will have to quit to get healthy looking lips. These are:

  • Avoid smoking, which is the chief cause of dark lips. Take a look at how to remove darkness from smoking. If you can’t figure out how read Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking. It is an excellent book to understand how to avoid smoking. It has sold thirteen million copies around the world.
  • Avoid having more than 3 cups of tea or coffee in a day
  • Make sure you sleep 8 hours in a day
  • Don’t use cheap and expired cosmetics
  • Buy branded and expensive lip cosmetics with natural ingredients only
  • Drink at least ten glasses of water each day to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Take off your makeup every night before going to bed.
  • Avoid going out in the strong sun to prevent UV ray damage. Use a protective lip balm
  • Wear a scarf to protect your face in winter
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Take good care of your lips. Your lip color depends on the amount you take care of them. Take a glance at how to take care of your lips daily at home to get fuller lips where I describe the steps to fuller lips.

2 Fantastic Creams for lip lightening

There are some excellent lip care creams. Here, we recommend the two which are the best for their natural ingredients and healing properties.     They are very active for lip lightening treatment. These are:

#1:  Laetitia lip cream

It is the best product to lighten dark lips. This product comes from the Philippines. It’s unique formula, with Azelaic Acid, Kojic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Tretinoin, and Arbutin helps to rejuvenate the skin and make it fresh. It will lighten your skin within four weeks.

#2:  Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream

It is the best cream for lip pigmentation treatment in India. It was made by Dr. Khurana and others from his team. Lip Lite is excellent for taking care of hyperpigmentation and excess melanin problems. Sunlight causes the formation of melanin which darkens the lips.

If you have congenital dark lips, you can get laser lip treatment. Laser treatment for lips is, of course, more expensive, but there is no another option if your lips are naturally dark. Consult a lip dermatologist before undergoing laser lip surgery on lips.

Finally, follow the instructions carefully to lighten your lips. Use natural remedies, and if they do not help use the creams suggested above. However, we are sure your dark lip problem will be solved by natural remedies. Got some tips to lighten dark lips, and suggestions of your own; I’d love to know them, so please post in your comments.