How will you lighten dark lips? It’s easy—make sure you keep lips moisturized and lighten the lip shade of your lipstick. Thus your dark lips end up looking bright and beautiful. Besides this, you might also want to undertake these home remedies for bright lips.

It is slightly difficult to lighten dark lips as the color of your lips depends upon your skin tone. So, it might be a little harsh to lessen the darkening. However, it is extremely convenient to get light colored lips by you being aware of how to take care of them. To get beautiful red or pink lips, you have to know why your lips are dark. The problem will be solved when you have understood the reasons.

There are several ways you can take good care of lips, for example, domestic remedies, removing unhealthy habits which are the causes of dark lips (like smoking), daily lip care, real products for bright lips, and finally, treatment for bright lips (laser lip brightening).

How will you take care of dark lips?

It is better to use natural remedies because they are more beneficent and safe for applying on the skin. Also, they do not have any side effects. You might also want to use the numerous creams available for dark lips.

Now let’s see how to take care of dark and black lips.

#1:  Exfoliate to remove unhealthy dry skinhealthyhappened-dry-skin-brushing-5

One product you might want to use for this is Sara Happ Lip Scrub. It cleans off the dried skin, dirt and impurities from your lips, leaving them looking clean, soft and magnificent. Sometimes, it is the dehydrated skin and dirt which makes skin look dark. Another important way is to rub your skin gently using a toothbrush (preferably yours). It is also an excellent way of cleaning out the dirt and dead skin. Another remedy is to use a natural exfoliator. A paste should be made using honey and sugar. Massage it onto your lips and keep it on all night. In the morning first, your lips ought to be gently massaged and then wash it off. It is an excellent cleanser for your lips. Lip exfoliation should be carried out only two times or less in one week.

#2:  Effective lip cosmeticscosmetic_tattoo_eyebrows_lips_eyeliner_australia_sydney_brisbane_3It is really important to buy products that will suit your lips. Not all cosmetics would be good for your sensitive skin. Make sure you buy the products comprising natural ingredients. Also take into the account the product cost. Cheaper products are bad for your lips. It is important to buy the branded products.

You might want to consider the most popular lip care products.

#3:  Massage your lips wellwaxing-face-waxing-at-massage-blissUsing ice cubes to massage lips one time in a day, preferable nighttime is another way of lightening dark lips. Ice cubes are very beneficial as they actually remove the surface dirt off your lips. Most importantly, it helps to increase blood circulation inside the lips which give them their reddish color. It contributes to keep the lips fresh and succulent through hydration.

#4:  Protect your lips against tanningmaxresdefault-10

Protecting your lips from the harmful rays of the sun is important because the sun tans the skin, and slowly makes your skin pigmented, and might also cause hyperpigmentation in certain cases when the tanning is prolonged. You can apply the Eltamd sunscreen when you go out into the sunlight.

#5:  Abstain from smoking4360451-girls_models_models_a_angelina_jolie_smoke_cigarettes_012434_

Smoking has a appalling effect on lips as even bright lips are darkened by it. It also dehydrates the lips. In important cases, lips get dark or black spots due to smoking which looks terrible. Try to quit smoking. Give this a read—Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking if you find it difficult to stop smoking.

#6:  Cut down on consumption of hot beverages—like coffee, tea or hot foodf3ddaae8d43625158c28b7841cea3c81

Caffeine sources like coffee and tea and hot food might also cause dark lips. If your intake of coffee or tea per day is 5 cups or more, your skin will turn brown in no time. Try to drink 3 cups or less of tea and coffee per day.

#7:  Increase your intake of water

Dehydration is a cause for dry or chapped lips. If you don’t want your lips to be dehydrated, then drink enough quantity of water, at least eight glasses per day. This will ensure that dehydration doesn’t hurt your lips.

#8:  Take off your make-up every night

It is easy to feel tired after a long day’s work. This might make you not want to take your make-up off. However, this is crucial. The longer your lipstick stays on, the darker your lips will become. So, make sure you remove lip make-up and not allow it to remain on the whole night. Neutrogena Remover is extremely useful to remove stuff from the lip.

#9:  Apply juice of lemonnatural-lip-care-home-remedies-dark-lips-treatment11

Lemon is a beautiful skin bleach. Apply juice of a lemon on your lips and massage gently for five minutes two times in a day. Lemon can disintegrate black patches and make them slowly fade away.

#10:  Mind the weather

In conditions where the weather is cold, and the wind is warm, the skin turns dark which might become a permanent phenomenon. Try to keep your lips protected from this kind of climate. Wear a scarf or covering to protect yourself from rough weather. Don’t forget to apply SPF sunscreen before going out in the sun.

#11:  Try not to lick lips1222327880

A lot of people have a habit of sucking at or licking their lips, particularly when lips are felt dry by them. It is bad to do so, and it causes the lips to become dark and dry. You should always have a coconut lip balm to apply under dry conditions.

#12:  Don’t breathe from your mouth

#13:  Apply Laetitia

It is among the best and most useful products for dark and black lips. It is easy to lighten your lips through Laetitia, which is comprised of certain wonderful nutrients. It can lighten your dark lips within four weeks.

#14:  Apply rose petals

Rose petals can be a wonderful source of daily lip care. Crush few rose petals, put some honey in it. Gently massage your lips with it for about three minutes. Now keep it on for half an hour. It will make your lips wonderfully red and bright. To get more information, read how to get pink lips with rose petals.

That’s all about daily lip care for dark and black lips. The very crucial pointers are: quit smoking, lessen your intake of caffeine, use organic products and expensive and branded products, don’t allow the lipstick to stay on your face, massage with rose petals to have beautiful lips. That’s it; am sure you liked the guide, and have your comments ready, so please post your thoughts, lip and I’ll respond for sure.