Pigmentation of lips is one problem suffered by too many females in India. We have tried so many commodities and home remedies to make our pigmentation go away but to no avail. Since we have tried so many home remedies, we have kind of become experts now and know that it requires a lot of time and efforts to succeed in getting natural pink lips. So, to ease our pain, Dr. Khurana has discovered India’s first lip lightening cream called, “Lip Lites Lip Lightening Cream” for dark lips. It makes your lips smoother instantly, protects from the sun, moisturizes your lips and is non-sticky.

Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream is first of its kind and is the leading lip lightening cream in India. It’s the brainchild of Dr. Khurana, who gives utmost importance in the making of a perfect lip lightening cream, targeted especially, towards us, Indian women because he understands our problem of not being blessed with those perfectly colored, rosy pink lips. Dr. Khurana has created Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream to easily get lightened lips, not only for women but also for men, who also, like us, face the issue of having dark colored lips. His product not only gives us access to pigment free lips but also ensures that your lips remain smooth, hydrated, moisturized and sun protected.

The Beginning of Lip Lite Cream for Lip Lightening:

In a matter of speaking, lips are that part of your body which is exposed the most to the sun, air, pollution, etc. It’s that part of our body which we do not take care of. Not only dust, but also drinking hot drinks like tea or coffee and smoking can cause darker lips. Another major factor which causes our lips to turn darker is that most of our lips’ products such as lipsticks, lip balms, lip glosses, and creams are greasy and sticky, resulting in fat, creamy lips. So, when we come in contact with smoke, dust, and pollution, lips instantly turn grayish or brown due to the dust getting stuck on them. We can try home remedies to avoid darker lips, but getting results require a lot of patience. Hence, researchers are seeking a solution for the same. Dr. Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream is a unique formula for solving the single Indian problem of darker lips.

Brief about Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream:

  • Lightens dark lips.
  • Lightens dark lips caused due to smoking.
  • Complete care for your lips.
  • Protects from harmful UV rays.
  • Removes pigmentation of the lips.
  • Moisturizes the lips.
  • Softens the lips instantly.
  • Non-sticky, thus, could be applied before applying lipsticks or lip glosses.
  • An Indian product.
  • Smart packaging.
  • Easily available on Amazon.

Getting instant pink lips is easier than ever now – Here’s how it works


Melanin is a pigmentation that turns your lips from pink to a darker shade. Products like Lipsense and Lip Lite work against pigmentation, dust, and pollution. After using these, you will see that your lips have turned rosy. If your beautiful lips are more pigmented than usual, you may even require more of these. Follow the below steps to protect them:

Lightening Darker Lips: Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream is a pigmentation lightening cream that both men and women can use on their dark, dry and chapped lips. It works just like our lip moisturizing home remedy, leaving us with natural looking pink lips. Apply this cream for six weeks to get lightened lips. If you experience unusually darker lips, then you might have to use more than one tube.

Prevent Exposure: Usually, we believe that the sun does not affect our lips, but little do we know that even the slightest exposure can influence the color of our lips, make them dry and lifeless. Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream is UV protected.

Moisturize: Unlike our body, our lips do not possess the glands that can naturally moisturize them or keep them hydrated. Vitamin B deficiency in our body makes our lips dry. Since our lips are more sensitive than our skin, they easily get affected by even a little dust or pollution. Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream, unlike chapsticks that make our lips dry, is a long-lasting moisturizing cream for our lips.

Grease Free: As mentioned earlier, applying creamy and sticky glycerin lip balms can make our lips darker, if exposed to pollution, especially in a highly polluted country like India. Hence, say no to grease. Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream is the first non-sticky, non-greasy lip care solution discovered by Dr. Khurana.

How to put on Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream:

Test a tad portion of Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream somewhere on your body, before applying it on the lips, directly. Gently massage and leave it on for 24 hours. Should you feel irritation or find redness, cease the usage, immediately.

As you usually put on your regular lip balm, apply Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream two times a day for better, faster and desired results. Use it in the morning and before sleeping. Take a little portion of the cream and gently massage it over your pigmented lips and get pinker, rosier lips in just six weeks. In the case of irritation, wash it off and cease its usage, immediately.  For unusually pigmented lips, use more than two tubes of Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream.

During Application:

During use, you might feel you are applying clarified butter (Ghee). It may even taste a little odd and a bit sticky at first, but later, you would smell a sweet fragrance coming from it. You might experience a tad bit of itchiness should you have brownish or blue colored lips. It is a remedy for chronic dry, dull and dark lips. Be careful while using it.

Reviews From Customers

Read some genuine customer reviews.


Just awesome

It works wonders…I found this much more efficient than every other cream out there in same price bracket…better than Olivia, vaseline Himalaya, really Maybelline baby lips, etc

. just great.
Worth a try…

Vishal Narsian

Fantastic Product

I simply love this product nice to use and it helps me protect my lips. It is also reasonably priced compared to any other beauty product.



Its amazing product.. Must try…. I had tried many branded products but now this time I got this product… i can bet that not a single product work like it… it’s amazing… within 2 days you will see its result.

nishi mundra

Just grab yours


There you have it; we believe it’s the best lip lightener available in India; people from all age groups rely on this product to make their lips pinker, more natural, and more beautiful. Also, we would love to hear from you about your experiences with this product or any other similar product. Comment below to let us know.