Selecting a perfect color lipstick for dull and dark lips can be a slightly complicated process. People with a fair skin tone can carry off almost all colors, but individuals who have a darker skin tone need to finalize on a lipstick after ensuring that the lipstick shade they choose matches well with their dark lips.

Indian women, in particular, have an extremely tough time finding the ideal shade of lipstick to whiten your dark, dull and dry lips. You often wonder “Which Lipstick Shade is Right For Me”, right? No wonders, even the simple pink shade has variants like matte, bright, glossy, dark, peach, and deep pink. This product list of fabulous lipsticks for dull skin tone that I have thoroughly researched should solve your persistent problem.

The Perfect Shade Of Lipstick For A Woman With A Dark Skin Tone

You don’t need to stress about finding yourself the perfect lip colours. My list of 19 leading lipsticks that are best suited for dull lips will resolve all your cosmetic issues. Choose one product from this well-researched list and use it stress free.

#1:  In color Metalic Lipstick, Dark Pink Magentagallery-1430415333-hbz-charting-pink-lipstick-00-index

In color Metallic Lipstick is a fabulous lip product that is ideal for dark skin tone and dull lips. A single lipstick of this product is brimming with 3.8 grams of gist material. The hydrating feature of this lipstick keeps the user’s lips healthy. The deep magenta lipstick shade for tan, brown, or dusky skin lips makes them a hot favourite. Some additional features and benefits of this product include:

  • In color Metallic Lipstick for big lips comprises of 3.8 grams of gist material
  • The hydrating properties keep the lips healthy
  • Makes your lips smooth and perfect
  • Provides lasting moisture for dry and damaged lips
  • The matte finish of this product gives the perfect tint to the lips

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#2:  In color Metalic Lipstick, Dark Red


This dark red shade girl lipstick for big black lips is a downright winner in its category. The unique hydrating formula and top quality ingredients in this product are highly effective. This lipstick makes the user’s lips healthy and tender. The glossy finish of this lipstick lasts all through the day and adds a gorgeous red tint to your lips, making them look incredible.

  • Like several other Incolor Metallic lip products, this lipstick too has 3.8 grams of gist material
  • The hydrating properties make the lips healthy
  • Leaving a lasting and fantastic impression
  • The perfect product to keep dark and dull lips moisturised
  • Deep red colour
  • Gives a beautiful gloss like tint on the lips
  • Lasts all day

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#3:  Essence Long Lasting Lipstick, Adorable Matte Dark Pink27c17b2decf897310bfe93ef7203c2e6

Essence Long Lasting is a super useful lip product that is best suited for dull lips and people who have a darker skin tone. It is one of the best bright pink lipsticks. One use of this product is enough for you to be hooked. Your dark lips will be completely covered with a stunning deep pink shade. This deep pink lipstick hydrates dry lips making them kissable. No wonders, this one enjoys best pink shade lipstick reviews. Some additional features of this product are:

  • Breathtaking dark pink color with a matte finish
  • Matte finish that looks creamy
  • Last for several hours
  • Available in a wide range of shades

#4:  In color Metalic Lipstick, Dark Peach57b26a15d45199329c7fd30cb0d9e894

Most lipsticks shade from In Metallic color suits dark skins. In color Metallic’s dark peach lipstick hydrates and moisturizes the lips perfectly, making them lighter. Additionally the peach lipstick, dark skin combination goes brilliantly. The long lasting formula of this incredible peach Color lipstick keeps the lips smooth and tender for hours on end. Some additional features:

  • Contains 3.8 grams of gist material
  • The hydrating properties make the lips healthy
  • Vibrant and eye-catching color appears on the lips
  • Keeps the lips moisturized for long periods of time
  • Fabulous peach shades that make the lips beautiful
  • Gives a lovely tint on the lips

#5:  Swiss Beauty Lipstick, Dark Orangel29Swiss Beauty is an incredible lipstick that looks stunning on dull lips. The unique ingredients in this product ensure that your lips get the necessary nourishment that they require. It keeps the lips healthy and fabulous. Swiss Beauty is guaranteed to reduce the darkness on the user’s lips.

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#6:  Fran Wilson Moodmatcher MM-DKBLU, Dark Bluetbewitch

Fran Wilson Moodmatcher is the perfect lipstick for people who have a dark skin tone or even suffer from dark and dull lips. The dark pink color lipstick from this collection is particularly lovely and perfect for dull skin. Here are a few reasons why this product is perfect for your ebony lips:

  • Lasts for up to 12 hours. The color does not fade quickly
  • The lipstick camouflages and then matches the skin color of the user correctly
  • Brimming with a natural ingredient such as Vitamin E, natural moisturizers, and Aloe Vera, making it safe to use and guaranteeing healthy lips.

#7:  Coloressence Spring Wine, Dark Reddscn2232-1024x768Brimming with top quality ingredients such as Jojoba oil, licorice extracts and also bursting with Vitamin E, Coloressence Spring Wine gives your lips the necessary nourishment. This brick red lipstick shade is stunning and the deep shade of this lipstick on big lips gives a stunning impact. Coloressence Spring Wine makes the lips healthy. Some additional features of this lip product are:

  • Full of natural extracts such as licorice extracts Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil.
  • Makes the lips tender and smooth
  • Immaculate looking finish
  • Bright, glossy and captivating look
  • An attractive deep red color

#8:  Ivovi Lipstick Professional Makeup Collection, Dark Pinkimg_3958-copy

Ivovi Lipstick is a widely used professional lip product that is perfect for dark lips. It can be utilized for social functions and events. Giving your dark lips a vibrant pink shade, it is a highly recommended.

#9:  Colorlife Cllonglastingp4gm506, Dark Red3

Colorlife is an incredibly popular lipstick amongst women who suffer from dark lips. Filled with enriching and hydrating agents, it is a vegetarian product. Additionally, the red lipsticks for big lips combinations also go very well. If you are looking for a deeper red shade and wondering how to darken red lipstick, you can just add a layer of a dark shaded gloss over the lips once you have applied the lipstick.

#10: Maybelline Bold Matte by Color Sensational Lip Colormaxresdefault-5

Maybelline Bold Matte is an excellent lip product that hydrates the user’s lips completely. Maybelline’s matte pink lipstick shades are also breathtaking for brown skin. Available in numerous lipstick shades, Maybelline products have always acquired the best lipstick reviews. Some additional features and benefits of this Maybelline matte lipstick shade for dark skinned women are:

  • Matte finish with excellent hydrating properties
  • Moisturizing properties that make the healthy
  • Aid in reducing pigmentation of dull lips
  • Fabulous and vibrant color
  • Velvet like finish that makes the lips look stunning
  • Matte lip shade
  • matte number 1 shade

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#11: Lakme 9 to 5 Matte Lip Color (Red Coat – R1)lakme-9-to-5-lipstick-review-photo

Incredibly popular amongst Indian women as well as girls, 9 to 5 Matte Lip color has been specially created for women who have a darker skin tone and dull lips. It’s regarded among the best Lakme lipstick shades in pink for Indian girls, especially among Lakme’s dark pink and peach shade lip colors. The natural ingredients in this product such as wheat germ oil as well as Vitamin E guarantee soft and healthy lips. Some additional features and benefits of this product are:

  • The natural wheat germ oil and other ingredients and the Vitamin E properties in this lip product make the user’s lips very healthy and pink
  • The lips get hydrated and become extremely healthy
  • The color formula of this lip product is long lasting and efficient
  • Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick pink shade price in India is reasonable.

#12:  Blue Heaven MTV MUAH LP 11, Cherry Redpomada6

Blue Heaven Lipstick is an incredible lipstick that works wonders on dark skin tone as well as dull and dry lips. The top quality and natural remedies in this product make the user’s lips healthy and rosy. Some of these ingredients include acetylated lanolin, castor oil, Calcium/Sodium Borosilicate, etc. You can enjoy kissable lips along with complete sun protection by applying this lip product regularly. It is one of the best dark red matte lipsticks.

#13:  L’oreal Paris Collection Star by Blake Livelyloreal-blake-lively2

The L’Oreal Paris Collection star will give your lips a fabulous appeal. With all the necessary qualities to moisturize and hydrate dark lips, the beautiful red color of this product will make you the perfect pout. L’Oreal Lipstick shades in India are available in abundance. The L’Oreal lipstick shades with Indian price can be found online

#14:  Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color, Brick Redmaxresdefault-6

Natural ingredients in this lip product like basil extracts, as well as coriander, protect and preserve the quality of your lips. In addition to these components, the SPF15 protects the user’s lips from the sun. The majestic deep red color of Mesmerising Lip Color make the lips look stunning. Additional features of this product include:

#15:  Lotus Herbals Pure Lip Color, Coral Rose – 616collection-lasting-colour-vintage-rose-lipstick-swatch-3

The two main ingredients of this vegetarian lip product include Jojoba as well as Aloe Vera. Popularly used for home remedies too, these herbal and natural ingredients in this lipstick make dull lips healthy and is suitable for all types of lips. The lipstick keeps the lips moist and hydrated. The long lasting formula of Lotus Herbals Pure Lip Color keeps the lips tender.

#16:  Big Zee Compact Lip Color Palette, Multicolorp5073730-loreal-colour-riche-la-palette-lip

Big Zee Compact is an extremely popular lipstick amongst Indian women. Most often worn to work the container of this lipstick is convenient to carry and is the perfect travel companion. Big Zee has the perfect lipstick shades for a dark skin. Some additional features of this product include:

  • Daily wear product
  • Easy to carry and convenient travel partner
  • Range of shades available
  • Have multiple finishes including shimmery, creamy matte and glossy
  • Lasts for long periods of time
  • Velvety texture
  • Fabulous orange scent and flavor
  • Available in an ideal gift pack

#17:  Blue Heaven MTV MUAH LP 13, Pure Pinkimg_4664

Blue Heaven MTV is an incredible lipstick that is best suited for people who have dark, dull and dry lips. Filled with certain natural ingredients such as castor oil and Pigment N Pearls this lip product makes the lips healthy. It also contains essential vitamins required by the lips. It provides the lips protection from the rays of the sun.

#18:  L’oreal Paris Collection Starmaxresdefault-7

Has a variety of shades. Some of the other shades include a beautiful peach pink shade lipstick for dark skin. The glossy pink lipsticks from this brand are stunning.

One fine collection is available on Amazon.

#19:  Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hr Lipstick, Keep Me Coral – 055maxresdefault-8

Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hr Lipstick – Keep me coral is the perfect lipstick shade for brown skin.

Hope you have found yourself the perfect lipstick shades for dark Indian skin tone and dull lips. Purchase your favorite one today from your local cosmetics store. Besides the above-mentioned lipsticks, you may also want to consider buying Vol lipstick shades. Each and every one of these lipsticks will keep your lips looking healthy. If you enjoyed this article, please leave your comments and suggestions in our comments box.