If you have dark, dull, black or dry lips, you must be extra careful when you’re purchasing a new lipstick for yourself. Dark skin tones have a unique texture, and not all lip colors suit such skin. It can be an incredibly difficult ordeal purchasing the perfect shade of lipstick for people with dark skin and lips. But to make matters simple I have created this well-researched list of top lipsticks that are best suited for dark and dull lips.

Lipsticks that are specially made for dark lips can be purchased at cosmetics stores or several eCommerce websites. But selecting the correct shade that suits your lips requires diligent care because a wrong shade of lipstick can give your lips a very unappealing look. In addition to choosing the right shade of lipstick, people who have dark lips need to take proper and regular care of their lips. Although it may seem, It isn’t an uphill task to nourish and look after your lips. You can resort to homemade or natural remedies or certain kind of lipsticks to give your dull and  dark lips the extra care they require. Before you make the final selection of the right lipstick for your skin tone, make sure you thoroughly research all the available options. Remember, only the perfect lip color will make transform your lips and make them look fabulous and lustrous. Brace up, here’s all you need to know about best fuschia lipstick for dark skin, all mood lipstick colors for all kinds of lips, and top dark lipstick tips.

Unfortunately people who have dark lips do not enjoy the pleasure of wearing all kinds of colored lipsticks. There are several colors that don’t suit dark lips the way they would suit fair and pink lips. Read through this article “Lipstick Shades for Dark Lips”. It will assist you in selecting a lip color that best suits your dull skin tones.

#1: NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick Sirenlifestajler-ines-perkovic-nxy-soft-lip-matte-cream-moscow-swatch

NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick Siren is a fabulous lipstick. NYX Siren matte lipstick makes your lips tender and keeps them soft throughout the day. The shade of this lipstick is best suited for dark shade lips. The entirely natural flavor of this lipstick can be felt all day long. Some additional and noteworthy features of this product are:

  • A feeling that lasts all throughout the day
  • Easy to apply, long lasting and has a beautiful color with a matte, non-greasy finish
  • Filled with top quality ingredients, the lipstick adds a gorgeous Color to the lips.

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#2:  Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color 965 Cherry Pickingwet-n-wild-megalast-lipstick-965-cherry-picking-review-swatch-2bMade with pure cherry ingredients, this lip product gives the user’s lips a deep cherry red color. In addition to an aesthetic appeal, Wet n Wild Lipstick for Dark Skin moisturizes and hydrates the lips and protects them from becoming dull, dark and dry.  It is one of the best fuchsia lipsticks for dark skin

  • color stays on for 4 hours
  • This matte finish lip product gives a creamy but nongreasy look
  • The dark red color has a velvet like appeal
  • Easy to apply and the product does not include feather or cake or even bleed.

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#3:  L’Oreal Paris color Riche Lip Balm, Nourishing Nudemaxresdefault-3

This particular lipstick was created by L’Oreal with the sole intention of keeping the user’s lips moisturized and hydrated. Dehydrated lips tend to become dull, dark and extremely dry. With a long lasting formula, this product stays on for more than 8 hours. This product makes the user’s lips healthy, tender and supple. Some additional benefits of this product include:

  • Long lasting color that stays on for well over 8 hours
  • Makes the user’s lips healthy and smooth
  • Gives long lasting hydration to the lips, making the lips supple and soft
  • Hydrating and moisturizing gorgeous lip color

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#4:  Maybelline New York Baby Lips Moisturising Lip Balm, Pink Punchbaby-lips-balm-image3-iphone-case-1x1

Women who are constantly exposed to the harsh and harmful rays of the sun have more of a probability of suffering from black and dark lips. This particular lipstick has been designed with the sole intention of protecting the user’s lips from damaging sun exposure and thereby preventing darkness of the lips. Some additional features in this lipstick are:

  • Lip renewal along with an 8-hour moisturizing guarantee
  • Proven to give adequate protection
  • SPF 20 to protect your lips from damaging rays of the sun
  • A lovely pink shade that looks fabulous

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#5:  Like Crime Unicorn Lipstick – Glamour1016552085885_a74a6f5b86_o

Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick- Glamour101 is an excellent lipstick that guarantees hydrated and well-moisturized lips that look smooth and healthy. Providing the necessary natural nourishment to the lips, the color too looks natural. The fragrance of this lipstick is enticing, and this lip product can be used safely for long intervals.

  • Beautiful deep red wine like the color that has a tinge of berries too.
  • Lovely shade that suits dark lips and a dark or dull skin tone perfectly
  • An ideal selection for dark and dull lips

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#6:  Maybelline New York Color Sensational Vivids Lip Color, Neon Redmaxresdefault-4People who suffer from dark lips due to hyperpigmentation should consider purchasing this lipstick. Made with the intention of reducing such pigmentation, this product also ensures renewal of the cells. The thick neon red shade of this lipstick looks fabulous on dark lips and people with a dark skin tone. This Color also looks great on other skin types. The noteworthy features of this product include:

  • Reduces hyperpigmentation adding a bright and appealing color to the lips.
  • This lovely neon red makes the lips look attractive and beautiful without making them seem glitzy.
  • This unique color is unlike most shades available in the market and is worth purchasing.

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#7:  MAC Matte Lipstick – Candy Yum Yum (Neon Pink)


MAC Matte lipsticks that have been designed to protect black and dark lips give a natural color and brightness to your lips. It brings neon pink shade is extremely vibrant and attractive. After regular application, you will notice a visible change on your lips. Your dark and dull lips become extremely dynamic and kissable. Some additional features of this product are:

  • Authentic product that comes in a packed box
  • It is a limited edition shade
  • This product has a beautiful matte finish that does not make your lips look greasy
  • Lovely candy pink and neon shade

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#8:  Maybelline New York Color Sensational High Shine Lip Color, Pink Freeze


Made of a formula that comprises of organic honey, this lip product is tremendously useful for dark lips. Application of this lipstick makes your lips look rosy pink but in an incredibly natural way. This product will give you gorgeous and kissable lips.

  • The organic honey in this product makes your lips appear healthy, well nourished, gorgeous and lustrous.
  • The lip color gives your lips a fabulous shine
  • The color has a very reflective appeal to it.

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#9:  Aloe Vera Color Change Mood Lipstickaloe-vera-font-b-lipstick-b-font-color-font-b-mood-b-font-changing-long-lastingWithin the large variety of lipsticks suited for dark lips available in the market, the Aloe Vera Color Change Mood Lipstick has its unique qualities. A fantastic feature of this lip product is that along with your body chemistry and your mood the lipstick itself changes its shade. The mood lipstick colors are stunning and vibrant. The long lasting formula of this product keeps the user’s lips moisturized and hydrated for up to 10 hours.

  • One of the main ingredients of this product is aloe, and this ingredient has the potential to reduce darkness of the lips
  • Hydrates and moisturizes the lips completely
  • Available in a wide range of shades of red as well as pink

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#10:  Love Brights! Mad Love – Rich Purple Plum, Gel Matte Lipstick


This long lasting and fabulous matte lipstick makes dark lips look gorgeous and healthy almost instantly. Best suited for people who have a dark skin tone, this lip product is available in 8 lovely shades. Individuals with a fairer skin tone can also sport this lipstick impressively. All the shades of this particular lipstick can be worn with utmost confidence and comfort. The ingredients in this item keep the user’s lips hydrated and moisturized leaving a matte finish on the lips. The convenient to carry bullet shaped container of the gel matte lipstick has been specially and carefully created by Vasanti. Brimming with natural and top quality ingredients like primrose oils, pomegranate and cherry this product does not condone animal testing. Made in Canada, the lipstick is also Paraben free.

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#11:  CoverGirl Continuous Color Lipstick, Power Pink

img_0331CoverGirl Continuos Color Lipstick, Power Pink has a gorgeous deep pink shade. The beauty of the shade of this lipstick is that it suits all types of skin tones. It goes well with dark lips and dark skin tone and can be worn for evening wear as well as day wear. Keep in mind however to use a lightly shaded lip color and not a super bright or rather bold one. Filled with necessary moisturizing properties, the wide range of colors available in this product keep the lips healthy and super smooth. This lip product is full of Vitamin E and Vitamin A, and it stays on for several hours.

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#12:  L’Oreal Paris color Caresse Lipstick by color Riche, Velvety Fuchsia


One of the leading and most widely sold lipsticks in Paris. It keeps your lips healthy and does not leave a greasy appearance. Regular application of this product will go a long way in making your lips smooth and tender. The moisturizing and hydrating formula in this product reduce dry and dark lips. Gives a velvet like appear beautiful on the lips, lasts all through the day and is extremely suitable for dark lips.

  • Gives the lips a vibrant and beautiful color
  • Feather finish and light feel make the product light on the lips without making the lips sticky and greasy
  • Top selling product of L’Oreal Paris

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#13:  Kleancolor Femme Lipsticks with Aloe Vera + Vitamin E


Kleancolor Femme is a fabulous lip product. Available in a range of 12 shades, the variety of colors in this product are incredible. You can select a color that is best suited for dark lips and dark skin tone. Brimming with aloe Vera and vitamin E, this lip product moisturizes and hydrates damaged lips. The bold colors of this lip product can be worn for almost all occasional. Aloe Vera makes the lips tender and soft, while Vitamin E reduces the darkness and repairs them, making them supple and healthy.

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Now you no longer need to wait for sporting your gorgeous and healthy lips. The usage of all above mentioned products is guaranteed to give your dark lips visible results. But keep in mind, you need to take off the lipstick before bedtime because sleeping with it on will make your lips dark and dull. Sport your gorgeous and rosy pink lips.

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