Lip balm by Maybelline is considered as an effective solution for dark lips. It is a clinically proven strong lip product which will rejuvenate and refresh your lips in just seven days. In just about 4 weeks, your lips will be plump, bright and very attractive. The lip balm from Maybelline will protect your lips from UVA and UVB radiations of the sun as it constitutes SPF 20 sunscreen. The lip balm also provides hydrated and moisturized lips for about 8 hours.

Lip balm from Maybelline not only makes dark lips fairer but also takes care of dry and chapped lips. It is known to heal flaked and peeling lips. The sun is no worries owing to it SPF 20 sunscreen protection. The Maybelline chapstick renews lip skin cells and moisturizes and keeps your lips hydrated for about 8 hours.


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Pink Blush / Cherry Shade
Lip Balm from Maybelline is on offer in 6 colors. ‘Pink Punch’ or ‘Cherry Me’ colors are suitable for your dark or black lips. Dark pigmented lips have found an excellent and appropriate product in these two colors of the lip balm. Your lips will turn pinkish-reddish and will look beautiful and very pretty on using this lip balm as said in the Maybelline baby lips lip balm pink punch reviews.

Lip Repairing


The sunburns and windburns are all taken care of by the SPF 20 Maybelline sunscreen protection. It moistens, nourishes and replaces dry lips with fresh and plump lips. Slowly your lips will undergo an incredible transformation to soft, plump, nourished and rejuvenated lips as per the Maybelline pink lip gloss reviews.


  • Constitutes SPF 20 sunscreen
  • Maybelline lip care gives moisturized lips for 8 hours
  • Rejuvenates and refreshes your dark and black lips
  • Lip balm which is proven clinically healthy
  • Six types of baby lips that you’ll love- Quenched, Pink Punch, Grape Vine, Cherry Me, Peach Kiss and Peppermint. Your dark lips will find a solution in Pink Punch or Cherry Me.
  • You get them in 4 tinted hues and two clear shades.



The Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm price is $2.98. The details and Maybelline lip gloss shades’ rate is available on

Using for one week

In 1 week the panelists’ self-evaluation system of lip balm from Maybelline will rejuvenate the lip cells and give more room for new tender lip cells. This will give a refreshing, attractive and bright look to the lips.

Using for four weeks

The discolored, dark lips show clinically proven results of 82% less dry lips which are also 94% repaired, 77% pretty, 88% softer and smoother and 77% plumper.

Applying Lip Balm by Maybelline for Dark Lips

The lip balm can be used as and when needed by you. It can be utilized directly or even below or instead of a lipstick or lip gloss as per the Maybelline lipsticks reviews. The first area to apply is the center part of upper lips. Then shift to the lower lips. Then press two lips gently so as to spread the balm uniformly.

Content users and feedbacks

Scoring 4.2 stars out of 5, Maybelline baby lips moisturizing lip balm reviews are 1760 in number. It has been ranked 5th on the Amazon best-seller ranks in the category of Beauty > Makeup > Lips.

For dark or dry lips one of the best lip balms is from Maybelline. Many users are content with this product. One user reviewed Maybelline baby lips color, “It gave my lips a subtle cherry-kissed shine that just made my lips look a little rosier. Even after it does rub off, my lips feel amazingly soft and hydrated.”

However, a few have shown displeasure for this lip balm in the lip moisturizer reviews. One user commented, “Smells nice and glides on nicely. However, it does not absorb or moisture and wears off after 20 mins or so. I’ve been using it for at least a month, and it leaves your lips feeling dry afterward.”

However overall speaking, Maybelline baby lips lip balm reviews of the users have been favorable and kind, thus making Maybelline lip balm an excellent choice for people having dark lips. You can also check out the Maybelline lip balm swatches; Maybelline baby lips peach kiss, cherry me, quenched reviews, etc. So what is stopping you?

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