Nipple color will be similar to your skin. Dark, brown, or black skin gives dark nipples. Fair and bright skin makes the nipple pink or bright.

However sometimes there are unexpected and abnormal changes in the color of the nipples. For example – Pregnancy can lead to black nipples. Dark nipples are also caused by breastfeeding. Nipples are darkened by Ageing, Puberty, Menstruation and various other conditions too. The reasons for dark nipples are here.

It is very easy to darken nipples or areolas. Once the conditions mentioned above are passed, the nipples acquire their previous color.

Select the best Nipple Lightening Creams for you

However, if you wish to make your nipples fairer very quickly, then various creams and products are available for it. Nipples get more appropriate using nipple creams which were dark during pregnancy.

This article has top 8 best creams for bright pink nipples selected by me. These healthy all natural ultra skin lightening creams and products will give you nipples that are pink, supple, delicate and young.

1. Whitening Mask by Pink Madison Advancing Skin Care having Vitamin C + Lactic Acid + Bentonite
Whitening Mask by Pink Madison Advancing Skin Care is primarily a skin lightening and whitening product. It is the best bleaching cream product for face and entire body. It can be used for lips, face, legs, elbows, body, knees, thighs, nipples, hands, and even the private areas of the body. It clears dark spots, age spots, sunburns, blemishes and brightens dark skin. It is the best all natural and safe skin lightening cream that lightens the skin naturally. The whitening mask also serves as anti-ageing function. The skin is protected from harmful and toxic free-radicals. Slowly the skin will be led to natural brightening, lightening, and nourishment by this best body bleaching cream.

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2. Vibrant Bright All Natural Intimate Skin Lightening Cream from Healthy Vibes
Vibrant Bright All Natural Intimate Skin Lightening Cream from Healthy Vibes serves sensitive skin such as scrotum, genitals, face, armpits, nipples and anus very well. It is an all-natural skin whitening agent having natural ingredients and no dyes, fragrances, hydroquinone, perfumes or harsh chemical components. It is very effective in clearing acne scars birthmarks, dark spots, pigmentation, etc. The difference of nipple bleaching before and after is observed in normal skin tone and color given by it. The cream smoothes and tones up your skin. It is especially a good skin bleaching cream for anus.

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3. Jujub Cream for Nipple Lightening by Jaowying Beauty
Jujub Cream for Nipple Lightening by Jaowying Beauty is FDA Thailand certified that gives nipples a lively look. This best all natural nipple lightening cream moistens, moisturizes and plumps nipples. The nipples are made to look youthful, fresh and fair by reducing the dry, dark and bland nipple skin. The nipples are refreshed by this product, and slowly the nipples will become young, flush and pink.

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4. Collagen Whitening Pink Nipple Cream by Mistine Abalone with Lightning Herbal Extract
Collagen Whitening Pink Nipple Cream by Mistine Abalone with Lightening Herbal Extract nourishes nipples and is a nipple whitening cream. The active natural ingredients in it make dark nipples fair very quickly. Dark nipples are lightened up naturally by Vitamin E, Willow Bark Extract, Sakura leaf extract, Mulberry extract, and Phyllanthus emblico extract. These extracts are perfect for anal bleaching and lightening naturally, and your perfect answer to how to lighten anus and black pussy lips at home. They give pink, delicate, moisturized and best natural areolas. The FDA Thailand has approved the product, and Derma Consult in Germany has dermatologically tested it.

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5. Pink Nipple Magic Cream by Annika having Aha & Vitamin C giving lighter and softer skin
Now forget about how to get pink skin tone of nipples naturally. Pink Nipple Magic Cream by Annika’s rich natural composition lightens and moisturizes the nipples. It wets, plumps and uniforms the nipples. This gives a lively, consistent and clean. The black, tanned and dry nipple skin is removed by this, and the nipples look fresh. The original formula of this best pink nipple cream refreshes the nipples and turns them into pink, young and lustrous.

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6. Lasting Peace Color Magic for Pink Nipples and Lips by EyeMed BeautyDiy
Lasting Peace Color Magic by EyeMed BeautyDiy is useful for private and intimate areas like vagina, areolas, dark nipples and lips. There are two creams in it – one for the day and one for the night. While using at night clean the areas which you desire to whiten and make pink. Apply the cream gently. Penetration in the skin is dark and quick during night time. Nipples will have a tender uniform color through this best pink nipple cream. The same procedure applies during the day. This best nipple bleaching cream is all natural cream and has no adverse side-effects. Whether you’re looking for scrotum bleaching, the perfect pussy whitening cream for pink pussy lips, or cream to whiten the anus and give you pink nipples and pussy lips, this is the right product.

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7. Intimate Skin Lightening Serum by Doctor Z&C with Ultra Speed Formula for Skin Bleaching

Want to know where to buy where to buy anal bleaching cream? Secret Skin Lightening Serum by Doctor Z&C has Ultra Speed Formula for Skin Bleaching and can be used for buttocks, areolas, underarms, nipples, lips, genitals, and anus. The skin having black or even melanin pigments are permanently lightened and whitened considerably by the active bleaching components of this bleaching cream for the skin of buttocks and anus. It is manufactured in France and lacks color, fragrance, and hydroquinone. Continuous use of few weeks of this best lightening serum will give you pink nipples. Now you know what the best anal skin bleaching and the whitening cream product is. Get this anal bleaching product on Amazon.

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8. Gel for Sensitive Skin Lightening by South Beach (sb)
One of the best anal and brown vaginal lips skin bleaching cream, Gel for Sensitive Skin Lightening by South Beach (sb) is the best product for skin whitening of sensitive areas like facial, breasts, dark vagina lips, anal, nipples, areolas and all other intimate body parts. It does not contain any harmful and toxic chemicals like Kojic Acid or Hydroquinone. The highly efficient, advanced and natural ingredients in this best bleaching cream gel help in the dark pigmented intimate skin lightening and whitening. Slowly, the whitening of nipples which were dark takes place due to the south beach bleach cream making them look young and fresh. Being safe, this best bleaching cream for whitening and lightening vagina and genitals can also be applied after waxing.

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Thus, it is not abnormal and unusual for girls and women to have darkening areolas and nipples. But, these nipple lightening and magic products skin whitening creams brighten, whiten and lighten the nipples. To lighten your dark nipples naturally read this. I have mentioned some ways to be implemented at home to make your dark nipples fairer.

Share these nipple lightening and fairness creams and skin brightening tips if you like them.