Paleo diet is an interesting term. If you are not familiar with this modern diet, basically, you consume food that our ancestors used to eat. And by ancestors, I mean the first people. Sure, it changes everything inside us! 

This way of dieting will definitely cause some effect on our body, particularly, on our skin. Some people say that going paleo definitely makes their skin a lot smoother,  some might even say that their wrinkles partially go away,  the under eye area becomes a lot less dry and sensitive,  their cheeks have a lot more rose to them,  their lips are not dry anymore.  People who have oily skin confess that excluding man-made products make there t-zone a lot more and drier but in a comfortable way.  The skin becomes less damaged in snowy conditions, during fall and severe winds.  However, some people claim that the effect is strikingly different; they might even have a couple of break ups and blemishes.

Our body is a sponge; it has been containing all the junk for many years.  So when we don’t consume dairy products, salt, alcohol, and other man-made stuff, a skin reaction is a pretty normal thing as you are changing your eating habits.  Your body is just letting out all the previous pollution and the process of detoxing can take some time.  You’re feeling will also be different, but it will be a real relief.

If you are tired of masks and want to keep up with a natural diet, then we collected most essential tips and tricks on how to save your skin in such cold winter season.

Some people naturally have dry skin and it is just the case of their individuality.  But sometimes it happens when you don’t consume enough fat.  In this case, you should eat more natural fats and not fast food.  The first people on earth were eating fatty fish, which contains a lot of omega-3, consumed oil (natural) and eggs.  This is how you can improve the level of fat and it will cause no harm to your body.

A lot of things can contribute to your diets, such as biological predetermination, environmental problems, and overall stresses.  You should consult your doctor before going paleo because if this diet is perfect for your friend, it might be unsuitable for you.  Maybe you should change your attitude to life, do some sports or just take a break and relax.

Skin care tips and tricks for all the people but want to improve their inner glow:

Why do we always think about what we eat but neglect things that we actually put on our skin?  Because taking elements from the outer world is as crucial as things that we produce.  We like to grab one colorful mask from the store and think it will do well for us.  But it’s really hard to fix our inner glow without making some changes.

Your beauty can be free from all of those chemical products.  Expensive doesn’t need to be healing and healing doesn’t need to be expensive.  So throw away all of your mousses and gels with parabens and get to something more natural.

A towel that makes wonders

You would never have guessed but in reality, all you need is a wet washcloth and nothing else. It seems a little sketchy but just try it out. A towel takes off all the makeup, especially when combining it with coconut oil.  It is much cheaper and safer.  You can even exfoliate dry patches and flaky skin with it.

Amazing natural oil will make your skin less oily!

With the right choice of natural oils for washing and removing makeup, cleansing the skin with oil from dirt and bacteria that accumulate on it during the day, is very a gentle and natural procedure. At the same time, the water-lipid film is not broken, and the oil, on the contrary, gives additional protection to the skin. The natural fat balance of the skin is restored; the skin is protected and moistened. Moreover, it is needed for the skin of any type. For washing and removing make-up, you can use olive oil of cold pressing, jojoba oil, avocado, linseed, grape seed, castor oil, wheat germ oil, coconut oil, apricot, sweet almond oil, and evening primrose oil. The latter two are perfect for dry skin. You can add a couple drops of essential oil of rose or neroli. For problematic skin, it is desirable to use non-comedogenic oils, but with an accuracy, it can only be predicted experimentally. Look for jojoba oil, it is rarely comedogenic. Also for problematic oily skin, you can add a couple of drops of essential oil of tea tree or a mixture of tea tree oil and lavender to the oil for washing. Pour a little oil on your hand (for example, jojoba or avocado), rub between your palms, if necessary, add a couple of drops of essential oil. You can add different essential oils in the morning and in the evening.

Massage your face with oil; do not forget to move on your massage lines. Massage for about a minute. Remove the residue from the skin with a warm cotton, flannel or terry towel, as described above, in the procedure for removing makeup oil. It is important to remove oil from the face completely. After that, you can rinse your face with cool water.

Add oil to your moisturizer

This will help you balance out the dryness of the skin and leave it soft and smooth. Just add a couple dots of preferred oil and voila – your face is ready for nighttime!

Baking soda will smooth out the skin

Soda has a soothing effect, but it’s better to use masks or scrubs with soda with intervals. Literally once a week, or even two, this will be enough. Well, firstly, baking soda itself can be used without any additives, but as an independent product. To do this, a small amount of soda should be diluted with cleansing water and applied to the face in a circular motion, paying special attention to the chin, nose, forehead, in general, problem areas on the skin of the face. Then wash off the soda with water. After that, you can apply face cream.

Apple cider miracle 

Apple cider vinegar helps to maintain the health and beauty of the skin as it perfectly cleanses, eliminates minor inflammation, smoothes out cosmetic defects on the face, tightens the skin, providing a rejuvenating effect. It is especially recommended in the care of oily, problematic skin.

Natural brush will brush off all the imperfections 

Manufacturers claim that the brush can be used not only in the evening but also in the morning. It has to be made of natural dry bristles and be gentle at the same time. It is totally worth combining it with products for washing. Many brands have special products that are good for use with a brush. Dry brushes cause exfoliating effects, help with blood circulation and provide the best natural massage ever!