Remember my article on 16 lip balms with SPF sun-protection for your lips? You can check it out for the best one available.

The question is, are lip balms with SPF necessary? The answer is yes because your lips need protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Additionally, these lip balms help your lips to stay supple, hydrated and tender. For complete protection from sun exposure, your only safety measure is an SPF-rated lip balm. They are essential if you’re going to be out in the sun!

Sensitive areas of the skin, like faces and lips, are prone to the effects of UVA rays that create discoloration, dark/sun spots, extreme pigmentation, sunburn, wrinkling, etc. On the other hand, UVB rays often cause sunburn to the exterior-most skin layers. The sun damage caused by this can be potentially threatening for skin. As a result, only the best lip balm will do to address the situation.

Top Picks in the SPF Sun Protection-included Lip Balm Segment

Girls, get ready because I am about to give you the top eight products in this category. Curated from thousands of lip balms on retail at Amazon, I’ve selected the best of the best having a minimum 4-star rating. Okay, let’s go right in to see the best sunscreen lip balms!

You may want to check out:

SPF 20 Softlips Lip Protectant Sun Protection
This is the lip balm with SPF to look out for: green tea and raspberry extracts pack in a punch. For gorgeously soft and supple lips, this is easily a great choice. Pomegranate extract and oil of primrose allows this lip balm to give a lovely rose-like hue and pinkish glow to your lips. Selling at $14.99 from Amazon, this lip balm needs to be applied 20mins prior to sun-exposure. Reapplications are completely fine too,

The Amazing Banana Boat Lip Balm with SPF 45

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This lip balm protects your lips from both UVA and UVB sun rays. At the same time, it is also water-resistant. With the ability to protect your lips for about 8hrs, this is a kickass lip balm for excessively dry lips. It keeps your lips moistened and well-guarded, also saving you from sunburns, dry feelings, and windburn lips. This is the second Banana Boat to feature on our list, and that’s because it is great at protecting lips from sunburns. It also moisturizes your lips significantly. Applying it some twenty minutes before you expect sun-exposition allows you to get significant effects. This is also water-resistant and protects your lips while moisturizing them. Not only that, it works as an effective solution to UVA/UVB waves. Try it out from Amazon.  At just $5.05 on Amazon, it’s a bargain!

Awesome Liptect Solar SPF 45 Sun-Block Lip Balm

The Lippert offers freedom from dyes, chemicals, parabens, PABAs, chemically-synthesized oils, or harmful perfumes. Rich in Zn and Ti elements for the better safeguarding of sensitive skin, it protects lips an extremely effective moisturizing and calming quality. This long-lasting lip balm was MADE for protection against sun exposure, dryness and chapped skin, so the $18.95 price tag on Amazon is totally worthwhile.

Awesome Elemental Herbs Good Lips Balm with SPF
Certified by the USDA organization, this completely organic lip balm with SPF is great. Made from organically-synthesized oils for a soothing effect on lips, it helps to recuperate chapping and dryness. Oxybenzone free formula ensures no side-effects. It’s available on Amazon at just $5.89.

Tropically Effective Panama jack chapstick with SPF 45

Sun protection, mother applying suntan lotion on her little baby.

The Panama Jack sunscreen lip balm is the kind of fruity, tropically-flavored protection your lips need. Soothing and protecting damaged chapped, sun/wind burnt lips, it gives it an SPF 45 UVA/UVB safeguard. You can buy it from Amazon at a inexpensive $2.30. For super-moist and oh-so-soft lips, just use it twenty minutes before stepping out into the sun.

SPF 15 Blistex herbal answer lip balm for Lips
The Blistex Herbal ointment is one of the best herbal sunscreens that can be found. With its jojoba, shea butter, avocado, aloe vera and chamomile content, it is super effective. The herbal constituents give your lips the power to fight back the effects of sun and wind. It keeps you feeling great for a long duration. At $11.99 for three, the Amazon listing is a great bargain.  The completely nature and herb-based product leaves you with well-protected and totally beautiful lips.

Lipcotz SPF 45 Total Block Lip Balm for Super-Effectiveness
This Lipcotz SPF 45 consists of ZnO2, TiO2, and Fe2O3. There are hardly any other chemicals in it. This is a great choice for women suffering from sun-burnt and extremely dry lips. It also comes with a UVA and UVB sun exposure protectant. That makes it soothing and protective towards the lips. You can find it on sale for just $8.62 on Amazon.

These SPF sunscreen containing lip balms should be ample protective gear whenever you expect UVA/UVB sun exposure. Now you can enjoy the sunshine without the least worries!

If you enjoyed today’s list, do drop in and say hello. Feel free to share all your experiences regarding SPF lip balms!