One of the customersDermatologically certified by thousands of medical practitioners, skin care experts and beauticians, the South Beach Lightening Gel for Sensitive Areas is an incredible lightening cream. Its natural ingredients make it perfect for sensitive skin.

The South Beach Skin Lightening Gel for Sensitive Areas is wonderfully useful. It is suitable for use on facial, anal, breast, underarm, vaginal, nipple, lip, areolas, and such sensitive areas. Its superior lightening qualities are a result of advanced scientific formulas and all-natural constituents.

The formula for the South Beach Bleaching Cream is so mild it’s totally safe for sensitive areas. Removing dull pigmentation on particular areas, this skin lightening gel can provide you with a revitalized youth-like beauty. The south beach lightening gel has none of the harsh chemicals like Kojic acid or hydroquinone which are prone to acting as allergen or skin irritants. This makes it perfectly risk-free. South Beach waxing gel is amazing enough to be a post-Brazilian gel.

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Get Bikini Ready with South Beach Lightening Gel


This product isn’t just world famous; it is also approved of by salon specialists and medical practitioners alike. Once it’s Bikini season, get ready to flaunt your bikini perfect bod! Get rid of all those pesky dark lines, discolored spots, signs of aging and other imperfections with the most advanced body waxing solution from the South Beach waxing gel and get perfect bikini lines.

Super-safe no matter where it’s applied

Of all the skin lightening solutions available, the South Beach Whitening Gel has no elaborate, confusing and harming chemicals such as hydroquinone, kojic acid and more. There are no adverse effects only because it is an all-natural product. Tested and tried especially on sensitive skin, the south beach bleaching cream reviews show it is one of the best skin solutions for genitals, breast, and nipples, dark knees, etc. It is so safe and trustworthy you could totally use it after a waxing session. By the way, men, sensitive areas on your body are just as efficiently lightened by this skin gel.


List of Ingredients

This particular product consists of ingredients that are allergen-free, dye-free, perfume-free, paraben and alcohol-free, comedogenic and other harmful chemicals free as well. It is the product of natural ingredients like Glycyrrhiza Glabra or Licorice, Extracts from Roots, from the Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi leaves, natural H2O, and Carbomers.

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How to Best Apply It

If you incorporate this product into your daily routine, applying once after waking up and again at night, it gives the best results. Remember to thoroughly clean and dry application areas, before massaging in small circular patterns till absorbed completely. Before using any other product, ensure that the Gel is entirely dried out first. Avoid the use of brushes and gloves.

Find Out How This Works

The South Beach gel is amazing at whitening sensitive areas because it first exfoliates the skin, following which it allows completely natural products to percolate within the deeper epithelial layers for new cell growth. By reducing the hyperactivity of tyrosinase chemicals responsible for skin darkening of deeper cells, it goes on to also moisturize and make skin suppler. As the deeper cells emerge onto the surface layers of the skin, it looks younger, smoother and lighter.

Visible Results in No Time

The effects of the skin-lightening gel are noticeably more sustained. Using it daily leads to visibly brighter skin in just about a fortnight or three weeks. Of course, this varies between people depending on the nature and type of the skin, causes for skin darkening and the extent of its effects.

Suitable for Both Men and Women

The best part is, both males and females can get benefits from this product. No matter what the skin type and nativity (Latino, Afro, Asian, Indian, etc.)!

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Features of this Gel that make it perfect for Intimate Use

  • Freedom from stickiness and residual oil.
  • Lack of chemicals e.g. Hydroquinone and Kojic Acid
  • Fast absorption rates.
  • Speedy drying.
  • Safety and mildness for intimate use.
  • Zero harmful ingredients.
  • Specially formulated for skin lightening in sensitive areas.
  • Not gender-specific.
  • Various uses e.g. age spots, lines, burn residues, elbow/knee/hand/breast discoloration, dark lips, underarm, anal fissure lines, private parts.
  • Clinically tested globally in over thirty countries and by over one thousand pharmacies, beauty therapists, dermatologists, etc.
  • Glowing reviews from thousands of users across the globe.

However, pregnant and those breastfeeding their babies should stay away from this product. It is for external usage only.

Reviews from customers

The South Beach Lightening Gel does not work equally well for all users, and one customer even commented: “Doesn’t work for Arizona. This cream does not operate unless you are light skin “maybe,” but I am Mexican American and I tried it for 1month does not work. I’m still looking for cream.” (19/02/2014)

However, it seems that most users are completely happy with the product. For instance, one of the customers on Amazon commented: “Great for intimate areas!!! I bought this from my local spa, and I must say I saw results after my first application. I use this on my Vagina after my occasional Brazilian waxes because that area is always a little bit darker than the rest of my skin, I was instructed by the esthetician to apply it and compress area with saran wrap and use it for about 30-45 min. Well for me, I applied to the vagina, covered area in saran wrap so that it was tight on skin, and did it overnight, I would wake up and remove, and my skin was brighter. I never used it for a month straight only a week overnight every night with great results. I am about to start again because I just got another wax, so I shall see if I get the same results.” (30/11/2013)

Let me just reconfirm everything I’ve been stating so far. The South Beach Lightening Gel for Sensitive Areas is a fantastic product for unique skin-care and sensitive usage. It only has a couple of negative reviews from customers. In general, women and men alike have had great success with it and have been entirely happy with its effects: after all, it removes pigmentation and allows the skin to regain its original tone.

The best part is, for those unsatisfied with the results, there’s a sixty-day money back guarantee on offer too!

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