Stila Convertible Color Dual Lip and Cheek Cream is an excellent product for lips and cheek both. It is unique because of its dual function and because it lends the cheek and lips a natural, radiant glow.

Is your present cream not having an effect? Or are you not being able to get your desired red color with your old cream? Then use Stila Convertible Color Dual Lip and Cheek Cream in rose shade. This shade will match with brown, black or dark lips. Using the Stila Convertible color rose will a natural rosy or a pinkish tint to your lips.

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9 Lovely Colors

Stila Convertible Color Dual Lip and Cheek Cream comes in an attractive palette of 9 colors. You can find them in Poppy, Rose, Petunia, Lillium, Peony, Gladiola, Camellia Gerbera, and Gerbera. If you have dark lips, you can go for Stila Convertible Color Rose because it looks good on a dark pigmented skin. For others, you may use whatever colors you wish (such as Stila Convertible Color peony) as all colors are equally lovely.

Multiple Award Winning Cream

Stila convertible color cream has won numerous awards like the Best Cream Blush, Instyle, from 2005 to 2014. This makes it one of the most cherished products for your lips.

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Non-Greasy Tint

The Stila Convertible Color Cream is not greasy, but creamy. It spreads over your lips/skin to give it a perfect, natural tint.


The amazing features of Stila Convertible Color Cream are:

  • Beautiful color range of 9 different colors
  • Natural blush with just one or two strokes
  • No grease involved, but creamy, shiny gloss
  • Phenomenal natural glow instantly
  • No harm or side-effects, just radiant skin
  • Multiple awards in kitty


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Customer Feedback and Reviews

Stila convertible color cream is winning the hearts of customers. It is gel like and bright like foundation, but it much more than foundation. If your beloved lips are dark, they will brighten up and look altogether new. Therefore, I would strongly recommend you to buy this cream.

In the Amazon Customer Reviews section, there are 63 messages, and people have given it 4.2 out of 5 stars on an average. This proves that Stila is definitely everybody’s choice when it comes to choosing cosmetics.

Most of the customer reviews are appreciative, except one or two. For example, one customer said, “It is a great cream, but it’s expensive. Also, the blush is difficult to apply. Not sure if it’s value for money.”

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However, not many customers are complaining about the price. This proves that price is a problem for few when it comes to how useful the product is. One customer says, “I received this item within a Stila sampler kit years ago from Sephora. The color is very natural and great for summer or warm days to create that dewy-skinned look. I also love it on my lips as it is not drying and creates a natural pink color without being too shiny like a gloss. The size seemed small but after having it for months and months I realized you only need a little to create a nice look.”

Such positive reviews are the reason I strongly recommend this product to you.

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Finally, Stila Convertible Color Cream is an excellent option for those who have dark lips because it comes in so many colors (especially Stila peony). So it can go with any skin type. With thousands of customers lining up to buy the product, you should give it a try as well. Let me know what the experience was like.

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