This mini berry from Tony Moly has 3 distinct flavours – Cherry, Blueberry and peach. It nourishes and protects lips from sunrays and gives them a natural look.

This mini chapstick is rated highly by customers, and one consumer reviewed that, “The scent is fantastic- a real, fresh, white peach scent. It doesn’t smell fake or overly sweet. The formula is good- it’s a fairly thin formula, but it sinks into the lips quickly, and my lips feel well moisturized.”

Korean Mini berry Lip balm by Tony Moly has garnered praise and a fan base of customers who like unique packaging and cosmetics fused with different ingredients. It primarily has 3 distinct flavoured lip balms Peach, Cherry and Blueberry. Apart from hydrating your lips, this mini chapstick also provides SPF 15 protection to them and covers them with natural berry extracts.

One Lip balm packs three notable benefits like moistening effect, UV rays protection and sweet fruity hue. There are hardly any lip balms that combine these three advantages in one. This has made Mini Berry Lip Balm by Tony Moly, a popular choice among women for their chapped dry lips during winter and year round.

Reviewing Mini Peach by Tony Moly


This peach Scented, citrus mini lip balm moistens and nourishes your lips. It covers your lips naturally with a non-sticky fruity aqueous hue. Using fingers, massage lips for 1 to 2 minutes by applying the mini lip balm. Then using water or a tissue, clean your lips and apply the lip essence balm for getting soft, smooth and cute lips.

Reviewing Mini Blueberry by Tony Moly


It packs three benefits – Blueberry fragrance, finesse and clear finishing. Nutrients in this Blueberry mini chapstick are extremely adept in providing healthy nourishing lips.

Reviewing Mini Cherry by Tony Moly


Mini Cherry lip balm provides UV protection and has SPF 15/PA. It has lots of moisturizer and fruit extracts. It nourishes and protects your lips and makes them moist and soft. Packaged in an adorable cherry-like container, it makes you fall in love with it.

Facts to know about Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm

(Peach, Blueberry, and Cherry)

  • Shines your lips
  • Gives a slight pink hue
  • Gives a waxy and thick coat
  • Excellent Peach fragrance
  • SPF 15 UV rays Protection
  • Suitable for very sensitive and thinner lips
  • Protects against dehydration and drying of lips
  • Amazing moisturizing effect
  • Lips become thoroughly  softer
  • Gives sweet smelling lips
  • Provides natural hue
  • Reusable and adorable container

Steps to use the mini chapstick

Mini berry Lip Balm by Tony Moly is of everyday use for dry, chapped lips. Before sleeping at night, apply the mini lip balm on lips. Using your fingers apply gently and evenly over your lips to get soft exquisite lips. If your lipstick is of matte finish, you can apply the mini chapstick over it or you can simply apply it on your lips.


The taste isn’t great, so nothing is wrong until you lick or slide your tongue against your lips or accidentally consume your balm. Another disadvantage is using fingers to apply the balm. If you dislike doing so, you may find it very inconvenient. You may also dislike the slight lustre to lips given by the Mini Berry Lip Balm of Tony Moly. It’s bit on the expensive side.

Ratings and Customer feedback

You can get nourishing and ravishing lips with the Mini Berry Lip Balm of Tony Moly. It’s the ideal choice for such lips. The packaging and containers will be loved by your friends and family as they look like real Peach, Cherry and Blueberry.

The consumers rated it 4.3 out of 5 stars proving its popularity and liking among the consumers. One customer reviewed, “Smells great and makes my lips soft. And the peach tube is too cute!”

Another customer commented that, “The downside on this lip balm is that it takes a lot of lip balm to make your shiny and feel good. It also has very little lip balm for the price it looks like a nipple and it smells kinda weird.”

Barring a few exceptions almost all women were contented with Mini Berry Lip Balm of Tony Moly. Being different as compared to other balms for lips, customers prefer it over others. It also gives UV protection, smoothness and natural hue to your lips. So for a balm having these qualities you can get Mini Berry Lip Balm of Tony Moly at Amazon.

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