Be aware of artificial lip balms. They might come in a variety of shapes and portable sizes, but natural balms are more efficient, safer, and give better results for dry top lips.

Lips get dry and chapped in winter. To protect lips from dryness and cold winter air, you should use a lip balm. You need cool lip balms in case your lips remain dry all year round.

Choose you cool lip balms from following top 10 best lip balms.

A dry top lip is very painful. It is more painful to have both lips chapped and dry. Continuously dry, chapped lips can cause bleeding and make you consult a dermatologist. Keep your lips plump, soft and hydrated by a lip balm. It lets you stretch your lips into a broad smile without the pain caused by cracked lips.

Applying lip balm for 3 or 4 times every day is good for lips. This will protect, plump and nourish your lips. Your lip balms can also be put on your lipstick.

Which is your favorite out of following top 10 chapsticks?

To remove cracking and dryness of your lips using lip balms is the one and only effective solution. Natural lip balms have effective ingredients that go soft on the skin and make naturally made lip balms much safer. Intense drying of lips and lip irritation are some side-effects of artificially formulated lip balms.

Let me take you through this winter’s top 10 chapsticks.

1. Tinted Sweet Violet lip balm by Burt’s Bees
It is available in four natural hues – plum, pink-red, and neutral. It is an entirely natural balm and very useful for dry lips. This violet lip balm has a little fragrance of violet flavor. This lip balm by Burt’s Bees nourishes and caresses your lips with Shea Butter and wax obtained from botanical bees.

2. Lip balm by Dr. Dans CortiBalm
When your lips get severely dry and cracked due to sunburns, wind, and cosmetics, Dr. Dans Cortibalm comes in very handy. Psoriasis and acne patients can find this balm best suited for them. Dr. Dan’s lip balm has 1% hydrocortisone Corti-balm, petroleum jelly, bee wax and mineral oils making it less likely to cause allergies. This is one of the great treatments for your dry lips in cold winter.

3.  Organic Bee Wax Lip balm by Bee Naked71-6pap8ngl-_sl1000_3a
Lip balm by Bee Naked has coconut oil, wax from bees, rosemary extract along with sunflower oil. All these components are naturally obtained and 100% organic. It is extremely useful for a dry top lip. There are three distinct flavors in it – Blue Mountain Mint, Mojito Mint, and Naked mint. The balm has aromatherapy mint and oils essential for lips. It is made in the USA. The balm on application gives nourished, plump, soft and smooth lips. It’s free from substances like GMO, toxins, gluten, cruelty and petroleum. This makes it ideal for using it every day.

4. Best Tin Lip Balm from Rosebud Salve
Rosebud Salve is a superb lip balm useful for a variety of skin purposes. It’s found to give immediate comfort to dry and cracked lips, diaper rashes on skins, rough cuticles, detergent irritation, etc. It is also useful to apply on dry hands and knees. However, it is most efficient in converting dry lips into hydrated, soft and plump lips.

5. Intense Lip Therapy Balm from Qtica
Intense Lip Therapy balm from Qtica has honey, Aloe Vera, Bee wax, tea tree oil, essential oils, and vitamins. These components plump your lips and make your cracked and intensely dried lips healthier. Qtica Lip balm can be used with a lipstick too by applying under the lipstick. The lip balm provides day long protection. In a single night, it makes your lips soft, refreshing and plump.

6. Moisturizing Lip Balm from Carmex
Those who are into outdoor activities like athletes etc. can find solace in this tube lip balm from Carmex. It protects lips from rough temperatures of beach, sun, snow, cold, wind, etc. Lip balm from Carmex keeps the lips always hydrated and in a perfect shape. The natural ingredients in it do not let your lips dry or get chapped.

7. Pomegranate Raspberry Stick Lip Balm from Eos
Eos caused a revolution in lip balms. Made of 100% natural components, it is certified as organic by the USDA. Its primary aim is making your lips nourished and beautiful. Being completely natural it does not contain paraben or petroleum products. The elements in it are anti-oxidants and rich. Jojoba oil, Vitamin E and Shea butter give you healthier and soft lips. This is not animal tested and is manufactured in the USA. Eos lip balms spread smoothly on lips keeping them hydrated for a long time.

8. Top Lip Balm Lip Medex from Blistex
Blistex medicated lip ointment ingredients give an instant relief and comfort from itchy, sore and hot lips. The lip balm refreshes and nourishes your lips giving them a cooling effect. Lip Medex by Blistex protects your lips from rough environmental elements like winter, sunburn, cold, etc.

9. 100% natural lip balm – Lip Locks from Candid Essentials
Candid Essentials Lip Balm contains the best oils from nature like coconut oil; rose hid seed oil, Shea butter, avocado oil, bee wax, cranberry seed oil, castor seed oil, etc. It is available in five flavors – Mystic Mint, Passion Punch, Tantalizing Tangerine, Vivacious Vanilla, and Minty Madness – all of which are natural. It is not animal tested and is manufactured in the USA. It is free from petrochemicals, sulfates, GMO, parabens, phthalates or synthetic dyes. The lip balm assures protection and hydration to your lips from rough weather elements.

10. All Natural Bee Wax Lip Balm from Beessential in lemon lavender814jkw8zl-_sl1500_

Beecology’s lip products get this amazing lip balm as a new addition to their family. The Lavender and Lemon oils team up with vitamin E and give your lips smoothness. They heal your lips and protect them at the highest level.

Stop wasting time and grab the one you find greatest among the above mentioned top 10 chapsticks to protect your sensitive lips this winter. Spread your hydrated lips to give a attracting smile in this dense air. Another way is to apply honey on your dry lips directly before sleeping. Daily such practice will give you highly hydrated lips which will last the entire day. However, the most bother free way is to use a lip balm to get plump lips. Let me know your suggestions and practices to maintain your lips; we’d all love to hear.