Dark spots on the lip can be a handicap to any one’s beauty. Lovely, luscious lips are guaranteed to be attractive. If you manage to figure out what is causing your lips spots and lip patches; you can easy remove them to get beautiful lips.

Having dark spots on lips can be demeaning to a girl’s self-esteem. They are not nice things to show and might cause the sufferer a lot of pain and anxiety. Therefore, it is important to know what causes dark spots on lips, face, and other body parts, so that you can cure them and prevent them in the future. Knowing the reasons will help you to treat dark spots, discolorations, unruly lines of your lips.

Don’t worry; that’s precisely why I’ve decided to pen this article. I am going to focus on both the causes of dark lips and the ways to remove them. Through a lot of natural products and cures, it will be easy to remove lip discolorations.

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First of all,

Causes of dark spots on lips:

Dehydration, vitamin deficiency, smoking, pigmentation, cancer, etc. are some of the several reasons that can cause lip dark spots. For detailed reasons, see below:

1.  Dehydration Is A Real Troublemaker

Lack of water is one of the leading causes of dark spots on the face. When you take the low amount of water, the skin of your face becomes dry (including cheeks, lips, etc.). Dryness causes black spots on the skin. Taking in the daily quota of water, along with fresh fruits and vegetables is sure to moisturize your cheek and lips and keep you glowing.

2.  Vitamin B deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency may be caused by taking insufficient amounts of the foods rich in it. The deficiency may cause a condition called angular cheilitis, which causes a swelling and inflammation of the skin, especially around the lip area. It can also cause lip fungal infection, and fungus can cause dark spots on the skin. For prevention against dark spots on skin due to fungal infection, eat lots of food rich in Vitamin D. You can also take Vitamin D supplements like these, “Nature Made Super B Complex Tablets” with permission from your physician for lip fungus treatment.

3.  Hormonal problems

Hormonal problems may also be a cause of desiccated lips black spots on the body. It may be a major effect of thyroid inconsistency. This condition is caused when the hormones of the thyroid gland start malfunctioning, leading to imbalances in original patterns, mood swings, food metabolism, etc. In this condition, the thyroid gland starts producing more hormones than is required, leading to the body burning out a lot of energy. This phenomenon is also called hyperthyroidism.

4.  Addiction to smoking

Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is severely harmful both for the general health and especially for lips. Cigarette smoke causes dryness in lips and leaves dark nicotine stains on them. The best way to cure this problem would be to stop smoking entirely, to get back natural lips. If you are unable to stop yourself, you can read Allen Carr’s Easy Ways to Stop Smoking; it is a tremendously influential book that has sold 13 million copies worldwide.

If you still cannot stop smoking, there are also effective natural remedies that can prevent the lips of smokers from darkening. This will help you to know some home remedies to prevent your lips from darkening.

5.  Sunburn

Exposure to sun rays creates melanin pigments on the skin which causes sun spots on lips that after a while become very prominent if untreated. You can either avoid going into the sun or use good quality sunscreen for lips.

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6.  Skin pigmentation

Pigmentation may also be a cause of skin darkening. Pigmentation is caused by complex melanin products formed on the skin by exposure to the sun’s UVA/UBA rays.

7.  Cancerous Cells

Though it is relatively rare, cancer may also cause black spots on lip and skin. Exposure to too much sunlight might cause lip cancer, which feels like having lumps on your lips.

8.  Excessive iron in body

Extra iron in the body may cause some problems, like dark spots and brown spots around your eyes and on the inside of lips. The best way to remove dark spots on the skin, face and body are to limit excess iron intake.

9.  Coffee or Tea

Drinking excessive tea or coffee is very harmful to the lips. It dries the lips and leaves caffeine stains. Thus dark spots above lip develop, and black spots appear on lower lip skin.

10.  Licking lips

A very harmful habit some women have is to always lick their lips, thinking that they are moisturizing it. However, lip licking is dangerous to some reasons, it causes the lips to dry further and causes lip spots.

11.  Certain Medications can cause lip darkening

Sometimes, the intake of medicines such as amiodarone, tetracyclines, estrogens, sulfonamide, phenytoin, and phenothiazines can cause dark patches and spots on cheeks, on the face, etc., especially around the lip area. If these medicines are not suiting you, you should talk to your physician and get rid of them.

12.  Expired, cheap, and low-quality lip cosmetics

Using outdated lip products can be very harmful to the lips. They are more sensitive than the rest of the body, so you must always use good, branded lip products. Also, don’t forget to check the manufacturing date to ensure you’re using safe stuff.

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13.  Keeping makeup on for extended durations

Sometimes, you might be too tired to remove makeup from your skin which stays on the whole night. This causes terrible problems; they are the reason for black spots on face, black spots on the inside of lips, dark patches on cheeks and so on. It is thus important to remove your make-up before you go to bed. Try out “Aveeno Active Naturals Ultra Calming Makeup Removing Wipes” for cleansing skin smoothly while removing make-up.

14.  Dental Treatments and Fixtures

Sometimes the cause of brown spots on lips may be located in a reaction to dental fixtures. You should talk to your dentist about any skin problems before installing them.

15.  Spicy, Hot Foods

Eating hot and spicy foods regularly is what causes red lips. If you expose yourself to lip burning for an extended time, you will get dark spots on lips.

16.  Allergies

Allergies are a common cause of dark spots on your body. If your body reacts to specific allergens, you will soon find out. Try and avoid these particles to remove dark spots on your body.

Ensure you remain wary of the causes mentioned above, as they are most often the culprits behind lip darkening.

Now, I’ll share my secret answers to:

How to treat lip spots?

Both home remedies and cosmetic products are suitable for treating black spots on lips, sun spots, dark patches on the cheek, etc. You should check out the best remedies for lip care for a list of practical home ingredients that you can use for effective lip care.

Treatment for dark spots on lips with some proven effective products

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Here’s hoping you get the perfect pout to dazzle everybody. Don’t forget to share your experiences and expertise in our comment section.