Winter brings with it a magical wonderland full of life, laughter and cheer. Nonetheless, it also robs your skin of its moisture content, particularly leaving you dry and chapped lips. Of course, that’s not the only reason for chapped lips as we shall find out.


There are plenty of probable causes of dry, cracked lips, including the humidity-free air, chilly climate, saliva from lips, and more. However, the primary condition for dry flaking lips is the cold weather in winter that sucks away moisture.

Dry crusty lips may also be affected by more dangerous conditions, for example, Cheilitis and Dermatitis caused by excessive licking. Infections of the skin are identifiable by the deep cracks formed at the corner of the lips.

Cracked lips cause other problems including scaling on your lips, associated pain, frequent flakiness, noticeable swelling, or slight bleeding on lips.

Find out what causes dry and cracked lips.

The delicate skin on your lips is devoid of oil glands leaving them especially prone to drying out in hostile environments. Indeed, there are several reasons for chapped lips.

Let’s now proceed to an overview of what causes chapped lips.

Winter is the Main Antagonist

Frigid days aren’t just uncomfortable because of the temperature; they are uncomfortable with the considerably low moisture content of the air. This harsh condition ensures that moisture from the skin, hair and lips gets sucked out quickly. As the sensitive and thin layer of skin, the lips are more prone to dryness as a result.

The solution is to use a product like Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Beeswax Lip Balm: It needs to be applied throughout the day on lips whenever you’re outside. By restoring the moisture content to your lips, this natural product prevents you from the harsh climate outside.

  1. Excess Sun

Sunshine may feel differently at different times of the year, but it is equally harmful throughout the year. Owing to frequent sun exposure, lips may not only get tanned but also become dry and chapped. As a potential cause of skin cancer, sunburn should not be seen lightly. Windburn and sunburn can eventually become serious problems if left untreated for long.

A solution for chapped lips: If the sunburn is what causes you to have chap lips, you should beat the sun with an SPF 15 sun protection. Lip balms especially formulated with UVA, UVB SPF-protection, are suitable for protecting from both summer and winter rays. Applying a layer of the Neutrogena Norwegian Lip Moisturizer Balm SPF 15 can cause wonders.

2. Inveterate Lip Biting Habitual

Many of us are afflicted by the tendency to chew on, lick or peel off our lips. This is detrimental to our lips, to say the least, especially since salty lips causes includes saliva, which has digestive enzymes. An alcoholic drink, cigarette or caffeinated drink can also cause additional problems.

Use ointment as a solution: The best cure for this is carrying ointments with you wherever you go. As soon as you do any of those things mentioned above, apply some cream to your lips. Moisturizer on your lips not only soothes the skin, but it also helps to reduce the tendency to chew or bite. Not only should you try to caffeine and drinks, but you should also reduce smoking tendencies as well. For a holistic and helpful guide on quitting, try reading Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

3. Proper Lip Care Regimes

Our lips are often the most neglected parts of our face, but they are the ones that need especial care during winters. Summer products are not particularly good for the winter, and you need to upgrade your schedule and beauty regime to match the changing conditions in winter. A little additional time a day can go a long way in freeing you from dry, chapped lips. Causes for this change include healthier lips and a far more attractive face, no matter what the age. This is especially applicable for people with dry skin whose lips tend to be dry throughout, and require extra protective care.

Preventive measure: To know what your best lip care regime is, take a look at how you can take care of your lips in winter and otherwise.

4. The Absence of Proper Lip Care

Winters can be tough on your lips; make sure you keep them moisturizes by taking extra care of them. Dryness of lips could set anybody back at any point of the year; no wonders, it’s advisable that you take out that extra time for lip care.

5. Medication and Its Adverse Effect

Unfortunately, one of the many side-effects of certain kinds of medicinal supplements or prescription drugs includes dry lips. Chemotherapy, Vitamin A, Lithium-containing drugs for bipolar disorder patients, Retinoid medication, and Isotretinoin (Accutane) can all prove to be causes of chapped lips.

One way to solve this: If your disease is what causes dry, cracked lips, urgent medical attention is required.

6. Lack of nutrition or hydration

One quite obvious reason for chapped lips is nutritional and water imbalances in the body, and if such is the case, a medical practitioner is the only one who can help you. It requires quick attention especially for the underlying causes: dehydration and chapped lips is caused by insufficient water intake, and malnutrition by inadequate levels of mineral and nutrients in the body. A vitamin B2, B6 or Niacin deficiency may lead to certain problems like cracked lips and corners of the mouth. In the case of elderly people, a reasonable distaste towards food is also quite common.

Chapped lips solution: For chapped lips from dehydration, the solution is to partake of around eight-ten glasses per day. A sufficient fluid, vegetable and fruit intake can work wonders for the restoration of water levels. It is important to incorporate vitamin and nutrient rich products, which is why a visit to a dietician or additional nutrients can be exceptionally useful.

7. Cosmetic Attention

A change of weather also necessitates the change in beauty regimens, as I’d mentioned previously, and you should try to look for things with oil, cream and moisturizer bases.

Avoid Matte Lipsticks: While matte looks gorgeous, it is entirely wrong as a lipstick when it’s cold outside. A more moisture-enriched lipstick containing Vit E and soothing Aloe Vera etc. is far more efficient for the harsh winters.

Best Alternatives: Try out some of my favorite lipsticks for winter!

Lipstick that lasts long: The lipstick is a woman’s ideal tool to create instant drama or downplay their luscious puckers. But there is one small price to pay for it, and this is because long-lasting formulas are exactly what can cause chapped lips: particularly when it’s winter.

Use instead: It is best to avoid lipsticks entirely to prevent dry lips, especially if cold weather reigns supreme. If that doesn’t seem particularly attractive, try using a layer of lipstick before painting your puckers.

Amping up Lips with Plumpers: An instant picker-upper for thin lips is a lip plumper that adds fullness to your lips. Infused with peppers, menthols, gingers, mint and such substances, these can often also cause irritation.

Creative solutions: My advice is that you completely avoid plumpers in winter. If you must, then choose something like New Zealand Active Bee Venom Lip Plumper that contains safe ingredients.

8. Oddities in Breathing in

Some people also have problems with breathing, such as those suffering from colds, sleep apnea or allergies. What cause chapped lips during the night includes this bad habit of breathing through the mouth.

Useful Suggestions: In cases such as these, you should always visit your doctor to find underlying causes. Before going to bed, slowly apply 100% Pure Vaseline.

9. Oral Hygiene

Among commonly known dry and chapped lips causes is toothpaste which incorporates lauryl sulfate and other irritants. Medical journals frequently cite alcohol present in lip products as probable causes of chapped lips.

Substitute: If you replace these with any natural product containing safe ingredients, you should be okay.

10. Food & Diet

When chapped lips cause additional pain during eating, it might be because of citrusy, salty, or spicy ingredients. Tomato sauce, for instance, is an irritant that causes discomfort to chapped lips. What causes pain to salty lips also includes tasty food and cinnamate-derivatives in gum, candy, and toothpaste.

What you should do: Find better substitutes.

11. Allergic Condition

Dehydration and chapped lips is also a side-effect of certain minerals, e.g. nickel and cobalt. Excessive B12, propyl-based products, Phenyl Salicylate and such things in toothpaste, lipsticks, etc. can act as allergy triggers. Allergens in certain food items such as dyes (red) and figs can also lead to such lip conditions.

Possible solution: Again, it is imperative that you stop using these products and buy products without such allergens.

12. Underlying Medical Reasons

When it comes to dry and chapped lips causes, one of the most disconcerting is underlying medical reasons. Sun exposure, for instance, is a huge trigger for those with autoimmune related diseases. The solution is to use an SPF lip balm. Other medical conditions include psoriasis, thyroid, pelech disease, Down’s syndrome, actinic cheilitis, angular cheilitis. Chapped lips cures for this should not be left to cosmetic products: secure an appointment with your doctor as soon as you possibly can.

  • Other causes include yeast infections.
  • Over-use of VitA supplements ranging above 25000 also leads to cracking.

If your problems refuse to go away after following these steps, there’s no other solution than visiting the medical practitioner.

Do these solutions work for you? Leave me a message below to let me know!