Severe chapped and dry lips can cause your real beauty to remain subdued. Not only that, chronic chapped and dry lips can also result in painful sensations, discomfort, chapped lips, leaving you with cracked bleeding lips. Amongst plausible solutions are home treatments, lip ointments, dermatological consultations. However, before finding the cure, it is best to identify any underlying causes.


Having dry lips is not exactly a great feeling for anybody. Having dry lips is what leads to chapping, pain and cracking. It is not even that uncommon to find slight bleeding and disturbingly severe problems in severe cases.

Are you aware of what are the reasons or causes behind dry lips? In general, the prime culprits are extreme frigid temperatures, hot air, and harmful sun rays.

In addition to them, several other dangerous causes lead to dry, irritated lips.

The Usual Suspects When It Comes to Cracked Lips

Below, you shall find what makes your lips very dry and gives you chapped lips. There are also some standard solutions which can help you from lip dryness. For severely cracked, bleeding lips, schedule a visit with your dermatologist immediately.

  1. Not Taking Sufficient Care of Lips

Being comparatively lax when taking care of your skin can lead to lips that are dry chapped and cracked. A proper health-care regime can do wonders for your lips. Refer to this article where I show you how to recover your good lips. Incorporate exfoliation in your daily routine to reduce dryness, remove dead cells, get rid of chapped and damaged skin cells, and get smoother lips. You should remember that lack of proper makeup removal before bed can also cause dry and sore lips. Cheap, low-grade and non-branded products in the lip makeup category are also responsible for dry lips. You need to find a proper routine for taking care of your lips. Three of my favorite exfoliators are:

2. Tobacco Consumption

Smokers tend to notice their lips being perennially discolored and cracked. It’s a side effect of smoking which leaves blackish tint to the lips. For completely hydrated lips, it’s best to quit completely. One of the best-selling books on quitting which you can read is Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking. It has helped over 13million people over the world, and should hopefully be able to help you too.

3. Bad personal habits

Common tendencies such as licking lips from a feeling of dryness are counterproductive. Usually, we think this can reduce chapping. Though, amongst what causes extremely dry lips is saliva. This saliva allows the lips moisture content to be reduced significantly. Frequent licking, chewing, biting can cause or aggravate extremely dried irritated lips. People who tend to do this often see their lips cracking more and bleeding. For the sake of your lips, abandon these bad habits or at least carry a good lip balm for frequent reapplications whenever you feel your lips are always dry. I’d suggest trying out one of these three:

4. Allergic Conditions and More

Many unfortunate people face the risk of allergens causing extremely dry, cracked, bleeding or peeling lips. Toothpaste with guaiazulene often induces allergies. Lipsticks that incorporate ingredients like salol, propyl gallate, etc. can also lead to such allergic reactions. Allergens in food are noted in red coloring food dyes, figs, etc. Cobalt, as well as Nickel, are also metals prone to causing chapped lips. Vitamin B12 imbalances can also cause allergic reactions, especially if Cobalt is seen nearby. Conditional to improving painful, cracked lips is avoiding such chemicals.

5. Properties of Toothpaste.

Did you know that your favorite toothpaste might be the cause for your chapped, dry, sore, peeling lips? Other lip products especially cosmetics are quite capable of dehydrating lips too. In toothpaste containing sodium lauryl sulfate, dehydrating alcohols or cinnamates, it is a common phenomenon. Try avoiding them.

6. Improper Water Balance

Dryness of the lips can be an indicator of lack of hydration. Lips are especially affected because of the lack of oil glands in them. This leads them to become chapped quite fast. Insufficient water intake thus leads to severe dehydration. Inculcating the habit of drinking between eight-twelve glasses of clean potable water per day can enable you to stay better and have healthier skin too. Excursions in the form of cricket, boating, football, skiing, could also cause you to be dehydrated. Try using a sun-protective lip balm to prevent causes of dry lips like sunburns and dryness. My most trusted ones:

7. Other harmful substances

For the causes of peeling skin on lips, look no further than citrusy fruits as your prime suspects. Consuming anything with acidity can cause pain to your already hurting lips. Other products like bubblegum, sugary candies, and toothpaste which contain cinnamates, often irritate and dry out lips. Avoid them!

8. Lack of sufficient lip protection

In general, we take consistent and careful care of much of our body, but usually, we don’t pay as much attention to our lips. You need to understand, though, that your lips are very sensitive parts of a body. The chances of damaging them are proportionately higher. It is imperative that you protect lips all the time. There are many causes for very dry lips and mouth. Sun exposure through sports, activities like boating, winter weather, beach tans, snow-skiing expeditions, can all lead to extreme dryness. Lack of hydration, hot air, frigid temperatures, and the sunshine are easily the causes of cracked dried lips. The best solution to dry lips is to protect them.

For instance, you should try out products that can give your lips the moisturizers they need, and prevent sun/wind burnt. Being adaptable to all kinds of weather conditions, activities or locations is a great asset, and this is what makes the Solar Protection SPF 45 TIZO Ultra-High Sun-Protection LIPTECT Stick high.

9. Vitamin Imbalances

While the lack of vitamin intake can be bad, too much of Vitamin A can also cause severe peeling of the skin of your lips. Insufficient amounts of Vitamin B can also be what cause dry, chapped or irritated lips all the time. A proper, balanced diet with sufficient Vitamins enables you to have better lips.

10. Oral Breathing Habits

You might notice yourself breathing in through the mouse for several reasons:

  • Nasal congestions
  • Sleep apnea-like conditions
  • Snoring
  • Allergies and Histamine

Sustained breathing in through the mouth causes the lips to dry out faster. Adding a hint of moisturizer to your lips before going to bed can keep it soft and fresh throughout the night. You might consider talking to your doctor for this too. Vaseline and petroleum based jelly are considerably good as night protection for lips, but for home remedies, for dry lips, you could try out tiny honey drops on your lips. This leaves you with smoother, softer and well-nourished lips throughout.

11. Prescribed Medicines.

It is commonly noted that some medications causing dry lips and peeling are affected by some underlying disease. Examples include Accutane (taken for wrinkling or acne problems), Prochlorperazine (used for vertigo), and Propranolol (medicated for Blood Pressure). Underlying problems such as Angular Cheilitis, Autoimmune diseases, Thyroid, Perleche, Psoriasis, or even Down’s syndrome, can cause extremely cracked lips. When confident of this diagnosis, try to take steps towards treating these immediately.

12. Sun Damage

It is widely known that UVA and UVB rays from the sun can be extremely damaging to our skin. Melanin pigments develop under the effects of sunrays. Longer exposure to the sun also leads to burns on the thin epithelial layer. Owing to the thinness of the lips, they are the ones affected more severely. An SPF sunscreen is your only solution to this problem.

13. Cosmetic products

When using cosmetics, it is important to remember that excessive use can lead to lip problems. For instance, if you use too much lipstick you can risk your lips becoming too dark. Chemical products are more prone to causing skin damages. It is crucial to check the ingredients list before purchasing products for the lips, to make sure they are completely skin-safe.

Along with these, there are many other causes for dried, peeling, chapped, cracked and sore lips. Some include:

  • Viral infections such as cold and flu.
  • Lack of proper nutrition/diet.
  • Dehydration with severe loss of electrolytes and fluids from the body.
  • Cankerous Sores.
  • Herpes Simplex Virus leading to Cold Sores.

Remember, prevention is better than the cure. Using natural therapeutic elements like honey, olive oil, almond oil is the best way to fix chapped dried lips. Make sure to check twice before using chemically-created cosmetics including lipsticks. Avoid those who are non-branded and cheap. Medicines that lead to such chapping should be avoided too, but you should consult your dermatologist over it first.

What do YOU do when your lips are always chapped? Share your experiences in the comments below!