There’s nothing better than home remedies when treating dry lips. Both aloe vera and honey are ideal for moisturizing and soothing lips. Other products such as lip balms also work to soothe chapped lips. Try both for tender lips.


To cope with dry lips, you can try using lip balms and home remedies for better lip care.

One of the prime causes for dry lips is dehydration of your lips, which is aggravated due to lack of oil glands keeping your skin supple and soft. Other factors such as extreme weather conditions such as hot and cold wind, sun exposure, smoking, allergic reactions, the common tendency towards sucking or licking lips, and vitamin deficiency also cause dry lips, etc.

While the dry lip phenomenon is frequently associated with winter, proper lack of care can lead to your lips becoming dry, irrespective of the time of year.

The usual signs of dry lips include symptoms such as cracked, red, flaky, inflamed, itchy, tender, dark, chapped or simply sore lips. In extreme cases, you might even observe slight bleeding from chapped lips, which leads to pain and discomfort.

Usually, this leads you to have painful, sore and unattractive lips.

The question is, how can you alleviate the symptoms of your dry lips? This is where home remedies can be particularly useful. At the same time, lip balms and ointments can also provide an effective treatment.

Home Remedies for Treatment of Your Dry Lips

The cost-effective and natural treatment is home remedies to get rid of dried lips. When it comes to ointments or chap-sticks, choose what is best-suited for you.

First, let me guide you with some soothing natural therapy for dry lip conditions.

Try Castor Oil Methods

Castor oil has always been known as one of the best ways of reducing pain from chapped lips. Apply it to your lips several times in a day. You could also make a lip pack with lemon juice, 1 tsp. Glycerin, and 1tspn. Full of castor oil. Before you go to bed, apply it to your lips. Wash it off in the morning. Daily treatment will lead you to completely dryness-free lips.

Use Honey

Honey offers natural moisturizing, healing and antibacterial properties which help it sooth dry and sore lips. A solution of glycerin mixed with honey, when applied to your lips every night before bed, can help you get thoroughly moisturized lips. Enjoy dryness-free lips throughout the day.

Give Milk Cream a Chance

When it comes to dry lips, milk cream is a magically healing cure. With its high percentage of fat, it acts as a miraculous moisturizer on your skin. Leave on some milk cream for ten minutes and then wash it off with clear water. Regular treatment can actually lead to miraculously chap-free lips!

Use Sugar Exfoliation Solution

Exfoliation is essential for any skin care regime, and sugar scrub for lips can help remove dead, dry and chapped skin cells for smoother lips. However, WebMD cautions against dry-lip exfoliation. It can lead to more extensive damage. Switching off humidifiers and applying balms can help more.

If you do want to exfoliate your lips, try all natural elements. One teaspoon full of honey, if properly mixed in with a couple of teaspoons of some sugar and left for a few minutes, must then be rubbed gently over the lips, can help to remove you actually remove dead cells from your lips.

Be careful not to use toothbrushes, harsh soap-based exfoliators or micro-scrubbers, as these substances can cause more harm than good.

Try Coconut Oil Wonders

As a natural, high-quality oil, coconut oil works towards promoting soft and luscious lips. To keep your lips moisturized throughout the entire day, and protect it from cold and dry weather conditions, just put some coconut oil. Applying it daily, twice or thrice in a day, can help your chapped lips heal quite fast. Other oils which you can use as natural salves are:

  • Almond Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Shea or Cocoa Butter
  • Jojoba products
  • Rosehip oil

Check out Rose Petal Power

For naturally moisturized and fresh pink lips, you should try a rose petal treatment. Not only do rose petals leave behind a lovely color to your lips, but they also prevent them from drying out. After soaking some petals in milk for two hours, make a paste and apply to your lips. Alternatively, you can make a paste of glycerin and petals in case of lactose intolerance. If done intermittently throughout the day, or applied every night before bed, this treatment can heal your chapped lips remarkably quickly.

Let Water Work Wonders

One of the main reasons for chapped lips is dehydration: and the problem is worse in winter because of the general tendency to drink insufficient quantities of water. Whether it’s winter or summer, it is important to keep hydrated with a minimum of eight glasses of water. This simple lifestyle habit not only helps eliminate toxins, it reduces dry lip conditions too.

Apply Soothing Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera in its raw form is a traditional, all-natural healing treatment for dry lips. It helps soothe the pain from chapped lips almost instantly, even if it tastes slightly odd. It’s incredible healing powers allow it to work on your dry lips quickly.

Be Cool with Cucumber

This is a gorgeous remedy for sensitive and crackly lips. Cucumber must be thinly sliced or pulped and rubbed on the lips daily and left on for nearly fifteen-twenty minutes. Can lead to wonderfully healthy lips.

Healing Dry Lips with Lip Balms/Chapsticks/Ointments

For moisturizing and protecting lips from getting dry, lip balm is a great solution. The right product can work wonders for your lip. You should try choosing balms containing such ingredients as almond oil, cocoa or shea butter, beeswax, etc. Other useful ingredients to look for are vitamin E-enriched and glycerin lip balms that are effective on dry lips. Ointments incorporating eucalyptus, petroleum jelly, menthol and pungent flavors should be avoided because they tend to irritate and dry out lips further. Petroleum jelly helps moisten lips temporarily: I’m not sure what in chapstick dries lips out, but it does prompt frequent reapplications. You should stay away from moisture-based lipsticks and rather use chapsticks underneath lipstick. After any activity that involves water (bathing, drinking, eating), reapply lip balm at home and elsewhere. Some of the best moisturizing treatments include:

Best way of applying balms to Dry Lips

Irrespective of the product, you should know how to put on lip balm at home correctly. You should never put on balms/chapsticks after applying lipsticks, colors, liners, glosses or shades. It is best to apply natural lip moisturizer and lip care home remedies before lipstick. It is essential that you keep lips healthy and well-protected throughout the day, reapplying the ointment of your choice whenever and as often as you detect any form of dryness. In the morning, before washing and cleaning your face, apply a little bit of lip balm on your lips. Before going to bed, do your last application. In between, make sure you apply balm at least five-six times: it’s best to carry your chapstick in your purse, wherever you go. To deal with excessive sun exposure, just use a sun-protective SPF lip-balm.

Using accessories like ski masks and scarves

While clothes generally well protect the rest of our body, our face remains exposed to the vagaries of weather. The lips have the worst of this deal. However, when out in rough weather conditions, what you can do is to use fancy scarves or masks that look fashionable while saving your lips from drying out. And remember always to carry a lip balm, SPF-rated preferably!

Here are more tips for preventing dry lips

When it comes to protecting your lips from drying out, a holistic outlook besides home treatments and lip products is useful.

  • Incorporate a balanced and well thought out diet in your lifestyle for smoother skin.
  • For people with dryness- prone lips, avoid salty food products: it tends to make you lick your lips more frequently.
  • A vitamin-rich diet of Vitamin A, C, B, B2 and E can keep you safe from such things as Riboflavin and dry lips-created vitamin deficiencies.
  • Smoking or biting at lips can cause dryness: try to avoid it as best as possible.
  • Processed food products also tend to dry out lips. It is best if you avoid them.
  • If you think your lips react to certain products, it could be an allergy. Try to make a list of possible suspects: toothpaste, lipsticks, etc. Give them up if needed.
  • Try using as little of cosmetic products as possible.
  • Use something like the “Egyptian Magic”, an excellent natural balm suitable for your dry lips.
  • In case of lips dried out by medicines, consult your dermatologist immediately.
  • Diabetes, Macrocytosis, Kawasaki, Sjogren’s syndrome, and STDs often tend to cause the occurrence of chapped lips. You should ask your doctor if you suspect any underlying diseases for your dry lips.

What to put on chapped lips should be quite clear by now, with so many home remedies for lips care, and lip balms available. If natural lip care home remedies fail, it could be something severe as cancer or actinic cheilitis. Chronic dry lips need remedy, and fast, so waste no time in contacting your doctor.

Does chapstick dry out your lips? How do you cope with chapped lips? Share with us your experiences and tips!